VK Streaming: What is the New Reliable Streaming Address?

VK Streaming, one of the best free movie and series streaming sites, here is the new address and the top alternatives?

VK Streaming - What is the New Reliable Streaming Address
VK Streaming - What is the New Reliable Streaming Address

New VK Streaming and Alternatives address: Since the year 2013 VK has swept over the free online streaming, you might think that this host has found the miracle solution to crush the competition formed by among others putlocker and Vidoza and achieve the virtual monopoly previously held by Openload. But this is the strangeness of the thing, VK is not a host it is the diminutive of the site, which is the Russian Facebook.

So, the idea behind the Streaming VK site is to offer thousands of movies and series for free streaming by using as main host the famous VK site which offers a free HD player and which does not require a registration to be able to watch your videos. As a result, the site offers films, series and cartoons in French with ease of use.

In this article, I invite you to discover the new official VK Streaming address and the list of best alternatives to keep watching your movies and series in free streaming.

The new VK Streaming address

The free streaming site VK Streaming does not work anymore. A situation that created a controversy among Internet users who did not hesitate to show their dissatisfaction with this closure. At the same time, some wonder if there is not a new Streaming VK link through which they could continue to watch the movies and series in free streaming.

Fortunately, the site VK Streaming is not really closed, but it just changed address to migrate to another. To help you find the new address that works, here's the full list:

  • : Works but blocked by ISPs in France.
  • : Works but blocked by ISPs in France.
  • : FAKE
  • : FAKE
The New Address VK Streaming - VK STREAMING Voir Film Complet Gratuit
The New Address VK Streaming - VK STREAMING Voir Film Complet Gratuit

So the main streaming site is back. It reappears in the sector after changing many times address during. En 2021, it is now possible to find the original content and to “show off”. You can therefore find the features that made it so famous, unlike the presence of short advertisements. This is because of the financial constraints that the structure will have to face.

However, VK Streaming is no longer available in France, the beneficiaries got the better of him. To do this, a specific process is required to access its new address.

In case your ISP has not blocked you from accessing the site, you can get there using the new VK Streaming 2021 address or try other methods to unblock the site like changing your DNS or the use of a VPN.

We also invite you to discover in the following section other reliable and operational VK Streaming similar and alternative sites in 2021.

What is behind such a success of VK Streaming?

The success of VK Streaming has been overwhelming, but quite predictable, the quality was there, offers streaming videos up to 720p, there are no ads while playing the videos.

Add to this a very lax VK file deletion policy (even if this changed during the last quarter of 2019) to better convince uploaders.

It was the recipe for success in establishing itself in a few months as the number 1 free streaming site in Europe, allowing huge financial success for streaming site administrators who bet on it from the start.

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What purpose for VK?

Uploading videos is expensive for VK, videos require a large disk space, but above all a huge bandwidth, some videos will be watched a million times (almost 700 teras of BP).

VK Video Catalog
VK Video Catalog

In the absence of advertisements it is completely impossible to monetize these enormous costs. One can wonder the reasons for this laxity on the videos, the site could have hardened its anti-piracy policy by blocking and banning the accounts having been at the origin of many complaints, limiting the number of views.

One hypothesis of this laxity could be that VK has become very well known in the west thanks to streaming even if this has had very little influence on its number of users. But the influence of the site has grown, and Russia intends to impose itself in the world thanks to their power on the internet.

We can therefore see VK as a weapon of this influence and a means to put a stick in the wheels of the USA which does not hinder to do the same on their side.

The anti-piracy policy has largely hardened in recent months, the videos deleted for DMCA (copyright complaint) have been accentuated in particular on blockbusters. The site has faults, it is possible to import videos into your account in one click (beware of the leech), the upload is not the fastest without taking into account the conversion time.

And this explains why we notice that the sites based on the VK upload, namely VK Streaming, now use other video hosts to upload and download the films and series available on the platform.

Top 10 Best VK Streaming Alternatives to Watch Movies & Series Streaming Free

If despite all these precautions the site is inaccessible, you can turn to VK Streaming alternatives and similar sites. Other sites that we estimate at nearly 50 are alternatives to it. Among these, we have some that are well known.

Top Best VK Streaming Alternatives to Watch Movies & Series Streaming Free
Top Best VK Streaming Alternatives to Watch Movies & Series Streaming Free

Like the free movies and series streaming sites and VOSTFR and VO streaming sites, these alternatives are continuously closed and taken offline. At the time of writing, all of the websites listed below are currently working and can be used.

So let's discover the list of Best VK Streaming Alternatives to Watch Streaming Movies and Series and accessible anywhere in the world:

  1. Film-streamingk
  2. French Stream
  3. Moviestreaming2
  4. Full Stream
  5. Watch movie
  6. See series
  7. HDS
  8. StreamingFrance
  9. Wawa City
  10. Wiflix
  11. Heavy
  12. Empire Streaming
  13. MovieStreaming1
  14. DP streaming
  15. StreamLook
  16. bovmi
  17. Papystreaming
  18. Filmstoon
  19. Sokroflix
  20. Films
  21. Streamforyou
  22. Cpassmieux
  23. Series streaming
  24. 01Streaming
  25. Wikiseries
  26. NullStream
  27. Cinezzz
  28. Galtro
  29. Instream
  30. Planet Streaming

Tips for accessing the New Address

For a few months, the Stream VK site has stopped working in certain countries. Indeed, it has been blocked by their access providers and is therefore censored. This made thousands of Internet users unhappy for whom the site was an excellent alternative, especially during the period of the health crisis.

To access the new address, you will necessarily need a VPN. Obviously, VPNs are excellent palliatives, they are very popular with those who want to watch video content incognito and without risk.

The VPN makes it possible to hide the IP address by making it anonymous and protects personal information. Once the VPN is installed, it is accessed to change the IP.

In addition, the strict and successive confinements that we experienced last year had the effect of generating strong growth in the consumption of French Internet users in terms of dematerialized cultural goods.

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But not all have turned to legal offers. Indeed, in a study made public a few days ago, the Hadopi affirms that in 2020 it will be no less than 12,7 million French people on average per month who have visited illegal streaming and download sites, with a peak observed at 14,2 million Internet users in March 2020.

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