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Cinemay: Watch Movies and Series Online Free (2023 edition)

Cinemay Streaming, one of the best streaming sites to watch movies and series. let's discover together the official address, how this platform works and how to use it. ?

Cinemay: Watch Movies and Series Online Free
Cinemay: Watch Movies and Series Online Free

Cinemay - Best Movies & Series Streaming Site: Cinemay Streaming has been one of the best popular free streaming sites in France and several French-speaking countries for a few years.

So what is it today? What is the official Cinemay address? How to watch a movie on this site? What are the best sites like this if cinemay isn't working? Many questions go through the minds of users.

This is why in this article we will present to you the Cinemay site one of the best free streaming sites to watch movies and series, let's find out together the official address, how this platform works and how to use it. Let's go!

Cinemay Streaming: Watch Box Office Movies and Series en streaming VF full HD gratuit

As soon as you type in your search bar "Film Streaming VF", Cinemay is one of the websites that you will find in the first pages of Google, which underlines the popularity of this streaming service.

Of course, there are many more, like Voirfilms et Wiflix for example, but Cinemay has its own fan base. It is known around the world for its performance in streaming and sharing box office movies as well as popular series.

Free streaming sites - Cinemay streaming
Free streaming sites - Cinemay streaming

But before we start, I want to clarify that is different from, do not confuse them with the same site because the second mainly offers VK streaming players.

Besides, the reason why the majority of people are drawn to these free streaming sites is that they have access to any type of content: movies, TV shows or even animes and cartoons, all over the world. world. All you need is a decent internet connection, preferably Wi-Fi.

Let's start by understanding what it is and then move on to how it works!

What is Cinemay?

Cinemay is a great free online streaming platform. The site allows you to watch popular movies and series from the web in HD and with multiple players available.

On this site, you can find content from major studios such as Fox, Sky, Disney, WB to name a few. You can also stream content available on platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Netflix. You can choose from millions of movie and TV series titles. - Watch all Movies and Series in HD VF VO - Watch all Movies and Series in HD VF VO

Thus, Cinemay has a total of more than 3 Series and more than 000 Films all available for free streaming in VF et VOSTFR. Pay NOTHING! the site is free and unlimited.

Indeed Cinemay Streaming does not ask you to register and does not impose a pop-up on you. You can stream all the content you want without having to log in. And that's the beauty of it.

It is true that 90% of streaming sites have annoying ads that require you to sign up, but this site does not. Of course, there are ads on the site and during streaming, but there isn't a towering pop-up that you can't close.

In the header section you will find options such as Box office Movies, Movies, TV Shows, Years and Genres All diversification listed in category format under the “Genres” tab where you can find movies and series according to the genres available, namely:

  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • War
  • Adventure
  • Fantastic
  • Romance
  • Western
  • Horror
  • Animation
  • Thriller
  • Crime
  • Action
  • Mystery
  • Music
  • SF
  • Family
  • Documentary
  • TV movie
  • Action & Adventure
  • Reality
  • Kids
  • Science-Fiction & Fantasy
  • War & Politics
  • Talk
  • Soap
  • News
  • Musical

To find out more, take a look at the site! You will undoubtedly find the content you are looking for.

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The user does not need to install any software on their computer to download a movie or series from Cinemay. Why ? Since the platform integrates direct download links VK stream, Vudeo, Uptostream, UQload, Vidoza or Uptobox which facilitate the task.

How to watch a movie on Cinemay
How to watch a movie on Cinemay

What is his official address? (True)

Cinemay's official address is NOT Indeed, this site is only one of the many sites which tries to surf on the fame of this platform.

Since 2020, the true Cinemay Streaming is currently accessible via two addresses but it is having problems and the site is often inaccessible. Therefore, although there is currently an address that may appear to be official, the real site address is actually and

To help you access Cinemay or its mirrors which offer real streaming content, the following table has been drawn up:

Cinemay addressDescriptionStatute
Cinemay Streaming: Official addresses and real sites in 2023
  • Official: A domain purchased / used by the real Cinemay.
  • False : A site which uses the name Cinemay and which does not offer streaming content or requires a paid subscription to be able to watch films.

