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List: 21 Best Sites Like Galtro to Watch Free Streaming (2023 Edition)

Our Complete List of the Best Sites like Galtro to Watch Movies, Anime and Series Streaming Free and No Registration?

Best Sites Like Galtro To Watch Free Streaming
Best Sites Like Galtro To Watch Free Streaming

Free Streaming - Top Sites Like Galtro: You might be among the thousands of people who are looking for sites like Galtro to watch free movies. It's not strange for moviegoers to search for free streaming sites every day, especially with the pandemic forcing all of us to stay locked up at home.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of free streaming sites equivalent to, offer period cinema to recent films and the most popular shows today.

In the following list, I will present you +17 Best sites like Galtro to watch movies, animes and shows Streaming for free and without registration.

List: 17 Best Sites Like Galtro to Watch Free Streaming (2023 Edition)

There was a time when I had to either go to the movies to watch movies or buy them at the store. I'm not saying I missed those days, but I'm certainly grateful that I have more choice now, thanks to the convenience of being able to watch movies right from the comfort of my couch.

Best site like galtro: watch movies, animes and series in free streaming without registration

Streaming makes it possible to broadcast video and audio files, today this broadcasting technique is very popular, whether for watching movies, series or shows, listen to music, watch videos or follow a live event (or even podcasts).

Fans TV shows and movies can leverage online TV and streaming to access their favorite content. With the alternative of streaming, you don't have to worry anymore, since you won't miss your favorite TV shows and movies.

From a global perspective, the majority of people (80%) prefer to watch TV shows and movies at their convenience.

What is

Galtro was a free streaming site without registration created in March 2018. Galtro is a magnificent website dedicated to the distribution of films and series in HD quality without creating an account. overview - Home page and latest films

From the home page, you can select any TV show or use its menu to scroll down the timeline page and watch the shows in order of their release date.

You can select the menu navigation option and then filter the program options by genre.

Unfortunately, at the end of June 2020, Galtro no longer works. Indeed, the site is no longer accessible and therefore it is impossible to watch your favorite films and this is why several Internet users are looking for another site like Galtro which will be operational in 2022/2023 and which offers the same functionalities.

Legal Copyright Disclaimer: Reviews does not verify that websites have the appropriate license for the content served on their site. Reviews does not endorse or promote any illegal activity related to streaming or downloading of copyrighted works. The end user is solely responsible for the media accessible through any service or application referenced on this site.


The big problem with streaming sites like Galtro is that they are great places to catch a lot of viruses and malware (invasive pop-ups), hence the fact that I chose to draw the line. list of the best alternative sites to Galtro and which does not contain viruses.

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Top Best Sites Like Galtro To Watch Free Streaming

Just like streaming websites, streaming websites equivalent to Galtro are continuously closed and removed. At the time of writing, all of the websites listed below are working and can be used, on the other hand, I will be updating the list weekly to always find updated addresses.

Thrillers, dramatic comedies, fantastic films, police, manga… but also the very last series in original version or in French version. In short, something to satisfy all tastes.

The following list includes sites like Galtro, classified according to the following criteria:

  • Available content (Quality and quantity)
  • Design and User Interface
  • Security
  • Ease of use (No registration)

These sites feature a beautiful, easy-to-use user interface, and I have gone the extra mile to ensure that customers have a free, virus-free, and secure streaming experience.

I let you discover the complete list of the best sites like Galtro to watch movies, animes and series Streaming for free and without registration in 2021:

