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Skstream: 25 Best Sites to Watch Unlimited Movies, Series & Manga Streaming (2021 Edition)

SkStream is a free unlimited streaming site that helps you never miss a thing when it comes to movies, series and animes. Here are the new addresses and top reliable alternatives!

Skstream: 25 Best Sites to Watch Free Unlimited Movies, Series & Manga Streaming
Skstream: 25 Best Sites to Watch Free Unlimited Movies, Series & Manga Streaming

Skstream - new address: Are you looking to watch the latest episodes of your favorite series or the new Blockbuster to date, to discover new gems of fiction, anime or update yourself on the reality show in vogue in France ... and this from anywhere? which device and free and unlimited streaming?

Skstream is here to meet your needs. Indeed this free and unlimited streaming site offers you to watch thousands of movies, series and even manga in free streaming and without subscription.

Having said that, the problem is that the real Skstream site no longer accessible since the beginning of the year. Since there are several alternatives and similar sites to consider. This is why in this article I share with you the complete list of the top 25 new places to watch movies, series and manga in free and unlimited streaming.

Skstream: 10 Best Sites to Watch Unlimited Movies, Series & Manga Streaming (2021 Edition)

It was not so long ago when we were scrambling to discover the latest fashionable series in the United States or the French film that was all the rage in the cinema and that we did not want to wait months for them to find their way up to our screens, it was necessary download them on the Net.

Then the arrival of the Internet streaming has changed the game and turned the world of video viewing upside down. These new sites of their kind offered the sharing of films and videos, accessible at any time. Sharing, did you say? Yep, isn't sharing data a natural conversion? After all, isn't that the very concept of the Internet?

Best Sites to Watch Free Unlimited Movies, Series and Manga Streaming
Best Sites to Watch Free Unlimited Movies, Series and Manga Streaming

So there are so many Unlimited Free Streaming Sites that allow you to watch movies, series and animes online without having to pay a dime. Whether it's thrillers, action movies, romantic comedies, or horror, you can find them all for free online.

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Some sites offer high quality movies for free. Most make their money by advertising rather than charging viewers for a subscription, but if you install an ad blocker you can even skip watching them.

In the same spirit, Skstream ranks among the best free unlimited streaming sites without registration. This general site offers a wide choice of films and series available in several languages ​​(French, French, French) and qualities.

SkStream - Free unlimited movies, series and manga streaming
SkStream - Free unlimited movies, series and manga streaming

New Skstream address

As revealed by the Nextinpact website, SKStream is blocked following an appeal by the film industry to the courts. It is an hour-to-hour summary, a legal procedure of extreme urgency which makes it possible to prevent imminent damage.

Indeed, the publication of illicit content on the web can be part of it, and one can imagine that the rights holders have chosen this route precisely to allow the rapid blocking of these various pirate sites. Cinezzz, HDS, Download zone and other sites have already changed their addresses precisely to avoid a similar hiccup.

In the “Blocking” loop, we find the operators, Free, Orange, Bouygues Télécom and SFR, which are joined by a search engine, Google.

But we noticed that the site Skstream, originally accessible at changed to other addresses like skstream tv, but most do not currently work. That said, there are also clones that require paid registration in order to watch the movies.

  • (Works - new Skstream address)
  • (not working)
  • (does not work)
  • (does not work)
  • (FAKE)
  • (FAKE)
  • (FAKE)

Thus, we can deduce that the skstream site does not work, be careful not to use Fakes sites to avoid wasting your time. In the next section, I share with you the list of best alternatives to Skstream to keep watching your movies and series in unlimited streaming.

Top Best Similar Free Unlimited Streaming Sites

Product streaming sites similar to Skstream there are plethora of them that appear and disappear overnight. What should be defined at this stage are the required characteristics of a streaming platform, namely:

  • Free viewing without registration or subscription.
  • A wide choice of films and / or series.
  • A pleasant visual, often defined by a thoughtful categorization which makes it easy to find films or series and to discover them.
  • Links that work.
  • Reliability, i.e. a non-existent risk of viruses.

With streaming sites similar to skstream tv, you will therefore be able to benefit from free video content imported with the best possible quality.

So, I let you discover the list of top best alternatives to Skstream to watch unlimited free streaming :

  1. Streaming Divix : It is one of the best alternatives to skstream. There are plenty of choices on the Film StreamingK site, it offers movies, TV series and even anime. In addition the films are numerous and quite recent (with top IMDB ranking). Something to satisfy your desires if you want to see your favorite film again or discover the new hits.
  2. Streamforyou : On Stream for you will find yourself free and exclusively all new movies streaming free online and without registration. Another site similar to skstream to consider for unlimited streaming and in VF.
  3. Moviestreaming2 : This French free streaming site is fairly recent but it has quickly gained a great community. The opinions left by viewers are quite pragmatic on each video and are most of the time fairly representative of the film or series.
  4. Full stream : Streamcomplet is undoubtedly one of the best streaming sites on the web but also one of the most popular sites. The movies, series and animes available for streaming are numerous and quite recent.
  5. Streamingfrance : The site is quite simple, with clean graphics, but the series catalog is quite complete. Streaming France mainly offers films and series in French (VF).
  6. Voirfilms : One of the most popular French-speaking sites to watch unlimited movies without registration.
  7. Streamingserie : as its name suggests, StreamingSerie only offers free and unlimited streaming series.
  8. View series : Voir Séries is positioned in the category of the best free series streaming sites, with a wide choice of series, seasons and episodes all available in HD version.
  9. : Another site to watch unlimited movies in vf, this site shares French streaming movies.
  10. Fench streaming : Whether it is series in VF or films in VOST, you will be served on French Streaming. The choice is quite large and all genres of movies are listed.
  11. French Stream
  12. Filstreaming1
  13. Film-streamingk
  14. Filmoflix
  15. Sokrostream
  16. Movie-streaming1
  17. Papystreaming
  18. Christmas Movies
  19. MavAnime
  20. HDS Streaming
  21. Streaming
  22. Instream
  23. WawaCity
  24. DP stream
  25. Streamcomplet3
  26. Cpassmieux
  27. MovieTube
  28. HDSS Streaming
  29. Cinezzz
  30. streamfilms
  31. Wiflix
  32. Instream
  33. Mystream
  34. Planet Streaming

The list of streaming sites is updated weekly. Follow us !


To find other Vostfr or VO streaming sites, discover our ranking Best Free Vostfr and VO Streaming Sites.

Free and unlimited streaming, but beware

Streaming is now the preferred way for everyone to watch movies and series online. The success of this solution is not by chance. Streaming saves storage space for movie lovers and offers them a variety of movie and series choices. However, be very careful in choosing your streaming site.

Although there are hundreds of sites, very few of them offer interesting services. Most of them are unpleasantly illustrated in the abuse of advertising or in the payments and the tiresome formalities that they require.

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Sharing platforms are intended for viewing videos without the need to download. Also when the option " download " Where " registration »Is offered to you, avoid it. Usually it will take you to other sites or may be virus-prone. So do not take into account small advertising windows which invites you to register.

Finally, if you know of other addresses and free streaming sites you can write to us in the comments section and don't forget to share the article on Facebook and Twitter!

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