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Top: 21 Best Sites Like Papystreaming to Watch Free Streaming

The best sites like Papystreaming to watch your movies Streaming for free without having to register and in VF

21 Best Sites Like Papystreaming to Watch Free Streaming
21 Best Sites Like Papystreaming to Watch Free Streaming

Free Streaming VF - Best Sites like Papystreaming: In Google trends, it is no longer Cpasbien ou free movie who is popular, but Papystreaming the free video streaming site for movies and series in VF.

However, this site has some drawbacks, as some Internet service providers have banned the Papystraming site, moreover, it is possible that sometimes the website Papystreaming net does not work.

If you are looking for best Papystreaming alternatives and similar sites to watch your movies in Streaming for free without having to register and in VF, this article is made for you. Let's get started.

Papystreaming what is it? was one of the best streaming sites without credit card, if you have tried this site before, you probably enjoyed it. However the site has not worked for some time. home page (in 2018)

While typing " Papystreaming " or " Grandpa Stream "On Google we find and .fr on the first page, with the keywords" HD "," Film "and" VF "in the title, but be careful, they are clones and this is not the original version of the site (moreover these sites do not offer streaming links).

The original Papy streaming site was available on new addresses following:

  • (works)
  • (works)
  • (works)
  • (does not work)
  • (does not work)
  • (does not work)
  • (does not work)
  • (does not work)
  • (does not work)
  • (does not work)
  • sokrostream

Therefore, the other sites that you will find in the search results are fake sites that you ask for the bank card or to download malware. here are the clones to avoid:

  • (Fake)
  • (Fake)
  • (Fake)
  • (Fake)
  • (Fake)
  • (Fake)
  • (Fake)
Papystreaming logo

One of the best download or streaming sites, the Papy Streaming site was appreciated for its accessibility and practicality. It also stood out for its SEO. Despite its excellent positioning, it now displays an error page when researching with well-targeted keywords.

You might think this error stems from a script that is no longer running, but it actually looks like the site was intentionally suspended to avoid prosecution. The majority of owners of streaming sites indeed close their platform after a certain time to avoid prosecution and then reappear under another name.

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When we arrive on the REAL site we find a theme close to DPStream, but much more worked, we immediately feel that an effort has been made to satisfy a new generation of users. The titles are readable, the content is categorized, and the dark side - of the strength - is pretty badass.

Grandpa streaming features

Indeed, Grandpa streaming is a minimalist website streaming VF movies and series: the site is perfect not to consume a lot of data while broadcasting content in HD streaming.

The films and series are well arranged and integrate well with the presentation of the site. You can find your favorite series or movie using the year, genre, country, or even the language spoken in the movie or series.

Papystreaming wants to be competitive, it therefore offers a plethora, not to say a series - of films and "TV shows", some more recent than the others. When it comes to the latest movies that are still in theaters and therefore not available on Blu-Ray, you won't find better than a screener with soundtracks recorded on the phone.

Even if the stream is in HD, the video is not. You are therefore entitled to something not very clear with artefacts and sometimes people passing in front of the camera.

Regarding streaming links, the site offers links from several popular hosts such as:

  • GoUnlimited
  • UQload
  • UptoStream
  • YoudBox
  • MyStream
  • Videoza
  • 1 file

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Why is Papystreaming not working?

It's a fact, Papystreaming, Download zone et Sokrostream are problematic. Nothing surprising then, more than a year after the "closure" of Zone Download (followed by a resurrection as rapid as expected) that a group of professional film organizations, well supported and helped by the CNC (Center National Film and Moving Image) asked on December 15, 2018 the blocking of the three previously mentioned sites.

The Papystreaming site has stopped working since December 2018

Papystreaming does not work

This blocking request was made to several. The National Federation of Film Distributors, the Syndicate of Digital Video Editing, the Association of Independent Producers and the Union of Cinema Producers have taken legal action against the main French ISPs.

The goal? Ensure that Papystreaming and its various extensions (.org, .com, .net, etc.) are no longer listed on Google but also on the default search engines of Orange, Free, Numerciable, SFR and Bouygues. The various organizations and the CNC have thus activated Article L. 336-2 of the Intellectual Property Code.

Copyright Legal Disclaimer: does not check whether websites hold the appropriate license for the content disseminated by their site. Reviews does not endorse or promote any illegal activity related to the streaming or downloading of copyrighted works. The end user is solely responsible for the media accessible through any service or application referenced on this site.


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Several Internet users are currently looking for other alternatives, for this, we offer in the following section a list of best sites like PapyStreaming to continue your evening watching good VF movies!

Best Sites Like Papystreaming to Watch Free Streaming VF

Streaming sites of movies and series that you will find below are all free, easy to use and very similar to Papy streaming.

Just like torrent websites, alternative streaming websites to Papystreaming are continually being closed and removed. At the time of writing, all of the websites listed below are working and can be used, on the other hand, I will be updating the list weekly to always find updated addresses.

Thrillers, dramatic comedies, fantastic films, police, manga… but also the very last series in original version or in French version (VF). In short, something to satisfy all tastes.

Let's discover the list of best sites like Papystreaming in 2022 :

  1. Papadustream : One of the best on our list, Streaming Pap offers almost the same interface as the real site and lets you find thousands of free streaming movies and series and also offers a link to download.
  2. Empire Streaming: Free streaming without account and without advertising with several qualities available.
  3. Film StreamingK : This platform offers you an impressive selection of series and films that you can follow at home without paying a single penny. All you need is just a good wifi connection in order to have an interesting experience.
  4. LeBonStream : Another alternative to grandpa streaming, this free streaming site focuses on VF movies.
  5. Streamvostfr : Stream Vostfr offers almost the same quantity of films and series in free streaming as papy streaming. The playback interface is a bit complicated. Indeed the site is without registration, however, you must click on the drop-down list or choose from the table at the bottom of the page and select the video host (Vidoza, GoUnlimited, ClipWatching, VidLox, etc.), then click on " Video link” so that you can watch the movies without registration.
  6. Film streaming
  7. bovmi
  8. Full stream
  9. Galtro
  10. Moviestreaming1
  11. 01 streaming
  14. Libertyvf
  15. Cpassmieux
  16. CocoStream
  19. Mflix
  20. HDSS Streaming
  21. Instream
  22. Wiflix
  23. HDS Streaming
  26. Cinemay
  28. PandaStream
  30. Sokroflix
  31. VoirFilms
  33. Filmstoon
  35. Tirexo
  36. Cpassmieux
  38. Time2watch
  41. Dradab
  42. ooviv
  43. DPStreaming
  44. Diagram
  46. Toblek
  49. Vostfree (Anime)
  50. A series and movies search engine that indexes multiple links from popular streaming sites.
  51. Planet Streaming
  52. Sakstream
  53. Getimov
  55. Sokroflix
  56. Series streaming
  57. Instream

The list is updated weekly to add new sites


Although the list includes the best alternatives to Papy Streaming to watch movies and series in full vf, they can be used on several devices in addition to a computer or mobile.

Other than Movies and Series, the sites on the list also offer shows, documentaries and even TV shows. If you are looking fora legal site like papystreaming this is a list.

For more addresses you can consult our list of the best Free HD Streaming Series sites or even the top Free Vostfr Streaming Sites.

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