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List: 21 Best Sites Like Diagrim To Watch Free Streaming

Diagrim is one of the more popular movie streaming sites out there, but there are alternatives to consider.

Best Sites Like Diagrim To Watch Free Streaming
Best Sites Like Diagrim To Watch Free Streaming

Free Streaming - Top Sites Like Diagrim: You are surely looking for a site like Diagrim to watch free movies. It's not strange for moviegoers to search for free streaming sites every day, especially with the pandemic forcing all of us to stay locked up at home.

However, this site has some drawbacks, indeed no longer works since 2020, moreover, there are several clones which ask for the credit card to be able to watch and it is scam.

If you are looking for better sites like Diagrim for  watch your movies in VF Streaming for free without having to register, this article is made for you. Let's get started.

Top: 10 Best Sites Like Diagrim To Watch Free Streaming (2021 Edition)

Diagram was one of the best streaming sites without an account, if you have tried this site before, you probably enjoyed it. However the site has not worked for some time. Ancien Diagrim is a French streaming site that gives its visitors the opportunity to watch films, shows and documentaries for free.

List of the best sites like Diagrim in 2021
List of the best sites like Diagrim in 2021

While typing " diagram"On Google we find and .eu on the first page, with the keywords" free streaming "," Film "and" VF "in the title, but be careful, they are clones and this is not the original version of the site (moreover these sites do not offer streaming links and ask for your bank card details).

Le official diagrim website was accessible at the following address:

Indeed, the world of streaming is so hectic, because most of the best online streaming sites provide illegal content, which needs a name change.

address change between the legendary streaming site Diagrim in Binmir
address change between the legendary streaming site Diagrim in Binmir

This is how he had this change of address between the legendary streaming site Diagrim in Binmir, but has stopped working. Binmir just like its predecessor keeps the same design and layout of content. Always with a white background and red text.

Therefore, the other sites that you will find in the search results are fake sites that you ask for the bank card or to download malware. here are the clones to avoid:

  • (Fake)
  • (Fake)
  • (Fake)

Finally, at the end of June 2020, Diagrim no longer works. Indeed, the site is no longer accessible and therefore it is impossible to watch your favorite films and this is why several Internet users are looking for the best sites like Diagrim which will be operational in 2021 and which offers the same functionalities.

Legal Copyright Disclaimer: Reviews does not verify that websites have the appropriate license for the content served on their site. Reviews does not endorse or promote any illegal activity related to streaming or downloading of copyrighted works. The end user is solely responsible for the media accessible through any service or application referenced on this site.


Best Sites Like Diagrim To Watch Free Streaming

The big problem with streaming sites like diagrim is that they are great places to catch a lot of viruses and malware (invasive pop-ups), hence the fact that I chose to draw the line. list of the best alternative sites to Diagrim and which does not contain viruses.

Just like streaming websites, download torrents ou football streaming, the equivalent diagrim sites are continuously closed and deleted. At the time of writing, all of the websites listed below are working and can be used, on the other hand, I will be updating the list weekly to always find updated addresses.

Let's check out the list of the best sites like Diagrim in 2021:

  1. Galtro : Galtro is a magnificent website dedicated to the distribution of films and series in HD quality without creating an account with an interface like Diagrim.
  2. Full stream : One of the best on our list, Full Stream offers the same interface as the real site and lets you find thousands of free streaming movies and series as well as a link to download.
  3. Empire Streaming : Free streaming without account and without advertising with several qualities available.
  4. MoviesToon : Filmstoon offers almost the same amount of free streaming movies and series as Diagrim, you just have to choose an alternative player to start watching the movie. 
  5. Itzor (changes name to become is the best site like Diagrim in 2021, founded by the same creators of Diagrim and Galtro, the site offers films, shows and documentaries in streaming completely free and without registration, with a design identical to that of
  6. : barlox (changes name to is one of the best sites like with no registration and no ads. The site offers hundreds of series and films as well as completely free documentaries. The interface is simple with categories and ratings that will help you find your favorite movie.
  7. : offers several new and old French streaming movies with an easy interface and a simple player.
  8. Cinemay : Cinemay Streaming, one of the best streaming sites to watch movies and series similar to Diagrim.
  9. Papystreaming : This platform offers you an impressive selection of series and films that you can follow at home without paying a single penny. All you need is just a good wifi connection in order to have an interesting experience.
  11. 01 streaming
  12. Vkstreaming
  13. Kapmp
  14. DPStreaming
  15. Streamforyou
  17. Instream
  18. yapeol
  21. Gratflix
  22. Botidou
  25. SakStream
  26. SokroFlix
  29. Libertyvf
  31. (you must close the registration window)
  32. Skstream
  33. Full stream
  34. Cinezzz
  36. Toblek : A streaming movie site with an interface similar to diagrim streaming
  37. Planet Streaming

Note that all the streaming sites similar to included in this list have movies in VOSTFR, in VF, but also sometimes in original version. If you choose to watch a movie in original version, however, be aware that most players allow you to add subtitles that you can easily download with a simple Google search.

The list is updated weekly to add new addresses?


Also note that if you are more sport than cinema, we also have an article listing the best sports streaming sites or a list of the top sites of download torrents without registration.

There are also websites for free and legal streaming, accessible free of charge and equipped with an extremely rich library worthy of a paying service.


Streaming is now widely used in all areas and across the net. It is the basis of the success of web giants such as YouTube, Spotify and of course Netflix. Video on demand platforms all use this protocol.

Very practical and very popular, streaming has some drawbacks that should not be overlooked.

If your internet connection is not fast and stable and / or your bandwidth is insufficient, streaming can be difficult. Your media may stop or row while buffering, which can interfere with your viewing or listening experience.

Full stream : Official address, Legality, News, All info & Best Free Vostfr Streaming Sites

Also, depending on the streaming service you use, the quality may be inconsistent. If your internet connection drops, your video will also stop, be blurry, or there will be a lag between picture and sound. If you are used to high quality Blu-Rays, you will notice a drop in quality.

We hope that with our list you will find the best alternatives to diagrim and don't forget to share with us your favorite sites in the comments section or on our Facebook page.

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