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123sport: 25 Best Sites to Watch Football Streaming Free (2022 Edition)

123sport, new address to watch Football Streaming for Free ⚽?

123sport - Best Sites to Watch Free Streaming Football
123sport - Best Sites to Watch Free Streaming Football

123sport - top football streaming site: Obviously, the best sports streaming sites are capable of replacing cable and satellite TV channels. The best Free Streaming soccer sites make premium sites unnecessary.

Gone are the days when you had to pay to watch live sporting events, or any other event. Thanks to free football streaming sites such as 123sport tv, you can access prime time matches and sporting events in general for free.

In this article, I will share with you the complete 123sport review, new reliable addresses and a list of top sites like 123sports to watch Free Streaming Football.

What is 123sport

123sport tv is a free sports and football streaming site which provides links to major sporting events around the world. Whether it's football, NFL, NBA or motorsports, you will find links to all the games on this platform.

So if you are not familiar with soccer streaming sites then you can try 123sport because it is really easy to use. For viewers who like to multitask while watching TV, SportStream is a great website especially ideal for watching the latest football matches for free. - Watch Football Online Free - Watch Football Online Free

Clean design and great user interface tie together and make 123sports one of the newest sites in football streaming and most popular sports streaming. A simple design can go a long way in improving the overall user experience.

Without intrusive ads and with simple menus, you can find the content you want to watch without a hitch. The homepage, with its black background and center alignment, lists all of the world's most high-profile sporting events that you might want to watch on any given day.

Unlike other sites like foot live, 123sport tv is not limited to a handful of sports. From now on, you can access sports such as American football, baseball, basketball, soccer, ice hockey, racing, rugby, tennis, golf, cycling, boxing, MMA, NBA, MLB, gymnastics and handball, as well as many other sports.

You can find 3-4 links for each encounter that you find in each category. In addition, the site also offers live streaming of several sports TV channels namely beIN sport, RMC sport, etc.

With thousands of sites providing statistics, information, fancy results and chat services, the competition is stiff to establish itself as a sports streaming site leading.

What is the new address for 123sport?

If you want to access 123sport, you can search for the term "SportStream" in your search engine. But you will find “FAKE” sites and links which makes searching more difficult.

To help you, here is the list of main links of 123sport :

Alternatively you can use these links to go directly to the website, alternatively you can use one of the similar sites from the next section. When accessing the website, ensure that you are using a Active VPN.

Test, Reviews and Features

The design of 123sport is simple and straightforward. There is nothing that really sets it apart, but at the same time, the gist is there. A few features like manual slider to access different sports categories and manual time setting improve the overall user experience. That said, the black background, white menus, and text just don't measure up.

In addition, the 123sport tv header section has four main options: Home, TV Channels, Live Score and Help. Under these options, you can explore the site further to find your searches.

Test - 123sport works like a directory. He shares a high quality link on his website that users can use to access live streams and thus watch Football games Streaming for Free.
Test - 123sport works like a directory. He shares a high quality link on his website that users can use to access live streams and thus watch Football games Streaming for Free.

That said, I really like the developer's attention to detail. A simple decision not to showcase advertising on the homepage really makes a big difference.

Since there are no ads on the homepage, you don't have to worry about wrong clicks or malware. Not only is streaming safer, but it also keeps you on the page longer when trying to test links.

When it comes to streaming links, 123sport in my opinion provides the best links for its users. In my last reviews I spoke of many football streaming sites with excellent links and I'm glad that 123 sport can easily be included in this list.

You can either use a standard link to watch the streaming or use the Flash player. There are up to 3 links to the Flash player if you want to view the content in a new window.

In addition, links to sports streaming content are not lacking on this platform. You will find reports on the most distant matches of the leagues that you know nothing about. Lively discussions or banter, there's a place for everything at 123sport.

It provides direct streaming links to all major sports in the world. Some of the main links to sports and competitions that you will find on this platform include streaming football, American football, baseball, basketball, football, ice hockey, racing, rugby, tennis, golf, cycling, boxing, MMA, NBA, MLB, gymnastics and handball.

