The Little Black Hen - Best Photographers Competition

In our relentless quest to celebrate excellence in photography, the “La Petite Poule Noire” competition is proud to launch an extraordinary category intended to highlight the “Best Photographers in 2024”. This category aims to honor the artists who, through their inventiveness and expressiveness, were able to mark the year 2024. It is a window open to the visions which have shaped the aesthetics and photographic ethics of our time.

« The Little Black Hen » fervently celebrates the art of photography, a field where technique combines with emotion and creativity. This platform in collaboration with Reviews, Reviews News & Supermodels is an ode to excellence and diversity photographic talents around the world. Whether you are a lens veteran with many years of experience, or a rising star in the world of photography, our competition is a window into your art, an opportunity to showcase your ability to capture ephemeral moments and weaving visual stories that captivate and move.

LPPN: Best Photographers in 2024

Our carefully selected categories offer an overview of the different faces of photography. They include hypnotic landscapes that invite daydreaming, portraits that capture the very essence of the human soul, wedding photos immortalizing love and joy, without forgetting street photography, a true mirror of society and of its fleeting but significant moments. Each category is a stage where your artistic vision and technical mastery can flourish and dazzle.

The particularity of “The Little Black Hen” lies in its democratic and inclusive approach. Each participant, spectator, amateur or professional, holds the power to vote, recognize and celebrate the photographic talent that most resonates with their own perceptions and experiences. This direct interaction between the creators and the public enriches the experience for everyone, weaving a deep bond between the artist and his audience.

Thus, we pay special attention to aspiring photographers, those who are just beginning to explore the vast and fascinating world of photography. We warmly invite them to join this adventure, to submit their works, and to seize this unique chance to make themselves known, to learn, to grow and to be inspired by contact with other artists. “La Petite Poule Noire” is not just a competition, it is a journey through photographic art, a crossroads where passion, inspiration and recognition meet.

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Deepening the Evaluation Criteria

  1. Technical Innovation : Beyond simply using cutting-edge equipment, we seek artists who skillfully merge technology and creativity. Whether through the use of avant-garde techniques or a bold reinvention of traditional methods, candidates must demonstrate how their technical approach contributes to the evolution of the art of photography.
  2. Visual Narration: Images that tell stories, that depict scenes with depth and sensitivity, are at the heart of this category. The works submitted must transcend aesthetic beauty to touch, challenge, and provoke a reaction in the viewer. We are looking for visual stories that speak, that live, that move.
  3. Cultural and Social Impact: Photographs that reflect, criticize or celebrate the events, trends, and social movements of 2024 will have pride of place. We value works that not only document, but also participate in the cultural and social dialogue of our time.
  4. Originality and Artistic Vision: Uniqueness is key. The photos submitted should reflect a unique perspective, an artistic signature that clearly distinguishes the photographer. We encourage audacity, difference, the expression of a unique voice that challenges conventions and enriches the photographic panorama.

Participation Details

  • All photographers, regardless of level or reputation, are invited to participate. What we are looking for is a work that speaks for itself, an art that bears witness to the year 2024.
  • Entries should include a representative portfolio, a window into the artist’s soul and their journey through the year.
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Details about the Jury

The jury will be an eclectic mix of influential figures from the world of art and photography. Each member will bring their unique perspective, ensuring a balanced and nuanced assessment of the works.

Registration details

  • A simplified registration process will be set up on our website, accompanied by a detailed guide to help candidates prepare their submission.
  • Online information sessions will be organized to answer questions and guide participants through the stages of the competition.

This competition, beyond being a competition, is a tribute to the power of the image, to its ability to capture, tell and immortalize our world. We look forward to discovering the masterpieces that will define the year 2024.