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Mflix: Official address, Registration, News, All the info (2022 edition)

What is the official address of Mflix? Who replaces him? Is it mandatory to register on Mflix? Discover our Complete Guide to using Mflix and Eos?

Mflix: Official address, Registration, News, All info
Mflix: Official address, Registration, News, All info the real best site to watch movies and series in HD: Similar to Full stream et Wiflix but with a larger streaming catalog, the real Mflix has positioned itself for more than 2 years as one of the most popular HD movies and series streaming sites and the most appreciated by Internet users with its simple interface and its catalog which includes thousands of old and new films and series available for free viewing without registration.

What about today ? What is the official address of Mflix? Who replaces him? Is it compulsory to register on Mflix? In this article, we'll give you all the info you need to know about this popular streaming site.

Let's find out together the official address, how this platform works and how to use it. Let's go!

Mflix: Movies and series in HD?

There is no doubt that our love affair with streaming movies and series will continue until 2022, with even higher expectations and standards. It's easy to say we've been spoiled in terms of choice.

Indeed, the rise of streaming services has highlighted the need for quality television and creativity, not only for films, but also for all forms of content creation.

In the same spirit, Mflix proposes a HD streaming content for free and without registration, so you can enjoy high quality content without having to spend a dime. No subscription, no commitment, just a powerful internet connection to stream whatever you want.

When it comes to genres, the site is as competitive as Voirfilms, Sokroflix and other great free streaming sites. You can choose from a wide range of genres such as Animation, Crime, Comedy, Biography, Music, Sports, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Family, Horror, Romance, and Thriller. This allows you to find content to suit your mood.

Moreover, the site is distinguished by its ease of use, you don't have to be a genius to understand how it works, unlike some sites which are not practical for beginners.

Let's start by understanding what it is and then move on to how it works!

What is Mflix

Present on the web for two years now, Mflix is a free movies and series streaming site without an account. It is intended for French speakers who are used to watching movies, TV series and animes online. There is something for everyone, for young and old.

Mflix: HD movies and series
Mflix: HD movies and series

First of all, the website we are referring to is, I don't want you to confuse it with another domain. That being said, you can start watching movies and TV shows on Mflix using their homepage.

At the top of the page there is a search bar as well as tons of categories and classifications of recent content. Using these categories or the four options: All Movies, Latest Movies, All Series, and All Anime, you will land on a page dedicated to that category.

By the way, if you want to know my opinion on what sets Mflix apart from other free streaming services, it's:

  • Ability to watch any type of content: TV Shows, Movies and Animes
  • On any device and from any location
  • Extensive library of over 10 films
  • Availability of the movie trailer before streaming
  • User-friendly navigation with search filters to sort categories
  • Ability to choose from the most recent movies based on date, popularity and genre.

While these features are standard, keep in mind that this is all free. To find out more, take a look at the site! You will undoubtedly find the content you are looking for but before, read the next section to know the real reliable address of Mflix.

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What is his official address? (True)

Mflix's official address is NOT Indeed, this site is only one of the many sites which tries to surf on the fame of this platform.

Since the end of 2020, the real no longer works and the site has changed address to become Therefore, although there is currently an address that may appear to be official, the real site address was actually

Help you distinguish the true from the false, here is the table of reliable addresses and fake sites to avoid:

Since January 2022, the mflix site has been closed for good. Please see the alternatives in the next section to find other free streaming sites similar to Mflix.

Mflix:: Official addresses and real sites in 2022

Since April 2021, Mflix is ​​often inaccessible and the site is not working, and this because the administrators frequently change address. So if the official address does not currently work, we invite you to consult the Mflix Alternatives section to find a list of the best reliable streaming sites to replace it.

You should NEVER register on Mflix because the real site is completely free and without an account.

How to watch for free on MFlix

The user does not need to make an Mflix registration or install software to watch or download a movie or series.

This is because is more of a search engine than a streaming site. A lot of people see it as an end platform that hosts content, but that's not true.

This is because it is a fully automated engine that performs analyzes on other streaming sites and collects the best quality videos available on the streaming sites that host the data.

