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LibertyVF: New Address Unlimited download and streaming (LibertyLand)

The famous French free download and streaming site LibertyLand is moving to the new address LibertyVF and offering films, series, shows, shows, games, software, ebooks and others for free download?

LibertyVF: New Address Unlimited download and streaming (LibertyLand)
LibertyVF: New Address Unlimited download and streaming (LibertyLand)

LibertyVF - New Unlimited Download and Streaming: LibertyVF also known as LibertyLand is an illegal downloading and streaming site based in France. This site offers free newly released films and series to Internet users. It has a very rich and varied catalog of films, series, animated films and other downloads, namely books, ebooks and video games.

For a few weeks now, LibertyVF has been blocked by internet service providers. For the thousands of daily users, this court decision caused a stir, especially since censorship applies to all domain extensions and mirror sites, making it impossible to migrate to a new address.

In this article, we share with you the new LibertyVF address which is currently working, and the list of best sites similar to Libertyland to download and stream unlimited for free.

LibertyVF: A site that combines downloading and streaming

Created in 2009, Libertyvf initially LibertyLand, quickly established itself on the web and the site has thus succeeded in federating around its services a strong community of several thousand members. Over the years, it has grown in size and has thus managed to reach and even exceed the eight hundred thousand members mark in 2011.

Indeed, the site LibertyVF is among the few sites that combines unlimited downloading and streaming, renowned for the quality and availability of its content, the ease of use of the platform, the very small number of advertisements circulating there and the direct download links easily accessible on the site without registration.

LibertyVF and LibertyLand - Full Unlimited Download and Stream
LibertyVF and LibertyLand - Full Unlimited Download and Stream

That said, after great fame and notoriety that did not last long Libertyland (Land of freedom) goes to the new LibertyVF address with French films in free streaming and direct download as a special offer, the famous site has once again changed its domain name.

LibertyVF Unlimited download and streaming: Free movie downloads, streaming and torrenting… it's up to you! On Liberty Land, discover a new way to live your passion for streaming! Download for free and enjoy quality valid links!
LibertyVF Unlimited download and streaming: Free movie downloads, streaming and torrenting… it's up to you! On Liberty Land, discover a new way to live your passion for streaming! Download for free and enjoy quality valid links!

If the site does not require registration, it is to prevent hackers from intercepting users' personal data for other purposes. However, there are several Fake clones and sites that require mandatory registration, so be careful when looking for the new LibertyVF address!

Thus, we notice that the LibertyVF site offers films, series, shows, shows, games, software, ebooks and others for free download with a design very similar to Download zone.

The new LibertyVF and LibertyLand address

Since its appearance in 2009, the LibertyLand site has never ceased to attract visitors by the quality and quantity of its content. This is what made the site one of the best when it comes to streaming and downloading. As is customary with illegal sites, libertyland was taken to court on several occasions for violating the rights of others.

Following these legal proceedings, the site was closed. Shortly after its closure, the site came back in force with the change of the domain name and a new address for both sites.

So if you are looking for accessible links and the new LibertyVF address that works, here is the complete list:

These are the only addresses to use, other sites you may find in the search results are clones and do not offer download or streaming so be careful.

That said, if the new LibertyVF address does not work for you, we invite you to read the rest of the article to discover the solutions to consider.

New address LibertyVF and Libertyland - films streaming HD complet gratuit
New address LibertyVF and Libertyland - films streaming HD complet gratuit

Why is the site not working for me?

Free streaming and download sites are often the target of blocking which operates exclusively through internet service providers (Orange, SFR, Bouygues, Free).

The latter, under pressure from Hadopi and by court order, are then forced to block access to the targeted sites to all their subscribers.

This is called a geolocated blocking, which means that in our specific case, LibertyVF no longer works only for French internet users. As proof, when you type in the address bar, . Tv ou . Co, internet browsers return an error message: “ does not allow connection” and “This site is inaccessible, err_connection_refused” for chrome or “Connection failed, Firefox cannot establish connection with the server at ”for Firefox.

It is on the basis of this blocking technique that we will use in the following section to pass this implementation unstoppably and regain access to the new LibertyVF address.

Unblock LibertyVF (ex Libertyland) in France

To access the new LibertyVF and LibertyLand address, forget the DNS change because it does not work for this site. They are systematically detected and turned back by the servers. For a few euros a month you can ensure a stable and fluid connection and if your Internet speed allows it, you will even enjoy 4K content.

