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TopTop Top 25 Alternatives to Watch Free Streaming hasn't worked for months, here is the list of the best similar sites to watch free movies?

Top 25 Alternatives to Watch Free Streaming
Top 25 Alternatives to Watch Free Streaming alternatives: Radego streaming is one of the popular free and complete streaming sites that offers a large library of movies and documentaries for unlimited viewing and in French.

Radego streaming is a popular free and full streaming site which offers a large library of films and documentaries for unlimited viewing and in French.

But since April 2020, has been having problems and users are having difficulty finding the site or streaming movies.

We offer in this article the list of best sites like Streaming to watch HD movies and popular TV series online for free in 2021.

What is Radego streaming?

You already know, there are very few streaming sites that really allow you to indulge yourself with your movies and HD series favorites without having to spend a dime. And Radego is one of those sites.

On this free stremaing site, you will be able to watch the movies and shows you love, without having to restrict yourself in terms of time, while enjoying very good sound and image quality.

You will thus have the possibility of obtaining free video contents which are plausibly of better quality. The Radego streaming site thus stands out for its careful organization, content and ease of operation.

Use of

You can be sure that you won't miss anything new. Regardless of the type of content. Even if, in practice, you can only watch movies on the platform.

When you go to the home page of the site, it does not present anything exceptional. She remains very sober. Its design would probably have deserved to be more worked. Be that as it may, that is not the point. The important thing is that there is enough content.

Radego streaming home page
Radego streaming home page

The home page and the site team have the good idea to display the films of the day via a tab on the far right. The films are also sorted and classified by genre (thriller, comedy etc.)

At the very top of the page, you have tabs available to choose the type of content you want. So you can opt for movies, shows or choose by category. You also have a tab at the top right to create an account. However, creating it is not mandatory as you can directly watch the movies without registering.

However, you cannot contact the site team. What remains positive is that when you have chosen your film or documentary, you access a full profile of the film, and a synopsis.

However, the works are not listed in alphabetical order. but you can quickly find the movie you want by using the search bar.

Radego no longer works since April 2020

Sadly, Radego no longer works since April 2020, we do not know the reason, but the site is no longer accessible at its original address. With a little search on Google, we find other Clones like which do not offer streaming and require registration with credit card. So be careful of these sites!

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On the other hand, there are several sites like that are serious and offer up-to-date streaming content that is completely free.

Moreover, among them several have exceeded the quality offered by Radego, we let you discover the list in the following section.

Top 10 Radego Alternatives to Watch Free Movies Streaming

Are you a movie buff? Can't miss any of the latest box office movies? On the web, thousands of streaming sites are created every day. And, among all these, we find the sites of the genre dedicated to films like You logically feel drowned in all this video content.

Here is the complete list of top free streaming sites like :

  1. French-stream : The French-stream site is an alternative to Radego which has a very large catalog. You will be able to watch in streaming, 60 films, more than 000 series and nearly 9 animes.
  2. Wiflix : No registration or a credit card, this site through which you will be able to watch your favorite movies and series.
  3. Streamcomplets : This site seems to be updated regularly, and navigation is relatively well done. Indeed, for each type of stream available, categories allow you to refine according to the genres of films or series you want to watch.
  4. Hdss : HDSS the Belgian free streaming site which conquered the whole of France in the space of just a few months. A must in the sphere of streaming that we could not present on this site. Remains one of the best alternatives to
  5. daddyflix : The Dady Flix site is another free alternative to radego for streaming movies, series and animes. This site does not require registration to start viewing the films.
  6. SokroFlix
  7. Empire Streaming
  8. change name to become
  9. Free movie
  10. Tirexo
  11. Time2watch
  12. CoFlix
  13. Diagram
  14. Voirfilms
  15. 01 streaming
  16. Wstreaming
  17. LeBonStream
  18. 33FrenchStream
  20. dpstream
  21. Papystreaming
  22. Streamay
  23. Streamforyou
  24. ooviv
  25. VK streaming
  26. yapeol
  27. Time2watch
  28. Mflix
  29. Botidou
  30. Cinezzz
  31. Filmoflix
  32. Gratflix
  33. ViewSeries
  34. QueDuStream
  35. Cpassmieux
  36. 4kstreamz
  37. Filmoflix
  38. Planet Streaming : A free movies and series streaming search engine.

Note that all streaming sites similar to included in this list have movies in VOSTFR, in French, but also sometimes in original version. If you choose to watch a film in original versionHowever, be aware that most players allow you to add subtitles that you can easily download with a simple Google search.

The list is updated weekly to add addresses


Also note that if you are more sport than cinema, we also have an article listing the best sports streaming sites or a list of the top sites of download torrents without registration.

Conclusion: Watch Movies Streaming Free

Streaming allows you to stream video and audio files. Today, this broadcasting technique is very popular, whether for listening to music, watching videos or following a live event (webTV, webradio).

With all the advantages that streaming offers, we understand why most people favor this solution.

To conclude, Radego was a very good streaming site with which you will be able to spend a good evening or a good weekend in front of your favorite movies. But with its closure, there are alternate streaming sites that offer free and premium streaming service.

You are going to be able to enjoy all the benefits we told you about above with these sites and don't forget that you can always share with us the addresses of your best free streaming sites in the comments section.

We also invite you to save the page in your bookmarks in order to visit us often, as the list of alternative sites is updated every week, so you will find new addresses and streaming sites to try.

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