Currently, the official address does not work. This means that the site administrators are looking for a new address for the site. So we can expect a change of address for the Cinemay site very soon, in the meantime you can use the .in extension or opt for another site from the next section of the best free streaming alternatives.

How to use this streaming site?

On the usage side, Cinemay Streaming's interface is quite similar to that of other streaming sites like Gratflix. There is a teal color combination throughout the site with a black background. As soon as you visit the homepage, you can see the latest movies and series published on the site.

Once on the home page, you no longer need to sort the content, it's already done thanks to the categories. Now if you try to click on the tab, you will get a list of recommendations in each section.

Watch streaming on Cinemay: Premier in France, is the free full HD streaming platform. Cinemay has a total of more than 3 Series and more than 000 Films all available for free streaming in VF VOSTFR.
Watch streaming on Cinemay: Premier in France, is the free full HD streaming platform. Cinemay has a total of more than 3 Series and more than 000 Films all available for free streaming in VF VOSTFR.

So if you click on Box Office Movies, you will get over a dozen options including the best movies of 2023. Aesthetically, this is one of the simplest sites you can find. find.

If for some reason you are having trouble finding the title, you need to find the content through the search bar in the header section, you can scroll down and try to search the main bar also.

However, please refrain from clicking on the homepage button as you are already on the homepage and it will only take you to another advertisement page.

With Cinemay, you can stream content by genre. This is one of the features usually found on a premium site. So when I saw this feature on this platform, I was blown away by the efforts of the developer and the team.

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Finally, it is very important to know that Cinemay regularly changes address so that the activity of the site continues. This frequent change of address is made in order to avoid as much as possible the risks associated with streaming.

Which site replaces Cinemay Streaming?

Indeed is sometimes inaccessible and therefore it is impossible to watch your favorite films and this is why several Internet users are looking for other site like Cinemay Streaming which will be operational in 2023 and which offers the same functionalities.

The big problem with streaming sites like Cinemay is that they are great places to catch a lot of viruses and malware (invasive pop-ups), hence the fact that I chose to draw the line. List of the best quality and reliable alternative to Cinemay sites.

I let you discover the list of the best free streaming sites to watch movies and series and which replace Cinemay if it does not work:

  1. Wiflix
  2. Papystreaming
  3. Gratflix
  4. DP stream
  5. Seeseries
  6. WishFlix
  7. French Stream
  8. Sokroflix
  9. Instream
  10. Watch movie
  11. Time2watch
  12. Planet Streaming
  13. Download zone
  14. Full stream
  15. Eyobim
  16. AyiSerie
  17. Filmstoon
  18. MovieStreaming1
  19. bovmi
  20. Vagdi
  21. Cpassmieux
  22. HDS
  23. 01Streaming
  24. Free Movie
  25. Botidou
  26. Free Movie
  27. Series streaming (series)
  28. Diagram
  29. Galtro
  30. Filmoflix
  31. 01 streaming
  32. Tirexo
  33. Sakstream
  34. Radego
  35. Wawaflix
  36. Getimov
  37. ooviv
  38. 4Kstreamz
  39. yapeol (movies)
  40. Mflix
  41. WhatDuStreaming
  42. Streamforyou
  43. Sokroflix

If you need more addresses, we invite you to discover our list of Best Free Vostfr and VO Streaming Sites et Top Free and Legal Streaming Sites.

The growth of free streaming sites

Le best free movie streaming site, does it really exist? The answer is yes. Gone are the days when the only way to watch movies and series was through television and movie theaters.

Today there is a plethora of streaming sites that allow you to watch movies, videos, series and animes at will, anywhere and for free.

Indeed the advantage of these streaming platforms of films and series is that they imitate the paid platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, among others. Surprisingly, some of them are putting high-quality free streaming content online for moviegoers, whose numbers keep growing.

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Finally, for more addresses we invite you to consult our Streaming section, and to write to us in the comments section your opinion and remarks on the Cinemay site. Don't forget to share the article on Facebook and Twitter!

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