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Top: 23 Best Free Anime & Manga Streaming Sites (2022 Edition)

Check out our new list of sites that offer free streaming of the best manga and anime.

Top best free anime and manga streaming sites
Top best free anime and manga streaming sites

Best Free Anime Streaming Sites: Japanese anime and manga is booming, with new films and series coming from big names as well as independent studios. There are also DVDs, OVAs, movies there are so many that it is almost impossible to follow, and that without even touching the manga or adult content!

In order to watch the latest animes and manga for free, it is very important to choose a high quality anime streaming site that offers a vf and vostfr version. After comparison, some anime and manga distribution sites stand out.

Here is the list of the top 23 best free anime and manga streaming sites to watch and stream your favorite animes in Vf and Vostfr.

Top: 23 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites (2022 Edition)

Japanese anime and manga is no longer limited to Japanese audiences. These animes have huge fans all over the world, especially in European countries. But most of the series are only available online.

Ranking Best Anime Streaming Sites

This is why this article tested a number of free manga streaming sites that were declared to be the best and ultimately came up with the list of 23. best anime streaming sites in vf and vostfr. These sites are worth trying on PC, Android and iOS mobile devices.

Seven deadly sins, Demon slayer, One Piece or even Nanatsu no taizai, all these websites offer tons of anime content such as movies, episodes, manga, videos, and much more.

Legal Copyright Disclaimer: does not verify that websites are properly licensed for the content served on their site. Reviews does not endorse or promote any illegal activity related to streaming or downloading of copyrighted works. The end user is solely responsible for the media accessible through any service or application referenced on this site.


Also, some of these sites are the same that are used by various Kodi Addons and streaming apps to find anime content. When you use these sites, you go straight to the source.

On the other hand, all the websites in the list below can be used on PCs, tablets, cellphones and streaming devices like the Amazon Firestick to watch your animes and series for free in vf or vostfr.

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Top best free anime and manga streaming sites

Just like streaming sites and the sites of download torrents, these free anime streaming sites are continually being closed and removed. At the time of writing, all of the websites listed below are working and can be used.

The sites below are classified according to the following criteria:

  • Content available
  • User interface
  • Monthly visitors
  • Availability of VF / Vostfr

We let you discover the complete list of the top best free anime and manga streaming sites for the year 2022:

