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Top: 21 Best Free Streaming Sites Without an Account (2023 Edition)

So, how to watch a free movie streaming without creating an account 🤔

Top: 21 Best Free Streaming Sites Without an Account (2021 Edition)
Top: 21 Best Free Streaming Sites Without an Account (2021 Edition)

Top Free Streaming Sites without an Account: One of the great wonders of the web is to find places where you can look free streaming movies and TV shows.

There is a wide variety of free streaming sites without registration, from vintage cinema to recent episodes of today's most popular shows.

I will introduce you to the 21 best streaming sites to watch series, animes and movies for free and without an account.

Top: 10 Best Free Streaming Sites Without an Account (2023 Edition)

Watching Streaming Movies is the most convenient way to entertain yourself without leaving your home. There are hundreds of free movie websites available that you can use to watch movies for free. 

Thanks to high-speed Internet and streaming, it is quite possible to watch your films and series without registration or credit card. The concern is to find good sites offering you a multitude of choices and having a high probability of giving you access to what you are looking for.

No more downloads that occupy the vast majority of the disk space of your hard disk, streaming offers us to watch films and series directly without downloading them, and this from pc, smartphone, TV, tablets, etc… and at any time .

watch free streaming movies without creating an account
watch free streaming movies without creating an account (updated March 2023)

Are you looking for a site to watch free full streaming without creating an account? The following list will allow you to find the best free streaming sites without an account in 2021/2022 and 2023 for all your streaming needs.

Disclaimer legal regarding copyright: does not check whether websites hold the appropriate license for the content published by their site. Reviews does not endorse or promote any illegal activity related to the streaming or downloading of copyrighted works. The end user is solely responsible for the media accessible through any service or application referenced on this site.


Although the list below contains free streaming sites, these can be used on tons of different devices in addition to a computer or laptop. The list of sites will allow to watch movies, But also TV shows, animes and documentaries.

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Top best free online streaming sites without registration

Just like torrent websites and the sites of live match, these movie websites are continuously closed and deleted. At the time of writing this article, all of the websites listed below are working and can be used. Discover the best sites to watch a movie in free streaming in VF or VOSTFR, unlimited and without registration.

The sites below are classified according to the following criteria:

  • User interface
  • Monthly visitors
  • Content available

You will find in this selection the complete list of the best free streaming sites without an account in 2023, updated weekly. Note that these sites list content located on legally recognized platforms such as Netu, Openload, Mega, etc. If a site does not work for you, try another from the list and consider changing the player because each site offers several streaming players for each movie / series.

1. French Streaming: Streaming movies and series without an account 🏆

French Stream is a website that allows you to watch both movies and TV series but also anime online. It is completely free and requires no subscription. You can watch the latest movies and series in streaming in French or in the original version with French subtitles. The site has a clean and modern interface that is easy to navigate. You can also download movies and series to watch them offline. French-Stream is one of the best no-account streaming sites available online.

2. MonStream: Full Movies & Anime Streaming 🏆

The Monstream site offers you a wide range of film and anime categories: Action, Drama, Science-fiction, Animation, Comedy... You will find the most recent and most popular films at the bottom of the home page (Films BOX -OFFICE Free).

Internet users who prefer to watch a full Streaming movie for free and without registration on their Smartphones or on their tablets, will find what they are looking for on this site thanks to the streaming players available. In addition, the site offers direct download functionality via 1Fichier and uptobox links.

3. VoirSerie: All your series in streaming VF for free 🏆

VoirSerie is a free streaming site without an account that offers a wide choice of series to watch in streaming, which makes it a popular choice among French users. It is easy to use and has an intuitive interface. See Serie Streaming also allows you to watch documentaries and movies.

You will find in the right sidebar, the latest content added as well as the different categories of series offered.

  • New address:
  • Streaming in French and vostfr.
  • Large catalog of series, seasons and episodes.
  • Without VPN.
  • Updated daily.
  • Several streaming players.

