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Voirfilms: 22 Best Sites to Watch Free VF Movies (2022 Edition)

Watch Movie is one of the best, but there are others. Here is the list of the top Sites to Watch Free VF Movies?

Voirfilms - Top sites of Movies Streaming VF Free: Everyone loves to watch movies. Finding a good movie and losing yourself in it for a few hours is a wonderful way to relax and spend your free time.

This is why VoirFilms is one of the best French free streaming sites, with thousands of choices for both movies and movies. series all in HD version. And since the site has changed its name several times.

In this article, I share with you the complete list of the best Watch Movies sites to Watch Free VF Movies.

Voirfilms: 10 Best Sites to Watch Free VF Movies (2022 Edition)

There are many ways to watch the latest and greatest movies including a subscription to Netflix, Disney Plus, Premium, or one of the many others. These offer many genres of movies, with something for everyone, as well as TV shows and much more.

The main problem with Netflix, Prime, etc., is that these are paid sites and subscriptions aren't cheap, and the same is true for movies.

In fact, take the whole family with you to the movies, buy drinks and snacks, and you've already spent a small fortune. There must be a better option, right? You're in luck, because there is a much better option.

Voirfilms - Sites to Watch Free VF Movies
Voirfilms - Sites to Watch Free VF Movies

There are so many Free VF Streaming Sites that allow you to watch movies online without paying a dime. Whether it's thrillers, action movies, romantic comedies, or horror, you can find them all for free online.

Some sites offer high quality movies for free. Most make their money by advertising rather than charging viewers for a subscription, but if you install an ad blocker you can even skip watching them.

Voirfilm - Watch movies and series in Full English Subbed in Unlimited
Voirfilm - Watch movies and series in Full English Subbed in Unlimited

In the same spirit, VoirFilms enters the category of the best free French streaming sites, with a wide choice of films available all in HD version.

Indeed, you can come across several addresses, and finally end up on the REAL VoirFilms streaming site. The correct address is, but it is also possible to go through the address, which is a clone that requires registration to be able to watch the films.

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That is why, in the following section you are going to find the complete list of the best sites like Watch Movie to Watch Free VF Movies in 2021.

Top Best Sites to Watch Free VF Movies

Just like the best streaming sites without registration, the sites of torrent download or even football streaming, these movie websites are continuously closed and deleted. At the time of writing, all of the websites listed below are working and can be used.

The sites on our list are ranked according to the following criteria:

  • Number of Movies available
  • Quality (HD, full hd, etc.)
  • Ease of use

So let's discover the list of top sites like Voirfilm to watch Movies Streaming VF Free in 2021/2022:

  1. SeeFilmz : New Voirfilms clone address, offers all serivores and moviegoers new releases in high HD quality. You can then relax quietly in front of your TV or tablet while watching the full episodes of your favorite series.
  2. See Movies Tel : New address See relevant films in 2021/2022. The films are numerous and quite recent. Something to satisfy your desires if you want to see your favorite film again or discover the new hits.
  3. Wiflix Wiflix is a very popular vf streaming site in France, you will find a very large catalog of films and series available in French or with subtitles but also cartoons. Site without registration.
  4. Empire Streaming: A free vf streaming site to watch thousands of unlimited movies without subscription, you just have to select the second player to start watching your movie.
  5. : Another site to watch movies in unlimited vf streaming, this site is dedicated to French streaming movies.
  6. MoviesStreaming : Similar to Voirfilm (formerly and, Filmsstreaming is one of the best Sites to Watch VF Streaming Movies on our list, simple and convenient just choose a player to start watching your favorite movie in HD for free.
  7. HDStream : This is one of the best sites in our selection and the most popular. Similar to WatchMovies, HDSS is certainly one of the best streaming sites for watching movies in French and in HD. To be able to watch the movies without an account, you have to choose an alternative player at the bottom.
  8. : A very popular French site similar to Voirfilms which offers a very good quality Streaming in French and in VOSTFR in HD.
  9. Cpassmieux : It's always nice to be on an up-to-date site, especially when it comes to a movie site. Cpasmieux has become a fairly popular site in France, no doubt for the quality of Streaming it offers.
  10. Papdustream : another site for Streaming movies in VF and VOSTFR. This site has become very popular among Free Streaming sites. The design is very simple and well organized.
  11. SokroFlix : this site is part of those sites totally unknown barely a year ago and which never ceases to surprise as time passes (currently the site is offline).
  12. daddyflix : Although rather recent, this site offers a very large catalog of films. You can watch the movies for free in VF with several players available.
  13. HDS streaming: The ideal site if you are looking for movies and series entirely in French. Here no subtitling but real content offered in French.
  14. StreamingDivx (New)
  15. Full stream
  16. MovieStreaming1 (New)
  17. CoFlix (New)
  18. (New)
  19. (New)
  20. Moviestreaming2 (New)
  21. Time2watch : One of the oldest streaming sites on the list, at the time this site is positioned as the direct competitor of Voirfilm, it also offers direct downloads of movies and series in addition to free streaming.
  22. (replaces Ocine)
  23. FrenchStream
  24. CoCoStreaming
  27. Streamiz
  30. Seefilm-VF
  31. Skstream
  32. (New)
  34. Libertyland
  37. Streaming
  38. Tirexo (New)
  40. Vkstreaming
  41. Mflix
  44. WawaCity
  45. Stream for you
  46. (New)
  49. Instream
  50. Filmstoon
  51. Mystream
  52. yapeol
  53. DPStreaming
  54. Cinemay
  55. (New)
  57. Gratflix
  59. 4kstreamz
  60. (New)
  62. QueDuStream
  63. Monstream
  64. Download zone : offers Streaming and direct download films vf.
  65. Papystreaming
  66. Toblek
  68. bovmi
  69. grizox (New)
  70. K Streaming
  72. Botidou
  73. (new)

You can also use the search engine Planet Streaming which allows you to search for free streaming movies and series on more than 200 sites. Free streaming is also unlimited on these sites from a robust server and requires no site registration.

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The list is updated weekly to add new Free VF Movie Streaming sites.

Writing Reviews

All of these are the most popular streaming sites that offer a wealth of content to watch online or download, in a variety of formats, including HD.

As long as you have a good internet connection and a relatively new computer, you will be able to enjoy all the quality you want when you immerse yourself in an exciting movie.

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Nowadays, Internet users are becoming more and more addicted to online streaming. Many are the advantages of this revolutionary new practice to mention that it helps a lot to save the storage space of the reading medium used such as the PC or the Smartphone. But to enjoy streaming movies, series and manga, you need to know the best sites that offer them. free of charge and without constraints as see movie.

To watch one of the available content, on sites like VoirFilms, there is no no need to register or even log in. You can download any movie to watch it later offline.

You can browse through the different years to find a movie or series, but you can also make a selection by genre or by player if you have a preference for one of them.

Discover: Streamcomplet: Official address, Legality, News, All information

If you know of any other interesting free streaming sites without an account, please let us know and Don't forget to share the article!

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