Streaming siteDescription
1. VostfreeVostfree never ceases to impress us… so far its content is beyond our imagination. just take a walk and witness your own sight. This site is the best manga streaming site which offers titles in HD, Vostfr and vf. Vostfree is sure to interest you and maybe become one of your favorites.
2. JetanimesWatch all your Animes and Mangas streaming in VF for free on jetanime. All the latest episodes in high definition., The Best Site to watch your free animes in Streaming VF VOSTFR and Full HD.
3. KissAnimesKissanime is one of the best free anime streaming sites. It has a lot of cool manga in thumbnail view and features the latest anime on the homepage. At the top of the homepage, users can choose their favorite anime category.
4. gogoanimeThis manga streaming site allows you to watch your favorite anime. It offers a selection of thousands of anime. GogoAnime is available in two different formats, dubbed and sub-dubbed in English. Each anime thumbnail is marked as dubbed or captioned for easy navigation.
5. Stream-VFBest streaming site to watch anime and manga for free in VF and VOSTFR of all genres and in high definition quality without subscription or registration on your mobile or pc. This site is free and open to everyone.
6. iAnimes iAnimes is a well-organized website for anime fans that has a plethora of collections ranging from Manga series to animated movies. A good viewing experience includes dubbed episodes and cartoon clips available in English.
7. 9AnimeThis site offers to stream anime series and movies in ultra-high definition quality. It presents the highest rated anime series from Japan. The site is unique in that it shows the release schedule for upcoming anime episodes.
8. AnimeFreakAnimeFreak is a great site dedicated to anime. There you will find the latest anime releases, the latest episodes of anime and anime movies that you watch often, as well as the latest chapters of the comics you read.
9. AnimeHeavenAnimeHeaven is one of the top manga and anime streaming sites with an excellent design and a catalog of over 50 animes, manga, movies and more. A wide variety of anime episodes of different video resolutions are downloaded for all fans. The dubbed version and the original are available.
10 MyAnimeListAnother of the best ad-free free anime streaming sites is MyAnimeList. The site is very popular with users due to its user interface. It offers various tabs to help users easily search for their favorite anime series.
11 Gum Gum StreamingA very popular anime and manga streaming site in Europe. Find all the episodes and films of your favorite characters in streaming VF and VOSTFR, as well as lots of bonuses on Gum Gum Streaming. For a free site the ad serving is pretty reasonable and it doesn't take long to access your episodes just a link or two and go.
12 AnimeDaoAnother go-to address on our top list, AnimeDao is a site to watch anime for free and without having to register. presents a neat interface with a long list of animated series. Of course, a dubbed animated version is provided, which is user-friendly for those who don't understand Japanese very well. Plus, it's a well-organized website for anime fans, featuring tons of collections ranging from new manga series to anime movies.
13 Full AnimeAnother anime website that receives a lot of positive reviews is Full Anime FR. If you want high quality videos and a wide selection of movies or anime series in VF and Vostfr, you can give this site a try. If you are looking for a diverse anime series with genres ranging from drama to action, then this site is for you.
14 anime-planet.comAnime-Planet is one of the most popular and interesting anime streaming sites. Like other anime streaming sites, it allows you to stream your favorite anime series and shows online. It also provides some basic information about the program you want to stream.
15 Vostfr-EpisodeVostfr Episode is a torrent database with a simple layout and a good selection of content. This streaming site offers you all the episodes of One Piece, One Punch Man and Jujutsu Kaisen in French Streaming and Vostfr.
16 Animedigitalnetwork.frAnime Digital Network is a Japanese anime site that brings you all the classics of Japanese anime. but also many new features. You will find on our site the episodes of Naruto in streaming, but also the episodes of Bleach, Detective Conan or Kuroko's Basket and ONE-PUNCH MAN.
17 FRanimesSimple, fast and efficient, this site allows you to watch manga streaming in VF & vostfr, Free with daily update.
18 SeeanimeAs the name suggests, VoirAnime is an anime streaming site that gives you access to a large number of anime and manga in either series or movie form. So you have the opportunity to watch a lot of interesting titles on this site. 
19 SokroFlixMovies, series and animes on SOKROFLIX you will find EVERYTHING you are looking for.
20 Otakufr.comThis site offers several animes for free viewing in French and French.
21 Adkami.comOne of the best free manga streaming sites for years.
22 asiancrush.comAnime lovers are drawn to AsianCrush because it offers a wide range of anime from action to romantic comedy. Fans can also filter their choices based on region and themes (revenge, family, history, sport, etc.).
23 Crunchyroll.comIt is a legal anime website that you need to purchase a premium membership to access the series. But what this guarantees you is that with anime updates rolling out almost hourly, you won't miss the latest episode.
24 Anirena.comthe vast library of content and the lack of registration give this site a head start. They have RSS links and are on social media, as well as IRC and Discord. Although adult content is specified in different categories, there does not appear to be an option to hide adult content entirely, which can be a sticking point for some users.
25 Animevostfr.tvAnimesvostfr is a full hd streaming anime site allowing you to watch the best animes and manga for free and without an account.
26 French AnimeFrench Anime is one of the most popular sites for Streaming Anime in VF and VOSTFR. You will surely love frenchanime because it is a free site and without registration. The quality of the videos is very good and the player does not lag too long when loading. The majority of the videos are in 480p or 720p. The site does not display too much advertising and the navigation between the pages is quite fast.
27 Anime ParadiseThe site is quite popular with anime and manga streaming fans and you are sure to find what you are looking for. Searching for anime on Anime Paradis is quite easy, it provides you with an alphabetical filter for each section. Indeed it is one of the most popular free Anime Streaming sites in French-speaking countries.
28 Gvostfr.comnew site which broadcasts VOSTFR ANIMES in Streaming in VF and VOSTFR. Gvostfr offers you unlimited HD quality without registration.
29 WawAnimesIt is a very good site which offers you animes in Streaming for free in VF and VOSTFR. Like most of the free manga streaming sites on our list, it does not host episodes but uses streaming servers like Dstream, Evoload, Vudeo, uqload so you will always have more choices. The site is very well organized and the design is very well done despite the popup advertising that appears on each page.
30 MavAnimesIf you are new to anime, you can go to the homepage of Mavanimes find out which are the most popular animes on the platform and given that this streaming site is among the best, then you will have discovered the best animes of the moment to follow. no registrations to start watching. Mavanimes is surely a site that has a lot to offer and will become more and more popular.
30 French MangaThe biggest advantage of Chia-anime in attracting fans is the series' update frequency is very fast. Update speed is 10 faster than other sites. You can also download the series for free from this site.
31 animehubIf you are a fan and don't know which site to watch the best anime series online then try animehub where you can watch anime online in English, dubbed and subtitled, and download high quality anime for free. .
31 Wakanim.tvWakanim offers you a large catalog of manga streaming, Although this site requires registration, it is easy to create a free account to enjoy animes and series available for free. Access thousands of episodes from your computer. New episodes of the series included in the free tier are available one week after they air. Diffusion limited to medium definition (480p) and including advertisements.
32 11anim11anim is a free anime streaming site that allows you to watch all episodes of One Piece and Dragon Ball Super on one platform.
33 Seeani.meOffer the possibility to watch and download the anime or manga of your choice in French VF version or in original version (Japanese) subtitled in French VOSTFR, the site is now one of the best streaming sites for anime and manga currently available.
34 Neko samaNeko Sama is an essential address for streaming all kinds of animated productions. The platform offers hundreds of works to see for free and unlimited.
35 CoflixCoflix offers a very large catalog of anime content easily accessible for free streaming. There is no need to register or pay to take advantage of the many content available on Coflix online.
37 AnimeFreak
38 Tubi TV
39 Soul Anime
40 Anime planet
41 Hulu
Comparison of best anime streaming sites - 2022