By applying the following method, everyone will be able to permanently circumvent the censorship of Liberty VF in less than 10 minutes watch in hand. To get there it's very simple, just change your IP / Geolocation address using software capable of achieving this feat: a VPN or Virtual Private Network.

Its use is completely legal and allows you to change the IP, simulate a new geolocation and make your connection completely anonymous.

  • In a first step, download a VPN. I recommend you "NordVPN" : it is not expensive, it offers 3 months for free and above all, it can unblock all sites censored by FAI.
  • Install NordVPN on your device (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or other Android smartphones)
  • Go to the LibertyVF website. Type in your address bar -> or The VPN being disconnected, we can see that the site is still under censorship.
  • Launch NordVPN on your device, then in the software window, open the yellow tab and choose a country other than France and connect.
  • Once the VPN is connected, type or again directly in the address bar. If you were already on the site page, simply refresh / reload the site page.

And voila ! Liberty VF works normally again!

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LibertyVF: A unique unlimited download and streaming site

The history of Libertyland is rather turbulent, it finally alternates between a period of appeasement and a storm. The site was born in 2009. And the platform very quickly attracted a large number of Internet users. So much so that in 2011 Libertyland had more than 800 active members. And as is always the case when a site of downloading or streaming is popular, it attracts the attention of rights holders.

After a careful investigation, the police managed to identify and detain the three site administrators and the site was suspended for several weeks after which it eventually reappeared with a new team in charge.

By leaving the scene, the former administrators of Liberty Land changed the domain name of the site to LibertyVF but this change is not the only rupture which occurred in this transaction; even the old database that Liberty Land used was destroyed for privacy reasons and therefore all members will still have to re-register to get an account with LibertyVF.

This decision was badly received by the former users of the site and many questions arose at the beginning of this change.

But currently and in view of what this new team has accomplished, everything suggests that Liberty VF is the future of Liberty Land.


If you've ever wondered what LibertyVF has to offer, it's safe to say that the site didn't deviate 100% from what LibertyLand was doing. They wholesale the following services:

  • Libertyland offers direct file downloads (movies, series, ebooks, games, shows, ...)
  • offers full and unlimited streaming (films, series, shows, ...)

So with LibertyVF, no chance of getting bored: use and download whatever you want.

Even if Liberty VF has not yet achieved the notoriety of liberty land, the latter was able to recover a major part of the audience of his predecessor.

But recent strict measures by Google deindexing the site Libertyvf of their search engine sufficiently prove that the site is starting to have a more than interesting impact and faithfully continues the steps of its predecessor.

Indeed, Google has removed from the index of its search engine any page belonging to LibertyLand following complaints from the copyright holders of works that they distribute and give for free download on their site. And so it became very difficult to come across an article from LibertyVF in the Google search engine results; which does not mean that the site is not working!

Top sites like LibertyVF for unlimited download and streaming

If the site does not work in your region or if you cannot find your film on this site, we invite you to consult the following list of the best Reliable LibertyVF Alternatives to Watch and Download New Free Streaming Movies :

  1. Download zone
  2. WawaCity
  3. Tirexo
  4. Time2watch
  5. StreamComplete
  6. French Stream
  7. Galtro
  8. Not good
  9. Not Better
  10. VoirFilms
  11. Wiflix
  12. Empire Stream
  13. Seeseries
  14. Streamforyou
  15. DP streaming
  16. HDS Streaming
  17. VK streaming
  18. Series streaming
  19. 01Streaming
  20. GrandpaStreaming
  21. Cinezzz
  22. Cinemay
  23. Skstream
  24. Filmstoon
  25. yapeol

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Please note: If a site on the list does not work, it is surely blocking your ISP. We invite you to read this guide to change DNS server and thus unblock the blocked site.

Emule, Limewire, Kazaa, oxtorrent… These names may not mean anything to our youngest readers and yet they are synonymous with a key era of the global Internet: that of peer-to-peer. Until a few years ago, downloading a movie, a series, a game, or even an artist's complete discography for free was a breeze (even if the waiting time was sometimes counted in days). 

Then the sanctions began to fall with in particular the implementation of the Hadopi device designed to sanction "pirates" who would download content illegally, in order to preserve the copyright relating to the various content. Because this is the real problem of illegal content consumption, when you download your film or decide to watch it in illegal streaming, you don't pay a subscription, you no longer go to the cinema and we don't buy an album or DVD.

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Despite the many warnings from the state, some Internet users have decided to offer content to watch directly online or to download, completely illegal. To avoid sanctions, websites dedicated to this type of practice are often hosted abroad, which prevents them from falling under French law.

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