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Wawacity: New Updated Streaming and Free Download Address (2023 Edition)

For those who want to watch movies and series in free streaming or download video games, training, books and music, Wawacity is the address. Discover the new wawacity 2021 address

Wawacity: Here is the New Address Streaming and Free Downloading Up-to-date and Working
Wawacity: Here is the New Address Streaming and Free Downloading Up-to-date and Working

New Wawacity 2023 address: After the authorities shut down a number of popular French sites like download zone, these are guaranteed that is also. A real drama for all Internet users who refueled on the platform.

Thus, the more radical closure of the site allowed the birth of several copies. But some time later the site came back online at a new address.

Wawa city is a reference site because it offers download links and the possibility of streaming. Apart from movies and series, the platform offered games, music, software, animes, books and much more.

In this article, I invite you to discover the new address of Wawacity, the up-to-date URL that works to avoid running into clones, as well as the complete guide to this free streaming and download site.

Madness streaming and download for free

In recent years, the range of streaming, VOD or replay content has grown considerably in France, whether on computer, tablet or directly on your smart TV or smartphone.

Amazon Prime Video, Disney + or Netflix now offer a particularly large and constantly updated catalog. However, some content is still inaccessible in France or some people refuse to pay.

It is with this in mind that sites like WawaCity, France's Largest Illegal Direct Download and Streaming Platform, Continues to Thrive.

What is Wawacity?

wawacity is a streaming site and direct download very popular in the world of streaming and free download since it is one of the oldest sites on the web on this subject.

Wawacity 2021 - Streaming Site and Free Download
Wawacity 2022 - Streaming Site and Free Download

That said, the new wawacity 2022 address is identical to wawacity ninja, thus offering a huge catalog of Movies, Series, Games, E-books, software and so many other topics that you might find on the site. But given the legal proceedings against all sites that disseminate illegal content such as wawacity the site also fell from the mesh of justice, the site fell from the top of its pedestal in December last year .

In reality, we are going to tell you about, which is nothing other than a kind of clone of the iconic Wawacity which unfortunately closed its doors a few years ago.

As usual at, we will go through the site from top to bottom to check if it is up to the illustrious Wawacity but also to see if it is worth it to be able to linger there in order to download movies or simply watch streaming.

The new Wawacity 2023 address

For those who want watch movies and series in free streaming or download video games, training, Books et music, Wawacity is the essential address. However, the address changes regularly.

Many Internet users have been asking themselves the question regularly in recent months. Indeed, the Wawacity site is forced to change of address due to legislation, but he also faces a real clone war. This seriously complicates the task.

Thus in recent months, regulars could notably count on an automatic redirection system in order to arrive at the correct version of Wawacity. To help you, we share with you the new up-to-date and working wawacity address :

If we are talking about an official site, however, nothing guarantees that it is the team of the first site that is behind this new version. After the trouble with the law, of course, the case became much more complex.

Wawacity is a very popular platform, but it is also seen as a threat by rights owners and governments. This is because many of the contents available on the site are illegal and copyright infringements, which has led to numerous lawsuits since its inception. In order to avoid blocking attempts, the platform regularly changes its address and domain name.

No changes for the site

Note that the operation for its part has not changed. To watch streaming or download content, you just have to go to the site, select the content that interests you and click on the link of the host that suits you best (1fichier, Uptobox, Rapidgator…).

How to Stream and Download for Free on Wawacity
Streaming and Direct Download - How to Stream and Download for Free on Wawacity?

While this is permitted for some content, it is also illegal behavior for many copyrighted works. Downloading remains unauthorized today by French law.

Alternatives and best streaming and direct download sites

Here are streaming and free download platforms that may also be of interest to you in addition to or as a substitute for wawacity if ever the services were to be disrupted.

I would strongly suggest you visit download area and directory area (ZT-ZA). A site which at one time marked the spirits, also closed, then online some time later. With its return, the offers in films and series are more important and it is easier to download any file or to watch it in streaming.