Watch a movie on Mflix without registration
Watch a movie on Mflix without registration

Caution : If the site asks you to register for Mflix, then be sure you are on a fake site that uses the name Mflix.

Test team Reviews

So, to watch a movie on the Mflix streaming site, you are not required to register, create an account or provide your personal information. Logging in to this site is therefore " without engagement ».

The consultation of the content available on the platform is accessible to all, without registration and the downloading of films and series is done with a direct download link via file hosts such as Vidoza, uptostream, etc.

Mflix Alternatives: The Best Free Movies & Series Streaming Sites in 2022

There are many free streaming sites similar to and and which offer the same content on different platforms / players, simply choose another alternative site from the following list to access your Film or episode.

As for the sites of sports streaming, Beach football or the direct download sites these sites like Mflix often change address, which is why we update the list every week to help you find the best addresses but especially the most reliable.

Let's discover the list of Best Mflix Alternatives to Watch HD Movies & Series for Free :

  1. : HDS is a free streaming site similar to Mflix and Eos with a large catalog of movies and series available for free and without registration.
  2. Wiflix : This one-of-a-kind site has delighted many Internet users since January 2020. It is indeed one of the only, and truly free French Streaming sites, without an account, which offers films and series in VF et Vostfr.
  3. Sokroflix : If you want a quality MFlix alternative, Sokroflix is ​​the answer to all your desires, you can find all the best series, carefully selected thanks to the reviews available on the web.
  4. Full stream : Streamcomplet is a free streaming site without registration. It is intended for French people who are used to watching movies, online TV series and manga.
  5. Papystreaming : is one of the best card-less streaming sites, if you've tried this site before you probably enjoyed it (and we have a list of papystreaming alternatives).
  6. Watch Movie : VoirFilms is one of the best free French streaming sites alternatives to Mflix, with a wide choice of movies available all in HD version.
  7. daddyflix : Dadyflix and one of the old free streaming sites, it offers thousands of movies in HD.
  8. Gratflix : Gratflix is ​​one of those rare sites like Mflix that offer to watch movies and series in free VF streaming.
  9. Time2watch : this site offers thousands of movies and TV series in free and unlimited French streaming but not only, in fact the site also offers free direct downloads of films and episodes in .avi, dvdrip, 4k, etc. formats.
  10. Download zone : Previously called Zone Directory, this site is very exceptional because it offers streaming of films, series and documentaries as well as direct downloads.
  11. French Stream : To watch films for free in French, you have to find a suitable site like French Stream.
  12. 01Streaming : This alternative Mflix and Eos streaming site gives users the opportunity to freely watch complete films and series in French (VF and VOSTFR) without advertising and without creating an account.
  13. yapeol : Yapeol lets you watch thousands of free streaming movies.
  14. DP stream : dpstream or dpstreaming is one of the best sites to watch your favorite movies and series in peace without spending a single penny.
  15. ooviv : Ooviv is a streaming site where you can watch the latest movies and series for free, without registration and without ads.
  16. Cinemay : Cinemay is an excellent free online streaming platform. The site allows you to watch popular movies and series from the web in HD and with multiple players available.
  17. Toblek : Toblek is a no-registration, free and ad-free streaming site. It is today a benchmark in the Streaming site sector. 
  18. Galtro : Galtro was a free streaming site without registration created in March 2018. Galtro is a beautiful website dedicated to streaming movies and series in HD quality without creating an account.
  19. HDS
  20. VK Streaming
  21. K Streaming
  22. Filmoflix
  23. Filmstoon
  24. Instream
  25. HDSS
  26. Tirexo
  27. DraDab
  28. Cinezzz
  29. Stream for you
  30. Skstream
  31. Diagram
  32. WawaCity
  33. Instream

If you need more addresses, we invite you to discover our list of best free streaming sites without an account et Best Free HD Streaming Series Sites.

Conclusion and Opinion

Finally, I would like the developers of and to add interactive elements to the site. There are social media buttons, but they are of no use. Also, I would advise developers to prevent the frequent full-page pop-up from appearing as it might cause the user to bounce. But above all to improve availability and accessibility to sites

Mflix is ​​actually a free alternative to major streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

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