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Live TV SX: Watch Live Sports Streaming For Free is one of the best sites to watch live sports events, football, basketball, tennis and other types of sports on your mobile, tablet or smartphone. ⚽️

Live TV SX: Watch Live Sports Streaming For Free
Live TV SX: Watch Live Sports Streaming For Free

Livetv SX - top free sport streaming site: No sports enthusiast wants to miss an opportunity to follow the various world matches and competitions live. But As many sports fans know all too well, it is not always easy to find live broadcasts of the most important and requested games. And sometimes it's nearly impossible to find live broadcasts of smaller, less expected matches.

Although games are regularly scheduled on cable television, we live in a world where traditional cable television is increasingly difficult to find.

One of the best free live sports streaming sites everywhere is undoubtedly Live TV SX. This is an exceptional and very popular free site that offers live streaming of all sports: football, basketball, tennis, rugby and other types of sports.

Today, I share with you the full test of Live TV SX, the new address that works and the best LiveTV SX alternatives to follow live streaming sports for free.

What is Live TV SX?

Live TV SX or Live RU is an English-speaking live streaming sports site available in 11 other languages ​​as well. The site mainly offers to watch any game from the major leagues or international competitions on the platform. You can enjoy La Liga, UEFA, Badminton, Rugby, NBL, NFL, FIFA, WWE, MMA and all other major events for free without any account or subscription.

Live TV SX - Live broadcasts, live streams, football, ice hockey, tennis and more
Live TV SX - Live broadcasts, live streams, football, ice hockey, tennis and more

Given the somewhat low-key nature of these types of sites, there is not much historical information available on the site. All I can say about Live TV SX and its origins is that according to the bottom of the homepage, the site has been in operation since 2006. Which is impressive for a free live streaming sports site.

Another indication of the site's long history of reliability can be seen in its forum. I always trust a site 10 times more when I see that it has an active forum. A thriving online community is a sign of a great site, and Live TV has a strong community of users, all of whom can discuss games, gamers, and streaming here.

It may be a tight-knit community, but that says a lot about the longevity and reliability of Live TV as a free streaming service over the past fifteen years.

Specialized in Direct Streaming Sports

If it's a live sports streaming, there's a good chance you can find it on Live TV SX, at least if that match is European or North American (I don't think you can find it). something like, for example, Japanese football on this site).

That said, there is a good mix of live streaming of extremely popular sports such as NHL games, NCAA basketball, NBA, NFL, FIFA, and more. and more obscure sports such as handball, professional badminton, volleyball and winter sports.

In addition to the possibility of following the broadcasts live, Live TV goes even further by offering live scores and updated results. This means that even if you are at work and can't really watch the game, you can still rely on Live TV SX for the latest results. In other words, Live TV has the potential to become your # 1 destination for all things gaming that interests you.

In addition, LiveTV sx servers are in full swing. Currently, there are approximately 32 million pages viewed per month. As an example, the World Investigation Team estimates that the previous year, around 70 million spectators with a German IP address watched the matches on their computer rather than on their TV, in order to save Sky subscription fees. And that explains the reason for the growing popularity of this sports streaming site.

What is LiveTV's address in 2022?

Because the download or the sports streaming for free are illegal practices from a point of view of French law, LiveTV SX, like many other alternatives that exist in France (volkastream, 123sport…), Has faced justice on numerous occasions. The sites are closed, but very often they reappear by changing their name, adapting quickly in order to continue to offer a platform to their regulars.

Indeed the old URL is currently marked as not secure (no https). Currently, there is no live streaming, but depending on the site, you have to go through certain announcements and close them to access the match stream.

Where to find the new LiveTV SX address

In recent months, several users have been looking for the new official Live TV SX address, because the search results show more than one address which makes searching more difficult.

What is the LiveTV address that works in 2022?, Here is the list of the new SX LiveTV address that are currently working:

Since April 2022, the official address of LiveTV sx no longer works in France. However, the new address in France is as follows:

The most difficult thing is always to know which link to go to. If you are a regular, your browser may redirect you directly. However, given the amount of different clones and extensions, caution should be exercised.

To watch Champions League matches, the Ligue 1 championship, the Premiere League or other sporting events, the links to the various matches are generally available during the day. If you don't see them yet, bookmark the page and come back in a few hours.

