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List: Top 15 Free and Legal Streaming Sites (2022 Edition)

Our test of the top free and legal streaming sites in 2020-2021?

Top 7 Free and Legal Streaming Sites 2021
Top 7 Free and Legal Streaming Sites 2021

Top Free and Legal Streaming Sites: One of the great benefits of the internet is finding free streaming sites where you can watch movies and TV shows continuously and for free. There are a huge number of streaming sites available, from cult movies to recent episodes of today's hottest shows.

However, all that you can access for free on the web is not legal or safe. Unauthorized video streams and torrents carry a host of dangers, ranging from malware the legal consequences in the event of copyright infringement, that is why it is always better to find a free and legal streaming site to avoid problems.

Since there are plenty of them these days, they're about as easy to access as anything on the internet, although some require a bit more hardware, like a Roku or Amazon Fire USB drive.

Here is our list of top 10 best sites to watch movies for free and legally in 2022. Remember to save the article to your favorites so that the evenings at home are as enjoyable as going to the movies, and just like all streaming services, the content changes periodically.

Would you like to see a free movie to relax in the evening? You've heard that it's possible to watch your favorite series online, but you want to make sure you're on a free streaming site and legal?

With so many streaming services, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to know which series, movies or TV channels you have access to. Even though services like Hulu or Netflix pique your interest, they can also make a big dent in your wallet.

Best Free and Legal Streaming Sites in 2021/2022

Article updated in January 2022

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Thanks to best free and legal streaming sites, you can watch great movies and TV series without adding a single euro to your monthly bill. These free streaming sites offer both live content and on-demand content, mostly old and classic titles, but also some more recent hits.

With cinemas and other entertainment venues closed during the pandemic, people needed streaming services more than ever. But it is not financially possible to register for all of these services. This is where the best free and legal streaming sites come in in 2022. They can deliver hours of intense fun for free. You'll have to watch commercials, but that's no different than what you get on cable. And even : They are free!

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And since they cost $ 0, you can sign up for any free streaming service on our list. But they have different strengths and weaknesses, so read on to find out what each one offers!

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1. Popcornflix

Free, legal, no-registration streaming site -

Offering entertainment options from Screen Media Ventures, LLC, a motion picture distributor founded in 1999, POPCORNFLIX offers more than 1 free movies and series choices.

For those who prefer more mainstream films, Popcornflix perfectly matches its name. This ad-supported service provides access to tons of movies and TV shows and consider any of our best free and legal streaming sites.

Sorted by genre, popularity, team choice and news, the site is easy to use. And with its large selection and clean interface, this streaming site is the best site to watch movies legally and for free.


You can watch movies and TV shows right on the Popcornflix website. Applications for phones and tablets are also available on Google Play (Android) andApple App Store (iOS). According to our tests, Popcornflix is ​​one of the best sites for watch free legal streaming movies.

2. Vudu

The most diverse streaming site:

Still on our list of 2022 streaming sites and although Vudu First and foremost a platform for buying movies and TV episodes, it also offers free and legal streaming content, again, thanks to advertisements. Vudu has a diverse catalog and indicates how long the films will remain free.

You can get Vudu on your computer, game consoles, streaming devices, smart TVs, Blu-ray players, phones and tablets. All you need to do is create a free Vudu account to use the apps and the site.

3. Tubi TV

Tubi TV: Best free and legal streaming site

The newcomer to our list is Tubi TV.

Tubi TV has one of the largest legal streaming libraries online, with over 50 movies and TV shows. Like others on our list, Tubi TV relies on its partners to legally secure digital rights and host independent movies available online independently.

However, freedom comes at a price. Tubi TV relies on advertising to cover its hosting costs and reserves the right to share certain user information with its partners, in accordance with the privacy policy. You will also receive marketing emails, but you will have the option to unsubscribe.

For this reason, it is recommended to use an anonymous email (such as ProtonMail) when registering. We also recommend that you use one of the recommended VPN services to improve your online privacy while streaming through Tubi TV.

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4. Sony crackle

The free and legal streaming site with the most original programs: Sony Crackle

Crackle is an on-demand TV streaming service produced by entertainment giant Sony and Chicken Soup for the Soul.