You can also use these free sites as alternatives:

  1. Full stream
  2. Cpassmieux
  3. Extreme Download
  4. cpasbien
  5. Tirexo
  6. Libertyvf
  7. FitgirlRepack
  8. oxtorrent
  9. Time2watch
  10. WishFlix
  11. torrent9
  12. GetIntoPC
  13. Voirfilms
  14. Streamforyou
  15. lebonstream
  16. HDS Streaming
  17. Putlockers
  18. RARBG
  19. Afdah
  20. Limetorrents
  21. Download zone
  22. DP streaming
  23. Papystreaming
  24. MovieStreaming1
  25. Seeseries
  26. GratFilm
  27. Cinemay
  28. Filmstoon
  29. Kstreaming
  30. Cinezzz
  31. VK streaming
  32. Sokroflix
  33. Galtro

We also invite you to read: Top Best Free Direct Download Sites et Best Free No-Download Football Streaming Sites

Wawacity test and review

We are going to start our study of Wawacity by stopping for a few moments on the organization of the menus then we will get to the heart of the matter with an analysis of what it contains concretely and how everything is organized in terms of downloading, film quality and community space if there is one.

The menus

So at the level of the Wawacity menus, we are in the presence of two types of menus:

  • menus on the sides, which we will call the vertical menus
  • and a smaller horizontal menu

Let's start right away with the horizontal menu of Wawacity.

The horizontal menu

The horizontal menu of the Wawa city download site begins with a search engine which is quite interesting since it allows you to search by category. In this regard, the research categories available are:

  • films
  • series
  • games
  • ebook
  • the software solutions
  • mobile
  • animated
  • other videos
  • various

We were able to test search and it works perfectly, we tested it on several categories there is nothing to complain about, by typing words like blindspot season 3 or even Avengers, the engine of Wawacity gives you the expected results.

Then you have three categories in the horizontal menu:

  • The latest additions
  • Ugly
  • The streaming category

In terms of the latest additions, as its indicates, it is a question of being able to present to you what were the last additions made by the administrators of the Wawacity site only for the films category.

We note that the presence of a category helps, which is really very rare on download and streaming sites, and this is an excellent point for the site for several reasons:

  • This shows the serious side of the site
  • this implies that the administrators present available
  • you have the possibility of receiving help because it is not always easy to evolve in this universe independently when you are a beginner

Concretely, the site sets up tutorials to help you download on the site but also to inform you about all the jargon which surrounds the procedure of downloading films on the site (codecs, quality…). In addition, several quality tutorials are offered in order to know how to download with the different hosts offered on the site.

On the other hand, Wawacity offers some interesting information on anonymous downloading with tutorials on the definition of a VPN and how to choose one.

The vertical menu

At the level of the vertical menu, it is obviously a navigation menu where you will find the different sections of Wawacity, including a classification by type of media to download with to start the category films.

The menu of theThe films category of Wawacity allows you to have an overview of the different types of films in terms of quality offered by the site:

  • excluded
  • Bluray 720 / 1080p
  • BluRay3D
  • Cartoons
  • DVDROP in .mkv
  • Cam
  • The deaf and hard of hearing
  • VO
  • Old Movies
  • List of films

The contents

The least that we can say is that the admins of Wawacity ninja really made a splash with the content offered! First of all, when you go to the film section, for example, you realize that you immediately have clear and functional content at your disposal, including:

  • A classification of films in alphabetical order
  • the ability to filter movies by quality
  • by genre
  • per year
  • by link type (i.e. streaming or download)

So from that point of view, it's really a treat to browse the site to find a movie. The site offers around ten films per page, with a menu at the very bottom that gives access to the following pages. But given the different research formulas that are offered on the site.

Finally, wawacity is an excellent streaming and free download site that remains a benchmark.

Is Wawacity Legal?

Wawacity ninja and the new address still hosts content subject to copyright and remains one of the best known download sites in France. That said, the platform for accessing download directories remains illegal.

Indeed, if, for more than 10 years, the authorities have been trying so hard to close the site, it is for the simple reason that the latter is proposing content without having the rights. In other words, the platform steals content, which does not need to be downloaded, without the consent of the producers.

The administrators of wawa city present, through the site, files under copyright and make them accessible. Therefore, they are directly guilty.

Thus ends our article, for more alternatives to wawacity we invite you to discover our section downloading and don't forget to share the article!

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