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Top: 10 Best Free Torrent Download Sites (2022 Edition)

For every desire and every passion, there is a specialized torrent site, discover our ranking of top torrent sites updated every week.

15 Best Alternatives to Download Torrents in 2021
15 Best Alternatives to Download Torrents in 2021

Top Best Torrent Sites: There are hundreds of promising torrent sites out there, but many don't work and most are unsafe. Then how find the best torrent site without wasting your time on sites that don't work and are dangerous? Don't worry, we've got you covered with the following list of the best Bittorrent sites.

For every desire and every passion, there is a dedicated torrent site. Find the one that suits you and interact with a community that looks like you.

We present to you in this article, the list of the best torrent sites to download software, video games, series, movies or even books torrents in 2022.

Top: 10 Best Free Torrent Download Sites (2022 Edition)

Sites like Torrent411, KickAssTorrents or OMG Torrent contain enough torrents of movies, albums, ebooks to satisfy the Lambda user, but if your tastes are a bit sharp, if you are only looking for high quality files, works unknown to the general public, or dealing with a subject very particular, try your hand at specialized torrent sites.

top Torrents Download Sites
top Torrents Download Sites

Fueled by communities of enthusiasts, these sites often feel like private trackers (by invitation), but some of them remain public or semi-public (by registration).

We have identified the best torrent download sites to help you, note that the list is updated every week, because as for streaming sites or Foot streaming sites, its sites often change their addresses.

Top Best Torrents Download Sites

You have just started using torrents and are looking to find your new one favorite torrent site ? I don't understand why we want a list of 20 to 30 torrent sites when at the end of the day you just have to go to 1 to 3 really great sites to find what you are looking for.

I really believe in saving time, because it is really the most valuable asset, each of these sites has been selected for this purpose. They've all been tested from start to finish so you can get in and out with whatever you need.

Here is the list of top Best Torrents Sites this month :

1. RarbgThe best Torrents site for Movies
2. EZTVBest torrent site to download series
3. The Traders DenBest Torrent Music Download Site
4. TorrentsGamesFor downloading video games
5. GotFor Anime
6. YTSBest Movies & TV Torrent Download Sites
6. Kickass TorrentsThe best torrent site to download Epub, PDF, etc. books.
7. TheMixingBowlThe best torrent site to download Mixes
NEW cpasbienOne of the most popular websites in the world. Hundreds of thousands of people searched it every day, Cpasbien is the place to be if you want to download unlimited torrents online for free.
NEW torrent9Torrent9 is a torrent site for downloading several types of files for free and without an account. The site has also been providing torrent files for Movies, Series, Music, Ebooks, Software, and PC Games for many years.
NEW YggTorrentYggTorrent is a semi-private tracker. In addition to registering, you must ensure that your ratio is above 1.
NEW oxtorrentOxtorrent is one of the biggest French peer-to-peer file sharing sites. The site has one of the largest databases of French torrents regardless of the category of torrent searched.
Ranking Best Torrent Download Sites

For Movies:

Best Torrent Movie Download Sites - RARBG
Best Torrent Movie Download Sites - RARBG

Not only will let you find all the movies you could want, but it also comes with the luxury of a clean interface.

Presenting films by their covers and posters, and including their IMDB ratings. trailer, synopsis and cast. You do not know what to watch.

You can then classify the films by rating or view the most popular of the moment. Do you like the image quality? Only search among HD movies. And finally, because you don't have to be sectarian, Rarbg also contains a good number of US series.

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For Series:

Best torrent site to download series - EZTV
Best torrent site to download series - EZTV

Ready for nights of binge-watching? Fill your hard drive with series thanks to torrents of EZTV.

You will find all the episodes of most popular series often uploaded on the night of their broadcast, but you will also discover many unknown series there since EZTV contains nearly 1000 (we do not inflict the count of episodes).

For music: The Traders Den

Best Torrent Music Download Site - The Traders' Den
Best Torrent Music Download Site - The Traders' Den

It is usually not difficult to find torrent music albums. Good quality albums, on the other hand, are sometimes a different story.

On The Traders' Den, however, you can (after signing up) jump in FLACs with both feet and wallow in lossless albums. If it is sspecializes in music, the site also contains many torrents of movies, also in the best quality one could hope for.