With a mix of content that includes movies, TV series, and a few original shows, this service has a pretty good selection of entertainment. And with Hollywood megastars like Brad Pitt, Jack Nicholson, Johnny Depp, Sandra Bullock, and Arnold Schwarzenegger staring in the movies available, there's a good chance you'll find plenty of recognizable titles.

Sony Crackle also offers TV series like Seinfeld, Snatch, and Bad Teacher. With these titles, Sony Crackle earns its place among the best free and legal streaming sites.

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If you are looking to watch Crackle content from a phone or tablet, Sony has an app available at Google Play Store (for Android devices) and on Apple App Store (for iOS devices). You can also watch Sony Crackle streaming legally on your laptop or personal computer through the official website streaming player.

5. Pluto TV

Having the most channels & shows: PlutoTV

Thousands of free legal streaming movies. As the source of all content for Vizio's WatchFree service, which comes bundled with its 4K TVs, Pluto TV offers an alluring collection of over 250 channels and thousands of free movies and TV shows for the low price of nothing at all (except time spent watching commercials), which has only gotten better since then that he began to rub shoulders with the main network broadcasters.

In total, Pluto TV lets you watch around 190 different live TV channels, but many are not channels in the traditional sense. Some channels, such as Wipeout and Dr. Who Classic, only broadcast content related to these shows.

Others, such as Cats 24/7 and Slow TV (this channel features live marathons of Norwegian train travel, woodcutting, knitting, and other similar low-intensity content) incorporate multiple sources, but may be too unconventional to provide long-term value.

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6. The Roku channel

Most Trendy: Roku

If you have a Roku, you have access to the roku channel, which allows you to get trending movies and streaming content for free and legally. You can watch live shows on the Roku Channel, as well as an ever-growing catalog of movies and TV shows, all for free.

You can add your premium subscriptions to the Roku channel, so you can watch channels like HBO and Showtime on your Roku, but free content is available even without them, although you can find similar options on Popcornflix, FilmRise, Vidmark, American Classics, and YuYu.

7. Classic cinema online

The most WORSHIP: Classic Cinema Online

Classic cinema online is a free online movie streaming platform without registration specializing in old and silent movies. It also has a unique collection of old soap operas or TV shows, which you might not find elsewhere.

Classic Cinema Online has three main items in its menu, namely Movie Billboards, Series and Silent Movies. The section "Display films and silent films" comprises ten main categories and 17 sub-categories.

Movies are grouped into different genres such as animated movies, comedies, dramas, horror movies, documentaries, action movies, romantic movies, musicals, holiday movies, westerns, etc. There are a handful of series. There are almost 28 older TV shows which are grouped into different genres.

8. LiveTV sx

The 100% sports streaming site:

Public chat LiveTV, click on Broadcasts then choose your sports disciplines (there is even billiards or curling!). Then click on the desired meeting.

You will then find various links, some for browsers and others for external software such as Sopcast or AceStream. The percentage indicates the rating left by Internet users for the quality of the stream.

9. Movies Found Online

Free Legal Streaming - - Watch Movies & Documentaries for Free

Movies Found Online (or MFO) is one of those services that scour the internet to compile a list of freely available streaming content. While the emphasis is on independent films, you will also find a selection of series, comedies, and other films here.

Unfortunately, this has a few drawbacks, the most important of which is that MFO sometimes receives DMCA notices.

This means that you could stream a series that you have grown to enjoy… and then miss the other episodes.

Then, since MFO doesn't host any of the movies, you'll run into buffering issues quite regularly. The quality of playback can also be a problem.

In addition, there is little or no advertising and the subscription is optional.

10 Internet Archive

Best Free Legal Streaming Sites - Internet Archive for Unlimited Movies Watching

Internet Archive ( offers several hundred films in French to watch or download legally. The films are free of rights, in fact the site is in English and offers thousands of films in English free of rights. You can either watch the films online or download them.

Watch feature films, classic shorts, world culture documentaries, WWII propaganda, trailers and movies created in just ten hours: All of these options are in the Internet Archive's diverse library!

11 Veoh

Veoh offers you to watch movies and series in free and legal streaming

Veoh is an internet video streaming service that offers TV shows and movies for free and legally. The service is different because it organizes its video content according to the duration of the broadcast.

