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VAGDI: The Free Movies Streaming Site Changes Name (New Address 2022)

Vagdi Streaming no longer works, discover the new reliable address in 2021?

VAGDI - The Free Movies Streaming Site Changes Name and here is the new address
VAGDI - The Free Movies Streaming Site Changes Name and here is the new address

VAGDI Streaming changes its name in 2022: While many people associate movie streaming sites with piracy, there is a wide variety of legal and free streaming sites available online where you can enjoy great content. These free streaming sites, for the most part, are waging an endless war against the various governments that are trying to shut them down.

Comme Galtro, bovmi, Download zone or even Dradab, Vagdi is one of the top French-speaking streaming sites offering a huge collection of VF Films accessible for free, without subscription and in unlimited streaming.

Vagdi Streaming: The Name Change

First known as vagdi, the site was forced to change address to Zadiro in order to continue its activities. The platform brings together the most popular films and allows its users to watch them in free streaming and without subscription and this in several versions namely in French VF and in VO or VOSTFR.

Vagdi - Watch All Movies Streaming Free
Vagdi - Watch All Movies Streaming Free

VAGDI has been around for almost a year and a half now, the acceleration of its growth continues to surprise the streaming world, as it is currently in the ranks of best free streaming sites without an account.

Thus, Vagdi is the generalist streaming site par excellence. You will find series and films on this site. Its great strength is that it offers several video players to view your film. Which limits errors.

Unlike other French-speaking free streaming sites and platforms that broadcast music, films and series, video games and ebooks, Vagdi Streaming exclusively offers movies and shows.

Vagdi changes address

Currently the site is not working. Indeed Vagdi changes its name and has a new accessible URL. Vagdi becomes Flazto.

Flazto is therefore a new site that replaces Vagdi and offers free and ad-free streaming with a multitude of films of all genres, documentaries and shows.

It fully incorporates the film database offered by the old site and a large number of other sites that you are no doubt familiar with and thus replaces Vagdi.

Flazto Streaming, the new site that replaces vagdi is a free streaming platform that contains thousands of French films of enormous quality and also offers films in VF and VOSTFR.

Top free streaming movies and series on the site

The new address of Vagdi offers the same films and shows in streaming VF, VOSTFR and VO under several categories namely:


Is Vagdi free? Yes indeed, it is completely free and requires no payment and offers thousands of new films and series in its catalog.

Vote to choose the best new Streaming Movies and Series

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What is the best site that replaces Vagdi

Vagdi changes address of course, but it remains a single site containing thousands of films to follow in streaming without payment (free) or subscription. Having said that, there are several similar alternatives for watching Free Streaming Movies.

Here is the list of top best sites like Vagdi to watch movies streaming free and without subscription:

  1. Galtro
  2. bovmi
  3. Botidou
  4. Full stream
  5. French Stream
  6. Wiflix
  7. Coflix
  8. 4kstreamz
  9. Davrip (formerly Pilmov)
  10. WawaCity
  11. HDS Streaming
  12. 01Streaming
  13. Libertyvf
  14. DP streaming
  15. MoviesToon
  16. Moviestreaming1
  17. Skstream
  18. Free movie
  19. HDSS
  20. Tirexo
  21. Quedustream
  22. yapeol
  23. K Streaming
  24. poblom (formerly
  25. Cpassmieux
  26. Stream for you
  27. Time2watch
  28. Radego
  29. Papystreaming

The list is updated weekly to add new sites?

Before using free streaming sites

Free streaming sites like Most of them continue to operate under new addresses although complaints have been filed against them for breach of intellectual property rights.

In France, it is the Hadopi law, adopted in June 2009, which in principle governs this type of illegal distribution of content protected by copyright. In fact, it is generally the film producers who see their works illegally broadcast on the net who are at the origin of the complaints lodged with the competent judicial authorities.

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In addition, if the new Vagdi address does not work, it is because some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use their own DNS to block access to certain websites. To work around these restrictions, you can change DNS.

Before accessing Vagdi or any other such site, it is important to note that these sites sometimes broadcast copyrighted content without owning it. For this reason, we do not encourage you through this article to use Vagdi.

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