4. FilmStreaming: free movie streaming site without registration 🏆

FilmStreaming is a new site entirely dedicated to streaming movies without an account to create. It offers you the possibility of filtering the results according to the genres and according to the years of release of the films and series, and this, between 2003 and 2022. The site works well, and the pop-ups are relatively limited. The site also offers several video players to use to watch your movie.

Best streaming sites without an account for movies, series and anime

If you are still looking for a free streaming movie or series, we let you discover the complete list of the best free streaming sites without an account in 2021, 2022 and 2023:

  1. MegaStream : Mega Stream is a site that allows you to watch movies in free streaming VF and VOSTFR. Of course the content is available unlimited and without registration.
  2. Cpassmieux : Cpassmieux is a streaming site for series and movies, free, unlimited without subscription and registration. Just choose your favorite series or movie to start having a good time watching. Note that you must select a reader from "sources" to bypass the advertising and the registration page.
  3. Empire Streaming : Empire Streaming is a new free streaming site without registration that has a modern and clean interface. You will find the latest series, films and anime of the moment to watch in free streaming. Just click the play button to start the video, and that's it!
  4. WishFlix : Wishflix is ​​a very popular streaming site that offers a wide variety of films and series online and in French (VF and Vostfr). The site is free while allowing you to watch French movies, cartoons and series, including those offered by Netflix, Disney, etc.
  5. : Full stream is currently the best free streaming site. The site offers the best French version streaming movies that you can watch for free at any time and without a subscription.
  6. WellStream : Bien Stream is a site for streaming series and films, free VF and VOSTFR, unlimited without subscription or registration. Just choose your favorite series or movie to start having a good time watching. The site is easy to navigate.
  7. Streamiz Filmz : Discover this new site to watch a movie in free streaming in VF or VOSTFR, unlimited and without registration. This is a new alternative address to Streaming Film.
  8. Papadustream : Formerly Papystreaming, Papdustream is a free, unlimited series streaming site without subscription or registration. Just choose your favorite series to start having a good time watching. The site is easy to navigate. It has a responsive and clean interface.
  9. Wiflix : Watch Streaming Movies and Series for Free without creating an account (Wiflix changes address since July 2022).
  10. French Stream : FrenchStream is your best choice if you want to watch streaming movies and series fr. Access is unlimited and no subscription is required plus it has multiple streaming players.
  11. DPStreaming : A streaming site that offers a collection of films and series exclusively essential on competitor sites, but it does not stop there, dpstream broadcasts films that are still in theaters. It is a best streaming site to watch for free, without paying anything and without limit, your films as well as your VF and VOSTFR series in streaming.
  12. CoFlix : Coflix is a free streaming site, without an account, which offers its users a wide range of movies, series and anime that they can watch in VF or VOSTFR. It has a simple and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find what you are looking for with an interesting addition of the latest news.
  13. BlablaStream : Top Movies, series and anime without commercials.
  14. Mega Streaming : This site is dedicated to the streaming of films and series without subscription, it offers classifications by genre and search by name. Multiple streaming platforms available every time.
  15. MovieStreamingVK : Movie Streaming VK is one of the best free streaming sites without an account and without registration. It is important to avoid the “Stream HD” player to be able to stream your movies for free.
  16. : This site is a two in one. You will find both movies, but also streaming series to watch for free, without any limits and without registration.
  17. WawaCity : Wawacity is a site to download and watch streaming movies for free and without an account. The platform is a gigantic electronic directory that hosts thousands of download links. Wawacity has an endless list of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and video games.
  18. HDstream : HDstream provides a wide variety of movies and series to watch for free without an account in 2023. The catalog contains box office movies, TV hits, and some of the entertainment classics.
  19. WatchVF : This site offers thousands of new and old movies available in HD streaming without registration, easy to use and even offers full HD movies.
  20. Streamcomplets : A free streaming site that stands out for its French content available in unlimited (formerly
  21. Movie streaming : Movies streaming without limits in HD quality, in French and without subscription.
  22. WayStreaming : Alternative to Blablastream which no longer works, it also focuses on movies with a lot of choices.