  1. (change name to become bovmi): Itzor is the galtro equivalent in 2021, founded by the same creators of Galtro, the site offers films, shows, documentaries and series in streaming completely free and without registration, with a design identical to that of In 2021, this itzor changes its name to become
  2. : Teforo becomes Tobrok is a Galtro equivalent site. Having the same interface and design, the site offers the latest films, reviews and comments, but also rankings of films, documentaries and shows by category/Genre. This site does not require registration and offers updated reading links.
  3. Dibrav : A free streaming site similar to Galtro. We discover exactly the same design, very simple and refined but this time with a new little star mascot. This site offers hundreds of free streaming movies without ads.
  4. Moviestreaming1 : Another site to replace Galtro is Filmstreaming1. This free streaming site without registration offers more than 100 films available in vo and vostfr.
  5. Rikmod : Afzor becomes Rikmod is one of the best sites like galtro without registration and without advertising. The site offers hundreds of series and films as well as completely free documentaries. The interface is simple with categories and ratings that will help you find your favorite movie.
  6. Wiflix : is your best choice of French streaming site for films and complete series in VF and VOSTFR in HD.
  7. Streaming English : This is a site to watch full movie for free like galtro. Without registration and does not require a subscription, Streaming France deserves to be one of the best alternatives to consider.
  8. Extrabb : It's a very recent website which contains a vast catalog of films in French. Extrabb is very similar to Galtro in terms of design and operation, when you access this website you will find many movies that you can watch streaming if you have to create an account.
  9. : Mildip becomes Voplav is a streaming site similar to Galtro.
  10. Cpassmieux : For fans of movies and series in streaming, this site offers you to watch the most recent seasons of your favorite series. You can choose the player to the right of each title but avoid the VIP player.
  11. CoFlix : Like Galtro, this site offers a very large catalog of movies, anime or series for free streaming.
  12. Films : This site offers films and series without registration.
  13. Empire Streaming : A VF streaming site without registration that offers movies and series.
  14. A quality streaming site to replace Galtro and which allows you to watch series and movies for free and without any registration. If you are a lover of series, movies and content that streaming sites often broadcast, it would be good to choose one of the best to satisfy you.
  15. GratFilm
  17. Movie Streaming VK
  19. Full stream
  20. becomes
  21. AyiSerie
  23. HDS
  24. Dibrav
  25. FilmstreamingVK
  26. SkStream
  27. grizox
  29. WawaCity
  30. English Streaming
  31. NovaFlix
  36. becomes Formerly Vavozi Streaming, it is a site similar to
  37. Nidroy has changed its name, it now becomes Takpok.
  38. Kapmp
  39. Hello Streaming
  40. Seeseries
  42. becomes in 2023
  43. HDSS
  44. Filmstoon
  45. yapeol : A site that replaces Galtro and only offers HD movies.
  46. : Getimov has changed its name, it now becomes
  47. changes its name to become
  49. Cinemay : Cinemay offers almost the same amount of free streaming movies and series as Galtro. The playback interface is a bit complicated. Indeed the site is without registration, however, you must click on the drop-down list or choose from the table at the bottom of the page and select the video host (Vidoza, GoUnlimited, ClipWatching, VidLox, etc.), then click on " Video link ”so that you can watch the films. (This site requires registration).
  50. Grandpa Streaming: Papystreaming is a reference site for the streaming of movies and series. In addition it offers many manga. A Galtro alternative to consider.
  51. becomes
  52. QueDuStream
  56. Instream
  57. 4kstreamz
  59. K Streaming
  60. Gratflix
  61. Libertyvf
  63. Dradab
  64. Mflix
  65. Vkstreaming
  67. 01 streaming 
  68. FilmoFlix
  70. Toblek
  71. Cpassmieux
  73. DPStream
  74. Sakstream
  75. becomes
  76. Sokroflix
  77. Mystream
  78. Time2watch
  79. Botidou
  80. Diagram
  81. ooviv
  82. Planet Stream
  83. daddyflix
  84. Hdss watch
  86. sajbo

Please note: If a site on the list does not work, it is surely blocking your ISP. We invite you to read this guide to change DNS server and thus unblock the blocked site.

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The list is updated weekly to add new streaming sites like Galtro

Copy writing

Voirfilms: +22 Best Sites to Watch Free VF Movies & 25 Best Free Vostfr Streaming Sites

The advantage of using a streaming site to watch movies instantly on the internet eliminates the need to download to your device. By eliminating the need to pre-download content before playing it, streaming is thus very practical, especially when the size of the content or the playing time is considerable.

As we all know, the process of downloading content takes time, consumes the internet and consumes storage space. But, streaming reduces all of that hassle. Track your favorite show or movie with just one touch of your finger.

Whether we want to watch the last season of Blacklist or The 100 live for fans of the series, we don't have to worry anymore! Just log into the movie or show's online streaming account to follow it for free from any medium or device. 

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This is where we end our List of the best sites like Galtro in 2021. If you know of any other interesting alternative Galtro streaming sites, please let us know in the comments section and don't forget to share the article!

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