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Sakstream: 21 Similar Sites to Watch Free Movies Streaming

Need other addresses like Sakstream? Here is our top free streaming sites!

Free Streaming VF - Best Sites like Sakstream: was one of the streaming sites most popular in France, which allows you to watch the most popular movies and series in French-speaking countries.

But for some time now, the site has stopped working and users are having problems finding new places to watch full, free streaming movies.

This is why we offer you in this article a list of better sites like Sakstream to watch movies in full HD and free streaming in 2021.

Sakstream: Top Similar Sites to Watch Free Streaming Movies

There was a time when I had to either go to the movies to watch movies or buy them at the store. I'm not saying I missed those days, but I'm certainly thankful that I have more choices now, thanks to streaming sites.

The size of the global streaming video was $ 42,6 billion in 2019 and experts predict its compound annual growth rate will increase by 20,4% between 2020 and 2027.

Today the market is booming and offers many options including films, series, animes and music live or on demand, free and very affordable.

We can no longer count the number of streaming sites that appear and disappear every day on the web. As for the sites of torrent download, the Internet streaming offer is certainly large but also complex and very insecure.

In order to help you choose the most reliable and popular sites, we have previously published an article with the ranking of the best streaming sites without registration (Updated daily).

That's why we invite you to discover our new list of top similar sites because very often, users (like me) look for free streaming sites similar to their favorite sites, a matter of taste or to be familiar with the interface, the player, the selection of links, etc.

Why is Sakstream not working?

Since its inception, Sakstream has been undoubtedly one of the most visited movie and series streaming sites. Sadly, Sakstream is infamous with law enforcement officials for offering video content for free.

Sakstream has been the subject of several criminal charges over the years. The authority shut down the Sakstream net case due to its growing popularity for streaming illegal and pirated content. no longer works no longer works has not worked since the end of 2019 and the new address is

Hacking is a cybercrime that has affected the global entertainment industry. indeed, piracy is a crime that is committed when content is provided to be streamed or downloaded without obtaining the appropriate permissions from the copyright holders.

Indeed, is also showing great speed in updating its platform and adding all new films and series released from the film industry.

To watch How i met your mother, Narcos, school life or Big little lies, the films and series offered on Sakstream are of all genres: Drama, comedy, thriller, fantasy, love, saga, horror and many other genres. are offered there.

On the image side, the image quality and ergonomics offered are also high on this site, it offers Full HD quality for all its content.

But do not worry. There are many sites like Sakstream net which provide good content.

Sakstream new address - Free HD streaming series, unlimited in vf and vostfr
Sakstream new address - Free HD streaming series, unlimited in vf and vostfr

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Several Internet users are currently looking for other alternatives, for this, we offer in the following section a list of best sites like Sakstream to continue your evening watching good movies and series!

Top Sites Like Sakstream for Watching Movies & Series Streaming? used to be one of the best free movies and series streaming sites out there, but unfortunately the site is no longer accessible. That is why you can try the best streaming alternatives that offer the same HD quality and offer free streaming movies or TV shows.

Are you missing the collection of movies and series? Are you desperate for alternatives? Here is the list of top sites like Sakstream to watch streaming movies and series:

  1. : This is the new official address of Sakstream, the site has been online since 2021 and offers several TV series in free streaming without registration.
  2. Filmsrip movies : This site offers a huge directory of movies, series and manga streaming in VF and VOSTFR complete, without time limit and 100% free.
  3. Empire Streaming : This site remains on our lists of the best free streaming sites, Free streaming without account and without ads with several qualities available.
  4. French-stream : The French-stream site is another site like Sakstream which has a very large catalog. You will be able to watch in streaming, 60 films, more than 000 series and nearly 10 animes.
  5. Sokroflix : For everyone streaming movies or TV series fans, Sokroflix ( is the answer to all your desires, you can find all the best series, carefully selected thanks to the reviews available on the web.
  6. Galtro : Galtro is a magnificent website dedicated to the distribution of films and series in HD quality without creating an account.
  7. Papystreaming : This platform offers you an impressive selection of series and films that you can follow at home without paying a single penny.
  8. wavob : This site similar to contains only the best HD streaming movies in French version which you can watch for free at any time and which suit you perfectly.
  9. Full stream
  10. Hdss : HDSS.To (change of address to become the Belgian free streaming site which conquered the whole of France in the space of just a few months.
  11. Filmoflix
  13. Streamdeouf
  16. 01 streaming : is your best choice of French streaming site for films and complete series in VF and VOSTFR in HD.
  17. changes address to become : The itzor streaming site offers the same interface as radego and also allows unlimited movies to be watched.
  20. Vkstreaming
  21. Filmstoon
  22. Instream
  24. This is a site to watch full movies for free like sakstream, it does not require registration.
  27. Voirfilms
  28. K Streaming
  29. change name to become
  30. 4Kstreamz
  32. 01 streaming
  33. Films
  34. Diagram
  35. grizox
  36. Time2watch
  39. Cinemay
  40. DP streaming
  41. Planet Streaming
  42. Vagdi Streaming
  44. Toblek
  47. Filmoflix
  48. Mflix
  49. Botidou
  50. Cpassmieux

The list is updated weekly to add new sites


We also invite you to try Planet Streaming, which is a movies and series search engine that only features sites you can trust in 2021.

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Streaming in 2021

Le streaming is used to view or listen to online content. This protocol allows instant playback of videos or music, directly in the web browser. the streaming thus simply allows regarder videos or listen to music on the Internet, without having to download any file.

Streaming is now widely used in all areas and across the net. It is the basis of the success of web giants such as YouTube, Spotify and of course Netflix. Video on demand platforms all use this protocol.

In practice, we use streaming on a daily basis: to listen to our favorite songs on Spotify or Deezer, or to watch movies and series on Netflix.

Free platforms such as YouTube are used globally, both for private and business use. Live video broadcasts, especially on social networks, have now become legion thanks to the streaming protocol.

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You can suggest other sites in the comments section or on our Facebook page and don't forget to share the article!

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