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Rojadirecta: Best Sites to Watch Live Sports Streaming Free

Rojadirecta is currently one of the best sites to watch live sports, but there are other alternatives ⚽️?

Rojadirecta: Best Sites to Watch Live Sports Streaming Free
Rojadirecta: Best Sites to Watch Live Sports Streaming Free

Rojadirecta - Top sports website in live streaming: In recent years, live broadcasting of sporting events has exploded in popularity, due to increasingly expensive subscriptions from private television channels.

Having said that, when it comes to watching football streaming for free, the name Rojadirecta is one of the first that comes to mind. At least as far as football is concerned in Europe and in most Spanish-speaking countries where through other names such as Rojadirect TV or rojadirécta, these live stream sites now have a larger audience than the legal football streaming platforms.

In this article, I will introduce you to the complete Rojadirecta test, new reliable addresses and a list of the best Rojadirecta alternatives to watch live sports streaming for free.

What is Rojadirect?

They are called Rojadirecta, LiveTV SX, LemonSports and their extensions (.com ,. me ,. es) evolve with the convictions. Appeared in the mid-2000s, the sites of live streams sporting events have created a globalized market where suppliers, manufacturers, intermediaries and even advertisers enrich themselves in a virtual world without borders.

Along the same lines, Rojadirecta is a free sports streaming site that has gained popularity among football fans around the world. Although there are many other sports streaming sites, for football Rojadirecta remains the most popular.

ROJADIRECTA - Watch Sports Live Streaming
ROJADIRECTA - Watch Sports Live Streaming

Today, the site is the largest index of sporting events, TV channels and live sports streams accessible via the internet around the world via PC, Android, iPhone and TV.

Of course, Rojadirecta doesn't have well-defined categories like other top indexing networks. However, you can still find current and upcoming matches using the home page. This is possible thanks to the search bar located just above the list of matches. If you search for a query, you will get results related to that match in no time.

However, after Rojadirecta was blocked for copyright infringement, many clone pages and even mobile apps started appearing.

This is why Rojadirecta is a site that has several clones and proxies with a lot of advertisements, which makes the task of finding the reliable and functional address a real headache.

How does it works?

If all you want is to dive into the next FC Barcelona or Manchester United game without worrying about a thing, then RojaDirecta is the site for you! At first glance, its interface might seem too simple to you, but it's actually very comfortable and easy to use, thanks to a few cool features.

First of all, the main page of the site presents all the upcoming match series according to the local time of the user accessing it. It is therefore not necessary to convert the hours depending on where you are connecting from (very practical function for those who want to watch foreign sports).

In addition, although Rojadirecta does not present sports categories such as rugby, basketball and tennis (although present on other Rojadirecta addresses), the events are listed in chronological order, which means that you only have to scroll down the list to see all the sporting events planned.

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For each event, there are many sports streaming links available, each redirecting to a live streaming site (available in multiple languages). For example, for Real Madrid vs Barcelona some time ago, Rojadirecta showed around fifty links! For F1 and other sports streaming, Rojadirecta generally offers around twenty links. And so on.

What is Rojadirecta's new address?

As mentioned in the previous section, when you hear about watching football online, you quickly associate it with the site of La Roja Directa, which is certainly the most well-known site dedicated to streaming football matches and other games. sports online.

Rojadirecta was the pioneer site for free online soccer streaming over ten years ago, and today the site is not closed, we can see it operate under different names and addresses.

In recent months, several users have been looking for the new official Rojadirecta address, because the search results show more than one address which makes searching more difficult.

  1. (works)
  2. (works)
  3. (works)
  4. (works)
  5. (works)

I cannot vouch for the streaming, but I can certainly do so for the information available on the site. If you want to know the meetings and information related to your favorite sports, RojaDirecta is the site for you to visit.

There is a good chance that you will not only find streaming information but also some valid links through their forum. (we'll talk about that in a minute). Coming back to the topic, Rojadirecta allows users to collect information without being bothered by advertisements and other anomalies.

Alternatives: 20 Best Sites Like Rojadirecta To Watch Sports Streaming

The rise of streaming services has led to an increase in the number of platforms offering an index of sporting events, namely Sports Live Streaming. There are thousands of websites offering streaming links that aim to provide you with up-to-date information on your favorite sport.

Broadcasting football and other sports on the Internet has become a multi-million dollar business around the world. Thanks to continuous advancements in technology and Internet networks, users have a variety of web sites that provide streaming media.

Competition among all these websites is more than fierce to attract more users the better. Users who, beyond sports predictions or football betting, seek entertainment with one of the main hobbies: sports.

Thus, we share with you the full list of top sites like Rojadirecta to watch sports streaming free and without subscription:

  1. VIPleague : VIPleague is 100% free and it is one of the best live sports streaming sites to replace Rojadirecta. It is also one of the few sports match broadcasting sites to make the effort to have a clean and organized site.
  2. streamonsport : Streamonsport is one of the best Rojadirecta alternatives. This site dedicated to streaming football, Rugby, Basketball, Formula 1 and other Sports matches live Streaming and which instantly offers you match videos to watch live or in replay, free of charge.
  3. VIPbox : VIPBox is a free sports streaming site that has a sleek user interface and it is one of the oldest, most visited sports streaming platforms and has a multitude of different sports references.
  4. Stream2Watch : Stream2watch is a free live sports streaming site without registration but also one of the best sites like Rojadirecta, it gives you the possibility to watch sports online, premium coverage of all professional sports leagues around the world.
  5. Channel Stream : Channelstream is one of the most popular free sports live streaming sites that allows you to stream and watch live channels for free. All you need to access this site is a stable internet connection.
  6. JokerStream : JokerStream is a free English sports streaming site. It provides free live streaming of the biggest sporting events around the world including football, rugby, basketball, baseball, hockey, motorsport, tennis and many more.
  7. batman-stream
  8. CrackStream
  9. VIProw
  10. sportrar
  13. FootStream
  14. FCstream
  15. sportlemon
  18. Fromsport
  21. 123sport
  24. FCstream
  25. NBA Streams

The list of the best Rojadirecta Alternatives is updated weekly?


Blocking and legal issues

There is no doubt that the birth of the streaming has meant a real revolution for fans of all sports around the world. This service designed to optimize the downloading of audio and video files, has millions of users in all corners of the planet, who take advantage of each innovation of the communications age to follow everything related to their favorite competitions, in particularly when the platforms allow them to follow the actions completely free of charge.

Of course, that took away the monopoly on television as the only way to access sport. But it is also true that some feed portals have faced some legal issues due to the hacking fees. Such was the case with the popular football broadcast site Rojadirecta, who was forced to cease functioning while his legal issues were resolved.

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Thanks to its popular referencing site - the 2nd most consulted in the world with 14 million connections per month according to data from Idate - the Spanish company Puerto 80 Projects officially garnered 1 to 2 million euros in advertising revenue per year. , according to the statements of his accountant during a lawsuit launched by La Liga in Spain in 2016.

The authorities had in passing seized 11 million euros in his bank accounts. But it is impossible to have a precise and global idea of ​​the sums generated by all the illegal streaming sites.

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