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Top: 25 Best Free Vostfr and VO Streaming Sites (2022 Edition)

You are looking for the best sites to watch Free VOSTFR or English Streaming 🍿

Top - 25 Best Free Vostfr Streaming Sites

Top free vostfr Streaming sites in 2022: You are looking for the best sites to watch the Free VOSTFR Streaming ? It was also my concern during this time.

A few days ago I was looking for free Streaming sites that offer films and series in Vostfr: whose soundtrack is in the original version (in its original language) and the subtitles in French. So the secret is revealed: you can speak fluent English from your sofa.

Today, I will introduce you to the 25 best free vostfr streaming sites to watch movies, series and animes with English subtitles and the list of the best reliable English and original streaming sites in 2022.

Top: 10 Best Vostfr and Original Streaming Sites (2022 Edition)

Streaming is a technology that allows you to watch a video on your PC, smartphone or tablet directly from a browser without having to download the movie, series or manga to the device.

Streaming has become very fashionable and is attracting more and more users, but finding the best free streaming platform can sometimes be quite complicated.

watch movies and series in streaming vostfr for free
watch movies and series in streaming vostfr for free

Why bother watching a movie in their original version when you can watch it in French?

It is true and it makes sense. When the film is subtitled (be careful, VO does not necessarily mean that the film is subtitled) we necessarily spend less time looking at the image.

On the other hand, the more movies you watch in their original version, the more you will be used to reading subtitles quickly and the more time you spend on the image. Watching a film in this way also has a significant influence on learning a language, most being in English, this is an asset that should not be overlooked.

Whether you like to listen to every word spoken in English, or just want to hear the original voices of the actors, you can watch movies online

  • VF : French version
  • VO : Original version
  • VOSTFR : Original version with French subtitles

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It is sure that the sites of vostfr sites on our list, just like for Free Streaming Sites, have in common unwanted advertising. That's what I didn't like about all of these sites.

However, during my research I tried to choose sites with less obnoxious ads as possible, and above all that does not interrupt the viewing of your favorite movie or series with annoying popup pages.

Finally, you can install a AdBlock on your browser before visiting these sites, we know very well that the advertisements present on most Streaming sites and Torrents sites are troublesome.

We have to admit, however, that we basically took the most trusted and reputable sites into consideration.

Top Best Vostfr Streaming Sites of the Year

Who said that watch the movies and series is only good for entertainment purposes? We bet you came here to watch French movies online not only because you want to have fun, but also because you really want to improve your English skills, right?

We have put together a list of sources that you can use to improve your skills while having fun. We also understand that Netflix is ​​a tool for most of you, not everyone has access to it, so yes, you are welcome to check out our list and start watching English movies with French subtitles.

The sites below are classified according to the following criteria:

  • User interface
  • Monthly visitors
  • Content available

We let you discover the complete list of the best Free Vostfr Streaming sites in 2021-2022:

  1. MovieTube : FilmTube classifies films according to genre but also according to language, in fact this site is among the rare sites to offer a language selector in order to filter films and series in French, VO, VOSTFR and Japanese. Make sure you choose links with a US flag to watch in English and not in French.
  2. AlloStreaming : Although this site may seem new to you, but it well deserves its place on our ranking of the best vostfr streaming sites. Streamlook offers a huge library of movies and series in free streaming with vostfr and VF. Make sure you select the link at the bottom of the player to avoid ads.
  3. Full stream : streamcomplet is the only “all-in-one winner” site, films, TV series, Mangas and anime included in the largest free streaming database. The videos are available in VF and VOSTFR languages ​​for the total satisfaction of the users.
  4. MovieStreaming1 : The video quality is still not great. But you can be sure to find all the episodes in VF or VOSTFR. Rather good to take. At a time of inevitable loneliness, this site can be of great service to you.
  5. Empire Streaming ⚡: This site offers thousands of films and series available in VF, VO and Vostfr, when choosing a player, you must choose a different player than "HD Player" to avoid registration.
  6. Vostfree : This site offers you to watch anime, manga and movie online for free in vostfr. If your film is not available on the site, just send a request, the team is really very responsive (here is our full test).
  7. Heavy : If you are looking for a good site for Streaming Movies in VOSTFR and in French you are at the right address. It is a very popular French site which offers very good quality Streaming.
  8. Download zone : Although this is a download site, ZTZA also offers links to streaming movies and series in vostfr, the links are available at the bottom of each title.
  9. Egg Stream : StreamDeOuf is a free streaming website for Complete series in French subtitles (VOSTFR), HD FULL HD unlimited without registration.
  10. Stream-blog : Stream Blog is one of the top vostfr and vo streaming sites, it has a unique catalog of series and films in English with French subtitles.
  11. Cpassmieux : Cpasmieux (different from cpasbien) is a top free vostfr streaming site, it offers several links for each movie or series.
  12. Wiflix
  13. StreamingVostFr ⚡: Streaming movies and series available for free on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and 5 other video-on-demand services.
  14. ⚡
  16. Heavy
  17. Filmstoon
  18. WawaCity
  22. Streamiz
  25. French Stream
  31. Sakstream
  33. Offers films and series in vostfr.
  34. Cinemay
  35. Sokroflix
  36. Instream
  37. LeBonStream : This site specializes in films in vostfr and vf.
  40. Series streaming
  41. 01Streaming
  42. Cinezzz
  45. Time2watch
  46. HDSS
  48. Seeseries
  49. Series streaming
  50. Watch movie
  52. HDS Streaming
  54. Tirexo
  55. (VO)
  56. Mflix
  58. Filstreaming1
  59. GrandpaStreaming
  60. DPStream
  61. Galtro
  62. Instream
  63. Toblek
  64. Streamforyou
  65. DP stream
  66. Planet Streaming

Note: If a site on the list does not work, it is surely blocking your ISP. We invite you to read this guide to change DNS server and thus unblock the blocked site.

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If you are looking for a streaming site to watch quality series, I invite you to discover our list of best free HD streaming sites.

If you are more English-speaking or you like to watch films and series in English and original version, we invite you to discover the following section for more addresses!

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Best free streaming sites in English and original version

If you are looking on the internet for the perfect place to watch comfortably movies and series in English and original streaming (original version), I promise you this list will save you time.

As a pioneer, I have explored, tried and compiled these 10+ well-chosen English streaming sites for you to watch movies and series in their original version for free.

  1. FMovies : In the wild world of free streaming, not all websites are created equal. FMovies is one of the best English streaming sites I have ever come across on the web.
  2. flixtor : American site well known for its quality of streaming content, including free movies and TV series in original version and several in English.
  3. Watch Series : Watch Series is an online streaming service that provides links to almost every hot TV series in the world. It offers the most recent video links of the most popular TV series and other video content. You can choose from different genres like action, drama, horror, and thriller just to name a few.
  4. Tubi TV : Tubi has quickly established itself as one of the world's most popular and widely used free and legal streaming services. Founded just six years ago, Tubi TV offers a rich catalog of films and series in English and original streaming. The only problem with this site that it is not accessible in some countries like Germany and Italy.
  5. 123Movies : Completely free with a simple interface, a logo and a search box. But 123Movies is full of English movies you've never heard of, and new movies too.
  6. SolarMovie
  7. Putlockers
  9. This site offers films and series in +20 languages.
  24. Tamilyogi

The list is updated weekly to add English and VO streaming sites.

Writing Reviews

What is the original version?

Watch a movie in original version is to watch it without any dubbing. That is to say in the language in which it was shot. This is an activity that is still rather uncommon in our country but in the process of democratization.

You have indeed surely realized that the film market in France is largely made up of foreign films (especially American). However, when you went to see them, you also noticed that the characters speak our language throughout the film.

You must then imagine, foreign films are dubbed. It is a generality that affects not only France but also Spain, Germany and Italy. Watching a dubbed movie has become normal for us.

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But you don't have to go very far to realize that this practice is not as widespread among our European neighbors. Take for example the United Kingdom, Norway or Sweden: these countries practice dubbing only when it comes to children's films.

The rest of the time, films in a foreign language are subtitled. We then speak of VOST : Original Version Subtitled. The “fr” attribute which can sometimes be present at the end simply means that the film is subtitled in French.

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