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For Video games: Torrentsgames

Best Video Game Torrent Site - Torrents Games
Best Video Game Torrent Site - Torrents Games

Are you more of a PC or more of a console? No matter. since you can find on TorrentGames games for all platforms: PC, PS2, PS3, XBOX 360, WII, Nintendo ...

it is obviously missing those for PS5 or the new Xbox, but if you had the means to pay for one of the two, you probably also have enough to offer you games.

Torrent Games games are available in ISO format, and often cracked. Enough to occupy his evenings.

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For The Animes: Got

Best Anime Torrent Site - Nyaa Torrent
Best Anime Torrent Site - Nyaa Torrent

Nyaa Torrent Admittedly not presenting very well, but it is certainly the most complete source of anime torrents that you will be able to find.

And as we are dealing with amateurs, we will mostly find these animes in the original version, with or without subtitles, in English as in French (simply type vostfr in the search bar).

Note that Nyaa also contains torrents for everything related to the universe of anime (manga, AMV, soundtracks, etc.).

For the mixtapes: MixtapeTorrent

Best torrents mixtapes download site - MixtapeTorrent
Best torrents mixtapes download site - MixtapeTorrent

Often denigrated by the general public, mixtapes are nevertheless an integral part of hip-hop / electro culture. This is how all the big names today started, and how they sometimes continue to delight their fans.

Whether you are looking for historic mixtapes, remixes, a cappella-style instrumental tracks (for your own mixes) or just discovering the most innovative in the hip-hop scene today, Mixtape Torrent is the torrent site for you.

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Movies and series: YTS

Best Torrent Movie Download Sites - YTS
Best Torrent Movie Download Sites - YTS

Like RarBg. YTS specializes in movie torrents and TV series. but the need to register, its pleasant hand interface and its extensive hand catalog make us prefer its competitor.

One advantage all the same: direct links to the subtitles of films and series. Top 25 Alternatives to Watch Free Streaming

For books: Kickass Torrents

Best Torrent Books Site - KAT - Kickass Torrents
Best Torrent Books Site - KAT - Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents is a great site for downloading torrents without registration when looking for a book. Most of the time they will have the same options, but sometimes you can get lucky and find exactly what you are looking for that you couldn't find anywhere else.

They probably experienced a drop in attendance due to the facility closing and other random factors.

Be sure to use magnetic ties to protect yourself when using Kickass and always read reviews. It goes without saying for any Torrent site, honestly.

For the Mixes: TheMixingBowl

TheMixingBowl: Music and Mix for download torrents
TheMixingBowl: Music and Mix for download torrents

If on the music side you swear by the music, TheMixingBowl is what you need. This semi private tracker (on registration) indeed lists quantity of radio mixes or various DJs. as well as broadcasts of all kinds (and in English).

For more addresses, we invite you to read our list of best torrent sites without registration.

Conclusion: Use the best torrent sites well

Tired of downloading torrents poor quality, in 3D when your screen can't read them, or dubbed in Polish? A solution : learn to read their tags.

To discover also: What is uTorrent software?

Intended to provide information on the content of torrents, tags used by the warez and torrents scene, however, may seem cryptic to the uninitiated.

Torrent filenames typically look like this:

Title (release date) -additional information on the film-Source -Format / Compression Languages ​​and subtitles-Additional information on the release-Name of the team.

How to read the name of a torrent file

Additional information about torrent files is:

  • DC: Director's Cut Editing of the film in accordance with the wishes of the director and different from the original version.
  • UNRATED: Uncensored version of the film
  • EXTENDED (CUT): Version reintegrates cut scenes
  • STV: Straight to Video. The film was never released in theaters, but directly on DVD.
  • REMASTERED: Old movie remastered and re-released
  • FESTIVAL: Film which has only been screened privately during a festival (Gannes for example).
  • FINAL: Last episode of a series. Sometimes doubled.
  • SE: Special Edition. generally to report additional content (interviews, making-of).
  • LIMITED: Film released in a limited number of theaters.
  • THEATRICAL: If an extended / remastered / unrated / SE version has already been pirated, THEATRICAL is used to clarify that this is the original version, as it was seen in the cinema.
  • RATED: Censored version of the film.

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