Veoh claims to host millions of videos, movies, music and channels. Movies category only has 11 subcategories like Action, Comedy, Horror, Action & Adventure, Drama, Family, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Cartoon, Crime & Mystery, Romance, Documentary & Biography and Music & Musical in total .

Additionally, you can filter movies based on language, duration, recent addition, popularity, alphabet, and subtitle. However, the length of most videos, around 99%, is less than 60 minutes. At the top, only 290 videos are in the English language.

Most streaming content took 7-10 seconds to load before it started playing. Considering the standard resolution of the videos, I found the buffering to not be up to par.

12 6Play

6play - watch TV programs in Replay or Live
6play - watch TV programs in Replay or Live

6Play is the legal and replay streaming platform of the M6 ​​group, as well as all of its affiliated channels, such as W9, 6ter, Téva, Paris Première, etc. You must register to take advantage of the service, but the stage is free and very fast.

13 FranceTV

France tv - Replay and Direct tv of France Télévisions channels
France tv - Replay and Direct tv of France Télévisions channels

FranceTV which is the official portal for all France Television channels. You can watch all the shows listed there for dozens of days or watch exclusive movies and series (such as more beautiful life).

14 Viki

Best Free Legal Streaming Sites - Viki Watch Korean TV Shows, Chinese TV Shows & Movies Free Streaming
Best Free Legal Streaming Sites - Viki Watch Korean TV Shows, Chinese TV Shows & Movies Free Streaming

Viki does not specialize in the type of Asian streaming content that comes to mind in the first place, namely anime (there are many more streaming sites specializing in anime and manga). Instead, Viki offers South Korean and Chinese TV series.

By offering both TV shows and free movies, Viki is well positioned to be the best Asian streaming service on the market, even though the company is technically headquartered in the United States (San Mateo, Calif., To be exact. ).

Viki's full name is Rakuten Viki, referring to the parent company of the free streaming service, Japanese tech giant Rakuten. It would therefore not be entirely correct to characterize this company as strictly American.

With that said, what exactly is it that makes Viki such a unique free and legal movie and TV streaming site? In fact, the answer is in his name. Viki is a pun on the word "Wiki", which alludes to the use of volunteers for content management.

This is a truly compelling, viewer-based method of running a streaming site that could pave the way for a more interactive and convenient streaming experience in the future.


Free and legal streaming sites - IMDB TV
Free and legal streaming sites - IMDB TV

IMDb having become such an authority in the film and television world, it makes sense that it wants to have a piece of the pie of the streaming service. When your business has been so successful as IMDb over the past two decades, why just offer movie reviews and trailers?

Why not start creating your own content and licensing some of the movies you already have in your nearly complete movie and TV series database? IMDb TV looks almost like a fatality, if you ask me, a fatality that.

I'm happy to say that it spawned one of the best free and legal streaming sites on the web. Currently, IMDB TV is now part of Amazon Prime video.

Bonus: Amazon Prime Video (30 days free)

The Must Have: Amazon Prime Video

AlthoughAmazon Prime started out by buying and watching TV shows and movies, the industry changed and Amazon embraced the world of unlimited, buffet-style streaming for a single monthly fee.

Take, for example, Amazon's growing library of great original content such as Bosch, Catastrophe, Electric Dreams, Fleabag, Good Omens, Homecoming, Hunters, Jack Ryan, Tales From The Loop, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Patriot, The Boys, The Grand Tour, Undone and Upload. Amazon even saved The Expanse from cancellation.

On the web or via the Prime Video app for phones, tablets and some connected TVs, you can watch simultaneously on 3 devices.

Amazon also produces a series based on the Fallout franchise. The list of originals keeps growing, and while not nearly as large as the collection from Netflix or HBO Max, many series are of similar quality. Prime Video's original shows outperform Hulu's as well.

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Amazon Prime Video also offers a 30-day free trial offer when you register on the platform.

We all need to relax every now and then and watching movies online can be a real stressor-hunt. What is really heartwarming is that you can watch free movies streaming wherever you are and at no cost.

So that brings us to the end of this list. Check out all of these sites before choosing one and tell me which free movie streaming sites you enjoyed the most.

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If I missed a good legal platform in this list, please let me know your suggestions in the comments box below. Now go get your popcorn and get ready to binge watch the movies!

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