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DPstream: 20 New Places to Watch Movies and Series Free (2023)

DPStream is one of the best distinations to watch the most beautiful movies and series for free and without registration (VF and VOSTFR)? ️

DPstream 20 New Places to Watch Movies and Series Free Streaming (2021)
DPstream 20 New Places to Watch Movies and Series Free Streaming (2021)

DPstream - Best Movies & Series Free Streaming Sites: Currently, Internet users are becoming more and more addicted to streaming. Many are the advantages of this revolutionary new practice to mention that it helps a lot to save the storage space of the reading medium used such as the PC or the Smartphone. But to enjoy streaming movies, series and manga, you need to know the best sites.

In the same vein, dpstream or dpstreaming was one of the best places to watch your favorite movies and series in peace without spending a single penny. Unfortunately, dpstream has not worked for some time, and this is why several Internet users have contacted us to suggest new reliable alternative addresses in 2023.

We must admit that it is difficult to find the best, but following a thorough analysis and several tests (a thank you for my antivirus), I share with you the list of +20 New Addresses similar to dpstream to watch Movies and Series in Free Streaming (VF and Vostfr).

DPstream: 10 New Places to Watch Movies and Series Free (2022/2023)

If you are a strong believer in French streaming in particular, you are probably familiar with the famous Streaming sites DPStream and DPStreaming. It may also happen that you are confused about their name because they are similar.

But if you did not know it in the next section, I will introduce you to this famous streaming site which offers thousands of movies and series in VF and Vostfr for free viewing and without credit card.

What is DPstream?

The site was born in 2019. It is a giant Streaming site with a catalog of more than 50.000 films, series and animes. This site, which is already celebrating its 10th anniversary, has never integrated a Streaming player on one of its web pages.

This is really smart because if he had a Streaming player it would automatically be seen as illegal. But to keep its status as a legal site, they avoided integrating a streaming player both to avoid legal action and to avoid deindexation.

Thus, instead of an integrated player, offers links that lead directly to the servers hosting these films and series.

dpstream - Movies, Series and Mangas en streaming
dpstream - Movies, Series and Mangas en streaming

On the other hand, DPStreaming is also a Free Streaming site but one that we cannot compare with the previous one. They have similar names, of course, but not the same content and less the design. What do you know about DPStreaming? Do you think it is better than DPStream? Let's also start with the story of its creation.

DPStreaming was born in March 2010. That is to say a year after the opening of DP Stream. This site uses a very classic theme which bears no resemblance to those of Streaming sites. Just seeing it makes you feel like you're on a blog.

The true from the false:

The TRUE dpstream: Beware of clones
The TRUE dpstream: Beware of clones

Thanks to a request from the unions of cinema producers and distributors, the main French search engines will have to make a clear effort to discourage streaming fans, more and more numerous to avoid Hadopi.

Thus, search engines must "implement and / or have implemented [...] all measures to prevent, from French territory [...], access by any effective means and in particular by blocking" and this is the reason why dpstream and dpstreaming have not worked for some time.

So if you're like me, you prefer sites that don't limit the choice to just one reader (like the case of 01 streamingGaltro et radego) to watch your movie or series, don't worry.

In the next part I will share the new alternative addresses to dpstream to watch movies, series and animes in free streaming and without an account.

Notice: Please note that if you ever want to watch films for free (in short, on an illegal free platform), make sure you have the intellectual property rights to view the works, otherwise Hadopi could fin you.

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New Places to Watch Movies and Series in Free Streaming (VF and Vostfr)

Just like best streaming sites without an account, And torrent sites streaming sites equivalent to dpstream are continuously closed and deleted. At the time of writing, all of the websites listed below are working and can be used, on the other hand, I will be updating the list weekly to always find updated addresses.

The following list includes sites like DPstream, ranked according to the following criteria:

  • Available content (Quality and quantity)
  • Security
  • Ease of use (No registration)
  • Design and User Interface
  • Catalog and titles available

Thrillers, dramatic comedies, fantastic films, police, manga… but also the very last series in original version or in French version. In short, something to satisfy all tastes.

I let you discover the complete list of the top new Addresses to Watch Movies and Series in Free Streaming (VF and Vostfr):

  1. WishFlix : Streaming enthusiasts have surely already heard of Wish Flix Streaming. This site remains today one of the most famous streaming sites which continues to present various films in French version in an unlimited way.
  2. English Streaming : if you are looking for a good site for Streaming movies in French and in VOSTFR you are at the right address. French Stream one of the best French sites offering quality streaming. It's also a reliable site that doesn't change too many addresses and doesn't spoil your fun with pop-ups popping up everywhere. 
  3. JustStream : One of the best sites to replace DP Stream. This site offers several hundred films and series for free viewing, available in VF and VOSTFR with several alternative players for each tire.
  4. 01 streaming : Online since January 2020, the site allows users to freely watch complete films and series in French (VF and VOSTFR) without advertising and without creating an account.
  5. WellStream : The films and series offered by this site are all in HD. Access to the viewings is also easy, because all you have to do is click on the links shared on the site. In addition to this ease of handling and this desire to really serve users who love streaming, the site also strives to make all new features easily accessible (you have to close the registration window to watch for free).
  6. Watch VF : Online since 2015 and recently renovated, this free streaming site specializes in French streaming, so it offers several movies online without registration.
  7. Wiflix : the contents on wiflix are free, you can view them anywhere and at any time. Movies, documentaries, cartoons, and even series will be available to you.
  8. Empire Streaming : Free Series, Movie Streaming, Anime and Download Sites! without registration and unlimited. An interesting alternative to DP streaming.
  9. Papadustream
  10. Full stream
  11. Moviestreaming1
  15. NovaFlix
  16. HDS Streaming
  17. Libertyvf
  19. Voirfilms
  21. Planet Streaming
  23. WawaCity
  24. Streamforyou
  25. Papystreaming
  26. Sokroflix
  27. HDSS
  28. Monstream
  29. Filmstoon
  30. Getimov
  32. Galtro
  33. Cpassmieux
  34. Tirexo
  36. becomes
  37. Mflix
  38. Series streaming
  40. WhatDuStreaming
  41. See series
  42. Toblek
  43. Botidou
  44. Blablastream
  45. Seeanime
  47. Kapmp
  48. Cinezzz
  49. Instream
  50. Dradab
  51. yapeol
  52. Cinemay
  53. Skstream
  54. VK Streaming
  55. ViewSeries
  58. Not good

The list is updated weekly to add new free streaming sites without registration. Save this page to your favourites?

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If you are looking for more addresses, I invite you to discover our list of Top Best Free Streaming Sites Without an Account.

Online streaming of movies and series

Finally, if you prefer a legal and hassle-free solution, we invite you to opt for a paid streaming platform. Legal solutions (and for the majority paying, but there are free solutions) streaming movies and series.

Amazon Prime Video is one of the best, latest entrants to the streaming video market, but a strong competitor. In particular due to the fact that it benefits from its tens of millions of Prime subscribers, which partly finance exclusive series, but also the acquisition of a very complete catalog of films and series.

See also: Netflix Catalog - Top New Netflix Series and Movies This Month & Jet anime - Top site to Watch Anime Full HD

The platform would have more than 2 films available, including many French films, and no less than 000 series, including 300 which have an average of over 93 on IMBD. Note that there are many series to watch exclusively, including American Gods, Hanna and Tom Clancy, who have received numerous awards. The films are in VOST, with the possibility of viewing them in VF.

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