  23. : If you love movies, you'll love what galtro has to offer. There is a sizable library of content that can be played without registering for an account.
  24. Filmoflix : New VF film and series streaming site on our list, this site allows you to watch several new features, however it contains a lot of advertising. This site is one of the most popular in France.
  25. Film Stream VF: A quality free streaming site that offers to watch movies in VF and VOSTFR for free, you have to choose the second player to be able to watch the movie without creating an account.
  26. LeBonStream : Le Bon Stream offers to watch free movies in VO, VF and VOSTFR. The site is updated regularly and it is very likely that you will be the first to see the latest films released in High Definition.
  27. View Anime : the interface of this free streaming site without registration is both modern and refined. You will find the latest anime, movies and manga of the moment to watch in free streaming without creating an account.
  28. Tirexo : This free download and streaming site without an account has a large catalog of movies and series for download and streaming for free. The files are downloaded from several hosts: uptobox, 1fichier, uploaded and streaming on vidoza. This is the most popular French-speaking streaming community.
  29. VoirFilms : Best site to Watch the latest Movies streaming Without ads and without registration.
  30. Planet Streaming : Search engine for free movies and series in streaming without registration.
  31. ViewSeries : Voir Séries is a very popular online streaming site without an account that has a large catalog of series available online for free and without registration.
  32. StreamDeOuf : Completely free, VF-Film allows you to watch thousands of streaming movies without creating an account. Top streaming in 2023 to try.
  33. HDS Streaming : Formerly, one of the best streaming sites without registration, just select a player and wait for the advertisement to start watching the movie.
  34. 01Streaming : 01streaming is one of the best places to watch the most beautiful films and series for free and without registration.
  35. Full-Streaming : this site offers the most popular movies, anime and series to watch free streaming without an account. Its catalog is so vast that you should not get bored.
  36. MovieZenStream : Filmzen stream is a free streaming site on which you are not obliged to register like on most of the streaming sites on our list. On this site, the quality of the videos is better: the sound and the image are quite clear (NOTE: you must choose a player from "Sources" to watch the film or series and do not choose the HD player).
  37. Series-Stream : Another top streaming site without registration on the list which offers more than 10 films and series available in French with several players available: Mega, Uptobox, Netu, Uqload, UpToStream, etc.
  38. Filmstoon : Filmstoon is an account-free streaming site that mainly focuses on movies and top streaming trends.
  39. Moviestreaming1 (new) : A free streaming site that allows users to watch movies and series (full episodes) available on this site for free and without creating an account. It offers not only new movies, but also new episodes of many popular French and English series.
  40. Monstream
  41. CoCo Stream
  42. Novaflix (new)
  43. WatchSeriesStreaming (new)
  44. Egg Stream (new) : Free, without registration and there are very few ads.
  45. MyMovies : Another site where you can watch your movies, anime and series for free without having to create an account.
  46. Gratflix : Gratflix offers you to watch Movies and Series in Free Streaming VF, but not only.
  47. NovaFlix
  52. DadyFlix: Free streaming without account and without advertising with several qualities available.
  53. Youtube : Well yes, there are several Youtube channels that offer movies and series in free streaming, you just have to search carefully.
  54. Streamiz
  55. Cinemay
  56. Cinezzz
  58. K Streaming
  59. yapeol
  60. On this free streaming site, you'll find thousands of recent movies to watch! They are sorted by category, which makes it easy to navigate, and the site offers a top 10 of the most watched films. It gives ideas when you're out of inspiration.
  61. Time2watch
  62. Skstream
  63. Instream
  64. Dibrav
  65. VAGDI
  66. changes its name and becomes
  67. changes its name to become
  68. Changes name to become
  70. Sokroflix
  71. GrandpaStreaming
  73. 4kstreamz
  74. HDS
  76. Filmoflix
  77. ooviv
  80. Libertyvf
  81. Radego
  82. HDSS Streaming
  83. Vkstreaming
  84. Sakstream
  87. Series streaming
  88. Download zone : Although this is a download site, ZTZA also offers streaming links for movies and series in vostfr, the links are available at the bottom of each title.
  90. WhatDuStreaming
  91. Streamforyou
  92. changes address and becomes
  94. Amazon Prime Video (30 days free)
  95. Getimov
  96. Ocine : a free site to watch movies, series, anime and even manga
  97. VK Streaming : a site where it is also possible to watch anime, films and series in streaming
  98. Series Streaming : you'll find just about everything, including House of The Dragon and The Ring of Power
  99. MyFlix
  100. CineTimes
  101. DivxStreaming
  102. TopFilm
  103. Way Streaming
  104. ColFix
  105. Full Stream

