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Vostfree: Watch Anime Online Free (2022 Edition) is one of the best free streaming sites to watch anime in VF and Vostfr 🖤

Vostfree: Watch Animes full movie online free
Vostfree: Watch Animes full movie online free

Vostfree - Best Free Anime Streaming Site: There has perhaps never been a better time in the history of the world to be an anime fan, because these days there are so many sites to watch animes for free on the web in streaming VF and Vostfr, sometimes difficult to navigate.

And following our last ranking of best anime and manga sites, several Internet users have complained about certain choices of sites offered (too much advertising, dead links, etc.), despite their popularity in the circle of cinephiles and anime fans.

To please our dear readers, we have therefore made a complete Vostfree test, which is one of the best FR and VOSTFR anime streaming sites in 2022 and offers less advertising than other sites and more relevant streaming links.

Thus, we invite you to discover in this article the Vostfree guide to watch Animes en Streaming VF et Vostfr Gratuit.

Vostfree: Download and Watch Anime Online Free

The best way to watch anime is to stay at home, cozy in a mountain of blankets. There are many websites that allow viewers to watch streaming anime of different qualities and languages.

Vostfree is a streaming site that offers high quality streaming streams classified according to the available languages ​​(French and Vostfr) with a plethora of unique features and also allows download your favorite animes for free, similar to JetAnime.

Vostfree - Anime streaming VF and VOSTFR Free
Vostfree - Animes en streaming VF et VOSTFR Gratuit - Watch your anime manga and movie online for free. Here you can watch and download any anime, manga and movie you want, if it is not available on the site, just send us a request, we will add it as soon as possible.

Vostfree Streaming

Little is known about the history and creation of the site. However, there is a Frequently Asked Questions section. There is also a specific media contact and request form.

Currently, the site is only accessible via the addresses: et the others are fake sites.

Site design

La site design and design has both positive and negative aspects. The main flaw is the presence of pop-up advertising windows. There are also a large number of sidebar ads and popup notifications. Navigation on the vostfree anime streaming site is affected by ads.

Users must click the links multiple times in order to reach their destination.

Having said that, the layout of the site is good. The main menu is clean and includes the perfect options. From left to right, we find the classifications by language Streaming VF and Vostfr, by genre, last update, films.

The slider on the home page is a shortcut to filter the content. There is also an A to Z sort list at the bottom of the page.

Site design
Site design

Apart from advertisements, the site is visually appealing. The site's default mode is clear mode. It presents shades of orange, green and gray mixed with black. The text logo matches this color. Orange highlights make it easier to read text in this mode.

One feature that I find interesting is the “Cinema Mode” mode switch button located at the bottom right of the streaming player. When the user presses this button, it switches from day mode to black, orange and gray mode. The modes swap so perfectly to make it easier to watch the animes available.

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The content available in streaming VF and Vostfr

The contents streaming VF and Vostfr available on Vostfree is very impressive. The library has a huge collection of titles. There are many different types of anime and movies available on the site. The site is also frequently updated to follow current series like One Piece, Naruto Boruto, SNK sagas, my hero academia etc. has a large library of subtitled and dubbed shows and films. There are many popular anime episodes currently airing on the site. It also features a number of older anime. The types of media that the site hosts are Anime Series, Movies, Ongoing Series, New Series, OVAs, ONAs, and Specials.

Vostfree - Download your Anime Manga VF FRENCH Free and Streaming
Vostfree - Download your Anime Manga VF FRENCH Free and Streaming

The genres available on Vostfree make up a very impressive list. Some of them include action / adventure, cars, comedy, dementia, demons, drama, ecchi, fantasy, game, harem, story, horror, kids , magic, martial arts, army, music, mystery, parody, romance, science fiction, shoujo, shounen, thriller, vampires, supernatural, yaoi and yuri. There are many titles in each category. Your options are unlimited on Vostfree.

Boruto on Vostfree - full description section
Boruto on Vostfree - full description section

Another feature of is its comprehensive description section. Under each anime there are information sections. These sections include type, studio, air date, status, genre, ratings, rating, length, quality, views and a small clip of the anime and choice of streaming language. VF and Vostfr.

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Vostfree on computers and mobile devices

The desktop version of this streaming site is quite good. As stated before, the ads and pop-ups are invasive. Navigation is greatly hampered by these distractions so consider an ad blocker.

