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Streaming: The Grizox site changes its name to Zaniob

Grizox streaming no longer works, discover the new reliable address in 2022 🎥

Streaming: The Grizox site changes its name to Zaniob
Streaming: The Grizox site changes its name to Zaniob

New Grizox address 2022 — If you are looking to watch movies and series online without having to pay? Then free streaming sites without an account should be of interest to you. All over the world, these sites, most of which are illegal, are waging an endless war against the various governments that are trying to shut them down. They also fight among themselves to become the best streaming site in their respective countries.

Comme Voirfilms, Galtro or even French Stream, Grizox is one of the best French-speaking free streaming sites without subscription, it thus offers its users to watch the latest films and seasons of favorite series in French, in original version and with subtitles

Grizox becomes Zaniob: The Change

Originally known as, the site has been forced to change its address and thus becomes in order to continue its activities. The platform brings together the most popular movies and TV series and allows its users to stream them for free without registration.

Although the site has suddenly changed its name and address, the content remains the same. The vast library of films, series and documentaries remains unchanged. The use of the site is the same, even the design of the site remains similar to the old Grizox streaming. We note that the name change arises around April 2022, following a blockage by French ISPs following numerous complaints from rights holders.

Grizox changes its name to
Grizox changes its name to

Like Grizox streaming, on the new Zaniob address you can find a large number of films, documentaries, series and animated films. The content is available in French but also in the original version with subtitles (VOSTFR). The catalog is updated very frequently and content is often available in HD quality.

The new site also has the advantage of being very easy to use and can be an interesting solution if your usual address does not work or if you cannot find a particular film, series or content.

Unlike other French-speaking free streaming sites and platforms that broadcast music, films and series, video games and ebooks, Grizox only offers films, series and documentaries.

Grizox not working

Free streaming sites like mostly continue to operate under new addresses, although complaints have been filed against them for non-compliance with intellectual property rights.

Like all of its alternatives, it may happen that Grizox no longer works for one reason or another and that you can no longer access its new address from your browser. This can be linked to several reasons: Closure of the site by the authorities. Blocking of the site by ISPs.

Despite the decisions rendered by the various courts seized, these sites generally appear under new addresses by changing the domain name or in the form of clone sites.

So if the new Grizox address does not work in your browser, start by changing your DNS, if the problem persists, opt for using a good VPN to virtually change your location.

How does the online streaming site work?

To enjoy films and other streaming content from grizox and Zaniob, it's very simple. You have to go to the address that we indicate a little further down in this article. On the home page, all you have to do is navigate between the different categories, search in the most recent content or in the archives to find what interests you.

The new grizox has the advantage of not requiring registration or payment. If you're being asked to pay, it's probably a fake copy of the original site. So be very careful. In addition, we also appreciate that the quantity of advertisements is rather limited.

Zaniob the new grizox address that works
Zaniob the new grizox address that works

As indicated in the previous section, the new Zaniob address offers the same films and series in streaming VF, VOSTFR and VO under several headings, namely:

  • Action
  • Animation
  • Adventure
  • biopic
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Documentary
  • Horror-horror
  • Espionnage
  • Family
  • Fantastic
  • War
  • History
  • Policeman
  • Romance
  • Science fiction
  • Thriller
  • Western

Note that the first reader in each title is an advertising reader. To start watching your movies and series directly, use the second player at the bottom of each page.

We're not going to lie to each other, you undoubtedly know the answer to this question as well as we do. Since grizox offers a lot of recent and good quality cultural content without you having to pay a subscription, it is of course a site that is not legal in France. 

This is also what explains why he must regularly change his address and even his name. So be well aware that by connecting to this streaming site to watch the film or series that interests you, then it is an illegal act. So exercise caution.

Besides, you also have to be careful because of the advertisements. Some sites like grizox and zaniob may contain many. However, these very intrusive advertisements can also conceal viruses or Trojan horses capable of contaminating your computer. Be careful also not to provide personal information that some sites seek to collect.

Zaniob - new Grizox streaming address
Zaniob – new Grizox streaming address

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The best alternatives for watching movies and series in streaming

There are many alternatives to the Grizox streaming site. Among the best free online streaming sites without registration, you can find:

  1. Galtro
  2. Full Stream
  3. bovmi
  4. Tirexo
  5. WawaCity
  6. Coflix
  7. MovieStreaming1
  8. Cinemay
  9. Cpassmieux
  10. Cinezz
  11. Planet Stream
  12. Empire Streaming
  13. Skstream
  14. Papystreaming
  15. 01 streaming
  16. Wiflix
  17. K Streaming

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If you are looking for other similar free streaming sites, we invite you to discover our section Test & Streaming Reviews.

Streaming or Downloading: What's the Difference?

There are two ways to get media files from the internet: by downloading or by streaming. To watch a movie or listen to a piece of music while travelling, for example, it is convenient to download the files in advance.

Streaming, for its part, is especially interesting if one does not have to worry about the consumption of digital data or if one wishes to have quick access to an online library of films or pieces of music.


With direct download, we keep on our computer, on our smartphone or on our tablet the complete media files obtained on the internet, such as pieces of music or films. You can then view or listen to them offline afterwards.

What is called progressive downloading also makes it possible to start viewing or listening even before the file in question has been completely downloaded. But, in either case – classic or progressive – the file is completely stored on your device and therefore takes up memory space.

And, of course, downloading consumes data. At equal quality, downloading films and music consumes as much digital data as streaming. An average mp3 file (for a bit rate of 320 kbps) takes up 9 to 10 MB, and an HD movie easily reaches several gigabytes.


With the spread of broadband connections, services like YouTube, Netflix and Spotify have managed to popularize the “streaming” of videos and music tracks.

Unlike downloading media files, you don't have to wait for the download to complete before you can watch or listen. However, when streaming media files, a small amount of data is temporarily stored on your device, as a buffer to compensate for a brief interruption in the internet connection or fluctuations in the flow rate. Once you stop streaming, this data is deleted. Streaming is therefore not not limited by storage capacity of your device.

Like downloading files, streaming generates (significant) data traffic. With a mobile internet connection, you risk consuming a good part of the data in your package. Downloading is a bit like drinking a glass of water after having filled it, whereas streaming would be drinking directly from the tap: in both cases, water is consumed. Don't forget to share the article!

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