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Streaming: What is Streamiz's new official address?

Streamiz, the ideal solution to watch your movies and series in streaming VF or VOSTFR for free. Here is the new reliable address in 2022.

Streaming: What is Streamiz's new official address?
Streaming: What is Streamiz's new official address?

Streamiz is one of the best streaming sites for watching movies and series for free and without registration, which must change its address regularly to maintain its activity and circumvent blockages by the authorities. Discover its new address in 2022.

Nowadays, to watch a series, a film, we have several alternatives. Among these is streaming. This is a technology that allows access to multimedia content on the Internet. We can thus have access to this content live, with a slight delay or even in rebroadcast. Streaming is done via dedicated platforms, some of which are paid and others free. One of the free streaming sites is Streamiz.

Streamiz is a direct download site that offers a large catalog of streaming series and movies. Like other large sites of this type, Streamiz has many monthly visitors, in search of the latest trending content in terms of films and series. 

But as you may have noticed, a large number of addresses have appeared on the web concerning the Streamiz download site, so much so that we no longer know how to detect the real ones from the fake ones. We will see through this article what is the new reliable address of Streamiz.

What is streamiz?

Streamiz is the ideal platform to watch its VF and Vostfr films and series. This platform becomes one of meilleurs streaming sites free and the most popular in France. It offers you unlimited access to a varied choice of video content in French version or in the original version with French subtitles. You can therefore view them at any time according to your availability.

A funny little wink for this site which also offers a very large catalog of easily accessible content. You will find films, series and anime, from the oldest to the most recent without forgetting the most popular and the most appreciated.

You will therefore find films from all cinematographic categories: action, animation, adventure, drama, horror, fantasy, horror, romance, etc.

The most interesting thing about this alternative from subscription streaming giant, Netflix, is that streamiz is accessible for free, without registration and without advertising. All you have to do is choose your video and a player from those offered on the site to view it.

Streamiz is one of the best free streaming sites

How does it works?

If there is to be a list of the best streaming sites in 2022, Streamiz must be among the top 5. This site continues to attract several users to it. If you haven't visited this platform yet, now is the time to do so.

Are you on the Streamiz homepage? From there it's really very simple. Indeed Streamiz offers a fairly simple platform to use to find the best movie or series to pass the dark of night. With a good packet of popcorn, scroll through the site and with simple clicks, find your best movie.

Streamiz offers a fairly easy-to-use platform to find the best favorite movie or series

The top banner offers the basic elements found in the “Films, series, VF series, VOSTFR series” platform. A drop-down banner also highlights certain content that is exclusive to Streamiz.

In the right column you will find the popular series. In addition, you can search and sort films by categories: action, animation, adventure, comedy, fantasy, etc. or by year of broadcast. Here too the choice is rich, you will find several films divided into 17 categories.

In the left column, you can discover first of all Latest TV Series episodes and TV Series streaming seasons that have recently been added to Streamiz. Then, the latest Films in Streaming for free VF and VOSTFR.

By clicking on the film or the series to watch, you arrive on its page. There is a summary of the movie along with information like its genre, actors, release date, its director and even the trailer of the movie. Then, all you have to do is choose the episode if it's a series and launch your content.

What is the official address of Streamiz?

Streamiz offers copyrighted video content without permission. In other words, it is an illegal site. So to adapt to the constraints of its environment and better serve its users, the Streamiz platform often opts for the change of address

This platform must regularly change its URL in order to escape blockages or even legal proceedings. In order to be able to connect to Streamiz, you must go to this address: 

You are a big fan of cinema and you want to stream the latest movies like Spider-Man: No Way Home, and popular series , head quickly to the site on the link to see all the movies or TV series you are looking for.

What are the advantages and disadvantages ?

Streamiz was one of most used streaming sites in France. Like other popular sites, it offers the viewing of several hundred cinematographic works. So why you should care about Streamiz site than other sites. What makes it ultimately the most interesting?

In the first part, it is very important for some movie enthusiasts to know that the streaming platform is available free of charge. There's no need for you inscribe nor to pay. So you don't have to worry about the security of your data since you won't need to provide any personal information.

Moreover, there are a very large catalog : you will find films, series and anime, from the oldest to the most recent without forgetting the most popular and the most appreciated. This wide range of content is accompanied by an excellent search tool to make it easier for you to find your favorite films and series. For example, you can search by category or release date.

Finally, Streamiz tries to correspond to different audiences, so we often find the choice in French VF version or in original version subtitled in French VOSTFR. This wide range of content is in HD quality and ad-free.

We just covered the many benefits of watching movies on Streamiz. Unfortunately, there are also a few downsides worth going through.

First of all, it is necessary have a fast and reliable connection to be able to follow your favorite film and series. Sufficient internet connection is therefore the key to be able to play a video flawless. Also, clearly the aesthetics of the site is not there. This is not a priority for its creators. But that shouldn't bother you in use since the practical dimension is still rather successful.

The best alternatives to Streamiz to watch movies and series

Streamiz is a free, no-registration streaming site that makes it easy to watch movies, series, anime, and documentaries without ads. Unlike a torrent download site, the latter only streams video content. You will therefore not be able to download the films and series present on the platform.

If the site is not working in your area or you are looking for other similar free streaming sites, then the following list is the solution. Here you will find the best free streaming sites accessible anywhere in the world, of course these are free sites without subscription to watch movies, series and anime.

  1. VoirFilms
  2. dpstream
  3. Empire Streaming
  4. Coflix
  5. Full stream
  6. Wiflix
  7. Papadustream
  8. Tirexo
  9. Moviestreaming1
  10. Papystreaming
  11. Libertyvf
  12. Vkstreaming
  13. Gratflix
  14. Galtro
  15. Cpassmieux
  16. 01Streaming
  17. ViewSeries
  18. Neko sama
  19. Anime
  20. Eyobim
  21. Cinemay
  22. 4kstreamz

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Offering tens of thousands of films and series, more than 40, with free access to Internet users, it is of course because Streamiz is not a legal platform. So you are breaking the law by connecting to this site to watch content that is often copyrighted.

While some content has now entered the public domain, this is not the case for the majority of Streamiz's cultural offering. So you are breaking the law by connecting to this site to watch content that is often copyrighted. Indeed, by using a site like Streamiz which does not have these rights, the Internet user who benefits from its services finds himself exposed.

For more addresses: Top 7 Free and Legal Streaming Sites

Use a VPN or proxy to access streamiz

Sites like Streamiz are regularly monitored by the authorities. As a result, they are sometimes blocked by Internet providers in certain countries.

For this reason, sometimes you cannot access the site. To remedy this, it is advisable to use a VPN or even a Proxy. In this way, your IP address is hidden, allowing you to visit the site and view the videos freely. Once your VPN is installed, all you have to do is visit the site to understand how it works. On the homepage you will find some suggestions of the platform. These are often recent films and series.

Streamiz is currently very popular. The streaming platform offers its members the opportunity to watch very recent movies without paying any fees. In addition, the videos are of very good quality. Unfortunately, it regularly changes its web address. If you still can't connect to this platform to watch movies or series in streaming for free, discover our list of Top: 21 Best Free Streaming Sites Without an Account (2022 Edition).

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