The great thing about 123sports is that you get, in addition to free football streaming, details on current and upcoming matches. For example, the league games that will take place tomorrow, but this streaming site provides information not only about the games of tomorrow, but also of the ones the day after tomorrow.

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Top Best Similar Sites to Watch Football Streaming Free

If you are a sports fan, 123sport tv is one streaming site that you should definitely not overlook. Over the next 3 or 4 months it will explode like wildfire. The interface of the site, its compatibility and the quality of the streaming will make this platform a streaming name to be reckoned with.

That said, with the closure of many streaming sites, many people wonder where they can find free sports streaming!

So, if 123sport does not work, or that you cannot find your match on the platform then do not worry, in the following list we only share the best alternative addresses to 123sport to watch football streaming for free :

  1. LiveTV : Live TV is probably a site you've never heard of before, but it's a site every sports fan should know about. Indeed the site is very easy to use and offers to watch football streaming for free but also all sports.
  2. VIPleague : Another site similar to 123sport, VIPleague is 100% free and one of the best live sports streaming sites. It is also one of the few sports match broadcasting sites to make the effort to have a clean and organized site.
  3. streamonsport : Streamonsports is one of the best alternative live streaming site to 123 sport and which also offers you to watch football matches in Free Streaming as well as other sports streaming and sports tv channels live streaming for free and without registration.
  4. Direct red : Rojadirecta is a website of Spanish origin from which you can very well consult the streams for each football match. It is essential to remember that this site is illegal, given its free access. This is because it discloses content that has not obtained permission from the authors.
  5. foot live : Foot live ranks in the category of the best free French football streaming sites, with a wide choice of live football matches available all in HD version. This site only features Free Streaming soccer and no other sports.
  6. 720pstream : 720pStream is a very popular sports streaming site. Their main mission is to present reliable links that allow viewers to access content without any hassle. Thanks to 720pStream, you can access links that will give you great sports coverage, reliable links and top quality streams, for free.
  7. stream2watch : Stream2watch is one of the best alternatives to 123sport TV, you can watch sports online, premium coverage of all professional sports leagues around the world.
  8. sportrar : This is a free sports streaming site like 123sport where you can follow sports events like hockey, soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, motorsports, golf, etc. The interface of this site is also very clean and responsive and it allows you to watch streaming football matches for free.
  9. VIPboxTV : Vipboxtv is a comprehensive sports streaming website that offers streaming links to sports events around the world. Although the site is mainly in English, the usage is quite simple and similar to other popular sports streaming sites.
  10. Fromsport : Fromsport is one of the most popular sports streaming sites, which once offered full sports coverage and offers to watch football matches. You could stream football, hockey, tennis, basketball, baseball, boxing, MotoGP and more.
  11. footao
  12. Koora Live
  13. FootStream
  16. volkastream
  19. VIP Box
  22. sportlemon
  23. ChannelStream
  25. Crackstream
  28. FCstream
  29. BuffStreams
  32. Atthe

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The list of top sites like 123sport is updated every week ⚽?


Free Sports Streaming

When we love sport and especially football, we can quickly be blocked by the cost represented by the multiple subscriptions to all the channels having appropriated the various retransmissions of the matches. The sports streaming solution is widely considered by a large number of people.

Indeed nobody would want to miss the last shock between OM and PSG or between OL and St Etienne and especially not the matches of the Champions League today! Many solutions exist today in order to take advantage of the meetings whatever it is and without having to spend sums often far beyond the reach of the average citizen. You can also opt for apps like Captvty for record matches live or in replay.

Last thing to know these sites are often international which means that you will find almost any match of any championship but also that you can come across a Marseille - PSG in Thai.

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It should be noted that illegal streaming presents real dangers. Indeed, in case you subscribe to illegal soccer streaming sites, you risk having big problems. Indeed, the French state and legal soccer streaming sites have recently teamed up to easily catch all illegal soccer streaming sites.

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If you know of any other reliable addresses, please drop us a line in the comments section and don't forget to share the article!

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