New sites to watch anime for free

There are also newcomers to the universe of anime and manga streaming. Here is our second list of the best anime streaming sites:


The list is updated weekly to add new free streaming sites without registration.

Writing Reviews

To read the manga scans, we also invite you to read the list of Best Sites to Read One Piece Scans Online For Free et +41 Best Free Scan Manga Online Reading Sites.

Conclusion: Watch manga and anime

We hope that with our list you will find the best site to watch your animes and manga in vf and vostfr for free.

Note that, by definition, manga are the comics of the Japanese. These are read differently, from right to left and the same for bubbles. At the beginning of the page, the mangaka (the author of the manga) will put numbers to read the pages to follow.

Manga are special so that the author can slip personal thoughts into them on the sides of the page or even integrate another manga of an acquaintance or hers.

Discover: 20 Best Free Vostfr and Vost Anime Streaming Sites & Japscan: Best sites to read manga online for free

Glossary of anime and manga streaming sites:

  • spoiler: It's when you reveal information to another. (For example: sasuke dies)
  • OVA: or OVA “original animation video” are videos intended for use on video support
  • Drama: are Asian TV series, which have a shorter format than in Western countries
  • Hentai: means "pervert" and designates pornographic animes
  • SEINEN: refers to a genre of anime or manga intended for an adult male audience and generally deals with "serious" themes such as politics (yes, it can be serious!)
  • SHOJO: means "young girl" and designates a genre of generally romantic anime or manga whose target audience is predominantly female.
  • SHONEN: means "young boy" and indicates the reverse of shôjo. It is often sporting or violent in nature, but there are also sometimes romantic elements

On the other hand, the animes are the cartoons of the Japanese. Unlike cartoons which are now produced with models and 3D visuals, animes are still made on paper with 50 drawing boards per second. Top 25 Alternatives to Watch Free Streaming & FitGirl Repacks - Top Site to Download Free Video Games in DDL

They are well colored and the landscapes are most of the time breathtaking in the details (Studio Ghibli making the best landscape shots). The characters come to life before our eyes.

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Finally, you can write to us to share other streaming site addresses in the comments section or on our Facebook page, and don't forget to share the article!

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