⭐ Link — Live results

How does LiveTV SX work?

Want to watch a match on the Live TV SX site? The operation of the site is particularly intuitive. The home page offers you the latest content that has been included in the directory, but you can also use the search system to find the match or results that interest you.

In addition, it is also possible to navigate through the page " Broadcasts - All upcoming »And the different categories, which identify both the type of content and the quality.

LiveTV is a free site for live sporting events, sports videos as well as live scores, here you have the opportunity to follow a large number of live sporting events, such as Champions League soccer matches. , League 1 and League 2, English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, Spanish Primera Division and more
LiveTV is a free site for live sporting events, sports videos as well as live scores, here you have the opportunity to follow a large number of live sporting events, such as Champions League soccer matches. , League 1 and League 2, English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, Spanish Primera Division and more

Having said that, the site is performing quite well. The site menu bar, for example, makes it easier for you to find what you're looking for. Here you can choose between live streams, live scores, results, video archives, bets or fan clubs.

And to view a live feed, just click on a match and wait for the feed to appear in a window that overlays the site itself. In my opinion, this is smart because even though the streams are hosted by other sites, Live TV doesn't require you to visit third party sites on the contrary, it brings you the live content which is very convenient.

Unfortunately, Live TV does not have an app. However, on her FAQ page, she recommends that users download a browser called Puffin for their Android and iOS phones, which suggests that it will be most compatible with live streamed content.

So the fact that you have to download an additional browser for the best mobile experience is a little depressing, but at least they have a solution to the problem.

Unable to open site

When is indeed functional and appears to be not offline just for you, if so, you need a fault diagnosis or you can look for an alternative for However, in many cases the problem can be attributed to a major DNS bug.

Moreover, it is possible that the site is blocked by some ISPs and this prevents access to the site. So the solution is to use a VPN to change your IP address or change DNS to bypass this blockage.

Do you have to pay to watch the matches live?

The site LiveTV SX is completely free to use, this is the concept implemented by all Direct Streaming sites. There is no need to use a credit card or other payment method.

If you are asked for payment, then it is a scam. If you are unable to find content on an illegal platform without paying, then it is better to subscribe to a more classic site like FuboTV, RMC Sport or Amazon Video Prime.

10 Best Sites Like Live TV SX

Looking for the best LiveTV SX alternative? Here we share with you an exclusive selection of top free sports live streaming sites similar to Live TV SX.

If ever the site is not working in your area or you cannot find your match on LiveTV, you can use these platforms as reliable alternatives.

  1. Direct red : Rojadirecta is a free sports streaming site that has gained popularity among football fans around the world. Although there are many other sports streaming sites, Rojadirecta football remains the most popular.
  2. HesGoal : Hesgoal is a live sports alternative and Live TV SX site which offers free live football streams and broadcasts other major sporting events around the world. 
  3. VIPleague : VIPleague is 100% free and it's one of the best live sports streaming sites like HesGoal. It is also one of the few sports match broadcasting sites to make the effort to have a clean and organized site.
  4. streamonsport : Streamonsport is a site dedicated to live streaming football matches that instantly offers you free match videos to watch live or in replay.
  5. VIPbox : VIPBox is another site like Live TV SX, this site has an elegant user interface and it is one of the oldest, most visited sports streaming platforms and has a multitude of different sports references.
  6. foot live : For live soccer streaming, Footlive is one of the best alternatives to and offers a wide choice of live matches available all in HD version.
  7. CrackStream : As on HesGoal, with Crackstream you can watch NBA, NFL, MLB, MMA, UFC Live Streaming Free and without registration.
  8. Sport Lemon
  9. NBA Stream
  10. 720pstream
  11. Buff Streams
  12. stream2watch
  13. Fromsport
  14. Channel Stream
  15. footao
  21. streameast

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Which live sports streaming site to choose?

While live streaming sports are not per se illegal, it becomes so when you want to acquire content that is protected by copyright.

However, these sites also contain programs that are freely accessible and may therefore be of some interest to you. The ideal is then to multiply the different platforms, to find the one that best meets your needs.

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Many free live sports streaming sites can be linked to illegal resources. Hence, it is always advisable to enable a VPN for streaming before connecting to these free live sports sites.

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