The list includes the best streaming sites: 100% free, without account, without subscription, in French with VF, VOST, VO, videos in HD 4K. So do not take into account the small advertising windows that invite you to register. It is also recommended to use a good VPN to browse these free streaming sites without problems.

Please note: If a site on the list does not work, it is surely blocking your ISP. We invite you to read this guide to change DNS server and thus unblock the blocked site.

➡️ Top: +37 largest most used Streaming Sites in France (2023 Ranking)

The list is updated weekly to add new free streaming sites without registration. Save this page to your favorites 🎬

Writing Reviews

Watch a movie in streaming for free without registration (Our tips)

Thus, finding a pirate streaming site that offers good movies and good series is not always easy. Even less so with video players that don't stop every 5 seconds because the server is so slow or overloaded that it requires reloading the video stream! But with our unique pick of the best free, no-signup streaming sites, you won't need to waste your time with sites that don't work anymore.

The advantage of a streaming site is that you just need a browser and a connection. The site identifies content according to their qualities such as HD, Cam or DVDRip. However, there are some handy tips to follow.

The streaming sites on the list are intended for viewing videos without the need for downloading. Also when the option " download " Where " registration Is suggested to you, avoid it. Usually it will take you to other sites or may be virus-prone. So do not take into account small advertising windows which invites you to register.

Indeed, very often, this window appears on the same video that you want to view. Just close it by clicking on the small cross positioned in an angle. Be careful, sometimes the cross is not visible, but it is there. Search for it by hovering the mouse around the window frame until you find it.

Know that all of these movie streaming sites are tested and approved, these free streaming sites work great on all devices. However, if you decide to connect to an address indicated above, then it is necessary to take precautions. This is also valid for all streaming sites. Use a good VPN or proxy in order to protect your identity and personal data. This will hide your address no matter what country you live in. In addition, it allows you to bypass ISP blockages.

Finally, be aware that most free streaming sites contain ads (i.e. multiple ads) it's always best to use an ad blocker and avoid signing up and / or giving out your personal information.

Discover: +21 Best Sites to Download Free Movies on PC, Best Paid Streaming Sites (Movies & Series) & List: 50 streaming sites closed, blocked and inaccessible (UPDATED)

This is where we end our article on best free streaming sites without creating an account. If you have something to say or add, feel free to post a comment or ask us if you need help learning how to use one of these sites.

For more addresses: Top 7 Free and Legal Streaming Sites & +21 Best Free TV Series Download Sites No Registration

If you know others free streaming sites without interesting accounts or if you have any problems with any of the sites on the list, please let us know in the comments section and don't forget to share the article!

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  2. Youtube is the best no-registration streaming site. This video sharing site has become one of the most popular sites. Millions of people all over the world use Youtube to watch movies and shows and also upload their favorite videos to share with others through youtube links.

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  7. Hello Thank you for your article, indeed there is a wide variety of free streaming sites. Personally, I have been using 01streaming for months.

  8. My list of favorite "free" streaming sites to watch free movies without registration.

    French stream
    Movie streaming1
    Full stream
    vk streaming
    The Mangas Streaming sites:

    Anime vf

  9. and be aware that currently there are a good number of streaming sites that exist and offer good content, namely:





    Bonus sites

  10. Here is my personal list: Voirfilm
    Mystream zone
    VK streaming
    DP stream
    French Stream

  11. Recently I found this site where you can watch quite a lot of movie online for free without registration or software installation. You can choose the movie by genre (Action, Drama, War, Romance, Thriller, Horror…. Etc) or search for it.

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