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Time2watch: 25 Best Free Streaming Sites to Watch Movies & Series

Time2watch no longer works, we invite you to discover the list of the Best Free Streaming Sites to watch Movies & Series??

Time2watch: 25 Best Free Streaming Sites to Watch Movies & Series
Time2watch: 25 Best Free Streaming Sites to Watch Movies & Series

Time2watch - Best Free Movies & Series Streaming Sites: Before, it was so simple: you just had to turn on the television and choose a channel. Today, while we have a much wider range of movies and TV shows, it seems like you have to choose from dozens of services to watch that you can watch a full movie or series episode streaming without interruption.

A few months ago, Time2watch streaming was one of the best free streaming sites without registration. Indeed this site offers thousands of movies and TV series in free and unlimited French streaming but not only, in fact the site also offers the free direct download movies and episodes in .avi, dvdrip, 4k, etc. and given the amount of traffic he perceived per day, the French authorities asked internet service providers to block access, which is why Time2watch is currently closed.

Having said that, in this article I will share with you a complete list of Best Free Streaming Sites Like Time2watch to Watch Unlimited Movies & Series.

Time2watch permanently closed

In March 2020, Time2Watch and other streaming sites offering films and series to be watched illegally in streaming are now blocked in France by decision of the Paris court. This action is the result of a joint complaint by the National Federation of Film Publishers (FNEF), the Syndicate of Digital Video Editing (SEVN), the Union of Cinema Producers (UPC) and the National Cinema Center. (CNC).

Time2watch closed - streaming site and free download of movies and series
Time2watch closed - streaming site and free downloads of movies and series

In addition, in a post on Twitter, the administrator of Time2Watch discusses the reasons for the closure of his streaming and direct download site:

There comes a time when we have covered all that it was interesting to do, where even the desire to fight these giants of legal offers, to put on the pole this very French media chronology, and to make profitable this private copying levy joke […] All this does not provide enough motivation to continue to invest so much, after so many years for some, in the face of fatigue and the desire to move on, quite simply.

Time2watch administrator - Twitter

She " will not reopen in any other form, all domain names in time2watch. * are (and will be) just clones putting your computer and wallet at risk ". The decision should be applauded by the film industry. 

That said, the Time2watch streaming site was previously only accessible at the following address: (closed) the other extensions were clones.

Update 2022: A new Time2watch address is accessible:

On the other hand, and since the closure of this popular streaming and downloading site, several alternatives and similar sites have sprung up. In the next section we will share with you the complete list for help you watch free streaming Movies & Series without security risk for your computer or smartphone.

Note that this article, proposed for educational purposes, refers to platforms offering the download of legal content but also content protected by copyright. Note that downloading copyrighted content is prohibited by law, even for private copying if the source is not lawful.

We therefore decline all responsibility for the use you may make of the techniques presented here. You must always make sure that the work you download is copyright free, otherwise you must turn to the legal offer made available to you.

Top: Best Free Streaming Sites to Watch and Download Movies & Series

Just like the best streaming sites without registration, the sites of torrent download or even football streaming, these movie websites are continuously closed and deleted. At the time of writing, all of the websites listed below are working and can be used.

In addition, Time2watch offers streaming and downloading and this is a rather rare feature these days. However, the list includes free online streaming sites as well as DDL download sites.

Le DDL direct download is the best way for free downloading movies and series. The advantage of direct downloading in DDL is to have the file on your disk with the maximum quality with the possibility of using it offline with family or friends.

We let you discover the list of the best Free Streaming Sites like Time2watch to watch and download Movies & Series:

  1. Watch movie : VoirFilms falls into the category of the best free French streaming sites similar to Time2watch Streaming, with a wide choice of movies and series all available in HD version.
  2. French Stream : As a result, French Streaming is one of the best free movie and series streaming sites these days. On this site you can find your films and series in different versions: VF, VO, VOSTFR as well as a wide choice of genres of films and series.
  3. GrandpaStreaming : Papystreaming is one of the oldest streaming sites in French. The site offers complete films and series in VF streaming, as well as in VOSTFR according to the links. Films and series are available for free and without restrictions.
  4. Planet Streaming : This site is a search engine that allows you to find movies, series and animes in several reliable streaming sites.
  5. Wiflix : A very popular site in France which offers thousands of films and series in free streaming without registration. The site changes addresses frequently so follow our guide to stay up to date with changes.
  6. Sokroflix : An alternative to Time2watch is Sokroflix streaming, this site offers you to watch the latest popular movies and series in VF streaming without registration and for free. To download a movie or episode, you can use a chrome extension which allows you to easily download the files.
  7. cpasbien : One of the most popular websites in the world. Hundreds of thousands of people searched there every day, Cpasbien is the place to be if you want to download unlimited movies and series online for free.
  8. Empire Streaming : A new streaming site similar to Time2watch, it offers free, unlimited VF streaming movies without registration. You can choose from several available readers.
  11. wawacity
  12. Full stream
  13. Putlockers
  14. Moviestreaming1
  15. Papdustream
  16. Cinemay
  17. View Series
  18. HDS
  19. Libertyvf
  20. Download zone
  22. 01 streaming
  23. Gratflix
  24. 4kstreamz
  25. Galtro
  26. HDSS
  27. Radego
  28. Cinezzz
  29. VK Streaming
  31. ooviv
  32. Series streaming
  33. torrent9
  34. DP stream
  35. Mflix
  36. Skstream
  37. Toblek
  38. Dradab
  40. Mystream
  41. yapeol

The list of top sites like Time2watch is updated every month to add addresses.

Writing Reviews

For more addresses, we invite you to discover our Streaming section and the list of Best Free Vostfr Streaming Sites.

What if one of the streaming sites isn't working?

If access to one or these sites is impossible, here are several possible solutions:

  • Modify the default DNS of your network configuration in order to bypass the censorship of your operator who voluntarily blocks access to the site in question.
  • Try to deactivate your ad blocker. Usually the blocker does not prevent access to the site but hides the download links.

Indeed you can short-circuit the DNS servers from your local ISP, using other servers. This allows you to find the addresses of domains it might be blocking. There are a number of free DNS services available (almost) everywhere that you can try. OpenDNS provides such a service and also hosts guides on how to change the DNS server your computer is using ( There is also an updated list of DNS servers accessible worldwide on this site:

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We hope our article will help you find the best alternatives to Time2watch. Feel free to share your favorite streaming addresses in the comments section, and share the article on Facebook and Twitter!

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