Vostfree streaming on mobile device
Vostfree streaming on mobile device

There is no mobile app for Vostfree. The mobile version of the website is probably a better layout. The visuals on the mobile are amazing. Formatting presents ads in a more subtle way.

However, there are still a lot of pop-ups. The loading time on the mobile is a bit slower. Overall, I still think the mobile version is the best to use.

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Good points

There are some really unique features that offers. I really like the autoplay and next play buttons. That reminds me Netflix. Many others good VF and Vostfr streaming sites forget to add them and I appreciate that Vostfree took the time to do so. The video and audio quality of this site is also excellent.

The “Frequently Asked Questions” section is an interesting part of the site. It answers some very common questions that users may have on the site such as how to download anime from Vostfree. The legality of streaming sites is questionable at times and does a great job of reassuring users.

Anime characters are a very cute addition to the theme of the site. Speaking of unique features, the "cinema mode" theme change button is quite interesting. If you press the button, the website switches from light mode to a darker version.

Another cool feature I found on the site is the top animes section on the left. If you click on it, the site sends you to a trending headline. It's a fun way to watch something different without sifting through the library.

There is a huge library on Vostfree. The site keeps abreast of current anime and updates frequently. It also offers a large number of older anime in both subtitled and dubbed versions. The best part about this huge library is the sorting system. He's phenomenal. There are so many ways to organize titles.

Finally, the information section is an incredibly useful tool. The description includes type, studio, air date, status, genre, scores, rating, length, quality, views and a little text about the anime and available streaming languages. This is perfect for viewers who want to know the full history of the title they are watching.

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Negative points

There aren't really many negatives about Vostfree. The biggest problem in my opinion is the ads. They are so present and uninterrupted that they interfere with the viewing experience. It's hard to judge a website on this basis because advertising support is what keeps them alive.

Another negative point is the slow loading. Most of the time, the video and audio quality is excellent. The loading time, at the beginning, is a bit slow.

Improvements needed

The biggest improvements that could be made to would be to find a different way of advertisements and ads to support the website. If the ads were half as many as they are now, this site would be at the top of my list of the best anime streaming sites.

Unfortunately, this is such a glaring problem that it cannot be ignored. If there was a social media presence to ask for donations, that could be a way to reduce the number. Another tactic I've seen used by streaming sites is to build community and launch Discord servers. These servers usually create a feeling of friendship and inspire viewers to donate.

Another way to improve the site is to create a mobile application.. It would be hard to do since the site uses third party links, but I'm sure there is a way to do it. The app could serve as a viewing platform to watch VF and Vostfr streaming anime, as well as a community center if comments or forums are allowed.

Top Best Sites Like Vostfree to Watch Anime Streaming VF and Vostfr

If Vostfree com does not work or you can not find your anime or manga in the library of the site, we share with you here the complete list of top best free Vostfree alternatives.

Indeed, these sites also offer to watch thousands of anime streaming free and without subscription. Most of the sites like Vostfree on our list offer the animes in several languages ​​namely VF and Vostfr.

I let you browse the ranking of the best sites like Vostfree to watch animes in streaming VF and Vostfr:

  1. View Anime
  2. ToonAnime
  3. Coflix
  4. wakanim
  5. Neko sama
  6. JetAnime
  7. WawaAnimes
  8. Skstream
  9. adkami
  10. Vostanimes
  11. MavAnime
  12. GumGum Streaming
  13. Animeparadise
  14. Allvostfr
  15. Vostfree1
  16. Otakufr
  17. anime-sama
  18. french-anime
  19. anime-vfr
  20. Ilavana
  21. sakurastream
  22. Animepowa
  23. manga-anime-vostfr
  24. 11 souls

The list of Vostfree alternatives is updated weekly?

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Online anime streaming success

The 80s and 90s in France marked the first successes of Japanese animation in France. If the old people certainly remember the first children's shows that popularized the genre, others also remember the many controversies caused by these cartoons.

Several personalities considered them to be too violent and vulgar for a young audience. The book Tired of baby zappers, written by Ségolène Royale, remains, as such, widely considered by the community of amateurs as the greatest anti-animation rant in Japan.

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Today, the situation has changed a lot. On the one hand, because animes are aimed at viewers of all ages and, on the other hand, the medium has become much more anchored in the cultural landscape. It is therefore no surprise that today there is a plethora of streaming services dedicated to Japanese animation. However, from the point of view of a user, it can be complicated to find one's way in the middle of this multitude of platforms.

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