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Gratflix: Watch Movies and Series Online Free VF to Watch Movies and Series Online Free VF, but not only!

Gratflix is ​​one of those rare sites that offers to watch free VF movies and series. The Free Streaming site is recent, but already welcomes thousands of visitors concerned about quality and ease of use.

Indeed, find a platform that offers you unlimited movies and series completely free, without ads, without registration, without any hidden condition is something that is becoming increasingly rare. We know that almost all streaming sites today are monetized by ads and require the creation of a mandatory account to be able to watch the film or episode.

In this article, I share with you the complete test and my opinion on the free streaming site Gratflix, which is gaining more and more notoriety among users every day and I also offer you a selection of 10 alternatives to consider in case where the site does not work.

Gratflix An excellent free streaming site to discover in 2022

Gratflix is one of best streaming sites without registration. Accessible online since January 2018, the site gives users the possibility of unlimited viewing of full films and series in French (VF and VOSTFR) without credit card.

If a platform knows how to offer movies and series, Free Streaming VF, in high definition and without advertising, it is Very quickly became a benchmark of French streaming, the site will see its community grow rapidly every day.

At the time of writing (updated weekly), the site is only accessible at the following official address:

  • (new address - Works)
  • (official site - not working)
  • (official site - not working)
  • (fake / does not work) - Streaming vf Watch Streaming Movies and Series for Free
GratFlix - Streaming vf Watch Streaming Movies and Series for Free

GratFlix: Streaming vf Watch Streaming Movies and Series For Free.GratFlix: Streaming vf Watch Streaming Movies and Series For Free.GratFlix: Streaming gratuit vf Watch Streaming Movies and Series For Free.

If you are looking for a free place to watch movies and series online, you are almost certain to find the Gratflix video streaming site. The site offers free and unlimited video streaming similar to Netflix, but without monthly fees.

Once on the home page of this site, you will have access to a search bar to find your favorite movie or the last season of your series, at the top of the page you will find two tabs "movies streaming" and "Series streaming Which allow you to respectively discover the latest films and TV series and to browse according to the categories.

The films and series on the site are grouped under the following categories:

  • Streaming Movies
  • Streaming series
  • Action
  • Animation
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Best movies (most popular)
  • Newly Added Movies

Indeed, the biggest points of the platform: films available in high definition format, simple and dark interface for the safety of the eyes for those who watch long hours like me, the majority of films are available in French, and to top it off, the complete absence of ads.

In addition, the high definition format is available for the majority of films. The site is very simple and the content is of very good quality. We can notice the presence of top series (such as School Life, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, etc.), a category not present on many sites. The absence of advertising is an asset and no registration is required.

Additionally, Gratflix can be used on Android and iPhone. Admittedly, its use is more or less complicated, but more and more people are opting for this solution for streaming movies on Smartphone or tablet.

So if you're like me, you prefer a no-registration streaming site with an easy-to-use interface and a large catalog of movies and series (like the case of Galtro et 01 streaming), then is for you.

How does Gratflix work?

To stream a movie on gratflix, you don't need to register, create an account, or provide your contact details. Your connection to this site is therefore "without obligation".

You must first choose the film. Three possibilities: choose from the list of the most trendy films by clicking on the “WHAT'S ON” option, choosing by genre or simply using the search bar.

So just click on the cover of the film, then click in the player to start streaming. No repeated clicks in playback with bonus pop-ups or ads in the player. streaming site players and links: How does Gratflix work?
Readers and Links: How Does Gratflix Streaming Work?
How the Streaming Site Works Gratflix - Old Gratflix Playback Interface
How Gratflix works - Old Playback Interface

Technically, the site works as a video search engine to display a direct view link or embed code that allows you to watch the movie or TV show you are looking for. It finds these shows on other video hosts like Google Drive, Netu, Uqload, mystream, etc.

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And when you go to gratflix, you basically get a list of trending movies and series. When you click on any of these videos, the site opens a new tab and then lets you watch the video.

Top Best VF Streaming Alternatives in 2022

We never part after presenting good sites without suggesting alternatives just in case. There are several sites similar to

That said, if Gratflix doesn't work or if you haven't found your favorite movie then we invite you to discover the complete list of the top best sites like Gratflix to watch movies and series in Free Streaming:

  1. Voirfilms
  2. French Stream
  3. DP streaming
  4. Filmstoon
  5. CoFlix
  6. Full stream
  7. Papystreaming
  8. SeriesStreaming
  9. Filmoflix
  10. SokroFlix
  11. Streamiz
  12. Empire Streaming
  13. Cinemay
  14. Tirexo
  15. Moviestreaming1
  16. HDS Streaming
  17. ViewSeries
  18. Libertyvf
  19. 01 streaming
  20. Eyobim
  21. Getimov
  22. Free Movie
  23. Skstream
  24. Time2watch
  25. Cinezzz
  26. HDSS
  27. Galtro
  28. diagram
  29. Radego
  30. Wiflix
  31. Toblek
  32. Sakstream
  33. Planet Streaming
  34. yapeol
  35. Directory zone
  36. Cpassmieux
  37. Stream for you
  38. Mystream
  39. QueDuStream
  40. Botidou

You will feel really comfortable on the platform. I wish you all the best while there is still time. It is not uncommon to see sites on such a path of popularity shut down.

For Vostfr streaming series, here is a full list of the best sites.

Verdict and Opinion

As we mentioned above, the site allows you to watch movies in streaming. The services offered are good and the operation of the platform is very simple. To watch a movie, you just need to choose it and start playing.

Despite all the qualities that can be observed on the site, there are also some limitations that cannot be ignored. The purpose of this article is to present the site to you in general (strengths and limitations) and to give you some alternatives to continue to enjoy this content that makes you dream.

No viewing limitThe site is often inaccessible
Categories and multiple choicesA few advertisements before the media player plays the actual content.
Ease of useThe site changes address several times each month.
Choice of quality and readersDifficulties in contacting administrators
Advantages and disadvantages of Gratflix

Gratflix: Verdict and Opinion

Without a doubt, is gaining popularity these days as more and more moviegoers are visiting the website and watching their favorite movies online. Although most of the links are valid, it is advisable to be on a safer side. You must have a stable internet connection (preferably WIFI connection), ad blocker and software VPN.

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From Thriller, Horror, Romance, History, Drama, Family, General and many more genres, is a free streaming VF site that will give you a fantastic experience. Plan your vacation in advance if you can't wait to enjoy a wonderful movie marathon.

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Written by Victoria C.

Viktoria has extensive professional writing experience including technical and report writing, informational articles, persuasive articles, contrast and comparison, grant applications, and advertisement. She also enjoys creative writing, content writing on Fashion, Beauty, Technology & Lifestyle.


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