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Volkastream: 10 Best Sites to Watch Football Online Free (2022 Edition)

Never miss a soccer match you really care about thanks to Volkastream and similar free soccer streaming sites. ⚽

Volkastream: 10 best sites to watch soccer games for free
Volkastream: 10 best sites to watch soccer games for free

Volkastream - top football streaming site: The internet is filled with football streaming sites competing with each other to provide you with the latest news and updates regarding the magnificent sport.

Among dozens of sites, Volkastream foot is a unique site which stands out from the others mainly by its dual functionality. It does much more than provide live streaming football.

In this article, I share with you the Complete guide to the new Volkastream addresses and the list of the best sites to watch football matches live streaming.

Volkastream: Top Best Sites to Watch Football Games Online Free (2022 Edition)

Internet streaming was a staple of a multi-million dollar free streaming industry even before the global giants dabbled in mobile and desktop streaming.

Over the past decade, the sports streaming has become one of the most lucrative ways to earn money from free soccer streaming sites.

Volkastream - Which site to watch free live soccer matches?
Volkastream - Which site to watch free live soccer matches?

Indeed there are so many Free Sports Streaming Sites which allow you to watch the matches live without having to pay a dime. Whether it's the UEFA Champions League, Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Champions League, Italian Serie A, La Liga, Premier League, German Bundesliga, Brazilian Serie A or Europa League you can watch them all free online.

Having said that, Volkastream is a particular and quite interesting site which enjoys a certain reputation in the world of free soccer streaming.

What is Volkastream foot?

volkastream is the ideal platform for football fans looking to watch football matches in free streaming. Volkastream com defines itself as a leading French streaming platform which provides live matches, statistics and other information on the majority of leagues. However, what she is best known for is for her live streaming prowess.

volakstream me - Football live streaming free HD footstream Foot
volakstream me - Football streaming live gratuit HD footstream Foot

On the homepage, you might think that the site has no issues, but it is only by entering the inner pages that you will find links of streaming to live TV channels like RMC sport, beIN sport, TF1TX1TMCM6W9CANAL +C8EurosportFrance2, etc.

Indeed, the site also offers IPTV links to watch these channels live 24 / 24h and 7 / 7d.

In addition, the site covers football championships around the world. It is not limited to League 1, La Liga or Serie A. You can find live streams relating to various leagues from all over the world.

Volkastream foot - streaming live TV channels like RMC sport, beIN sport, TF1, TX1, TMC, M6, W9, CANAL +, C8, Eurosport, France2
Volkastream foot - streaming live TV channels like RMC sport, beIN sport, TF1, TX1, TMC, M6, W9, CANAL +, C8, Eurosport, France2

So, even if you want to watch the MLS or the K-League, there is a good chance that you will find the game on the platform. There you will find the latest news, transfer scoops and other important information that will keep fans impatient as the match approaches.

The real-time update allows fans to keep up to date with every encounter without missing a beat. Recently I was watching the game between Croatia and Spain and I missed Azpilicueta's goal at the start of the second half, so I opened Volkastream and I was able to easily watch the replay minute by minute.

Legal warning : Reviews does not verify whether applications, services, or websites have the correct licenses for the media they provide. We do not own, operate or resell any streaming site, service, application or addon. Each person is solely responsible for the media to which he / she has access and must only contain works not protected by copyright.


That said, the Volkastream foot site changes address frequently as with most other sites, which is why I am sharing with you the following list to help you find the new addresses:

1. volkastream.comOften inaccessible
2. volkastream.meOften inaccessible
3. Volkastream.comClone
New Volkastream addresses in 2022

It is likely that Volkastream does not work in your area, and this has been the case for several users since March 2021, we do not know the reasons but the good news is that there are many similar sites to continue watching your football matches in free streaming, we share with you in the following section the complete list.

Best Sites to Watch Football Online Free

There are many free alternatives to Volkastream me, just like the best free streaming sites, the sites of direct download or the sports streaming, these football live streaming websites are continually being closed and removed. At the time of writing, all of the websites listed below are working and can be used.

Generally speaking, the operation of these sites is the same as Volkastream, the home page of the live soccer streaming site will be classified according to the start time of the event.

So you can watch all the matches live completely for free. You just have to go to the site and choose the match, even without installing any plugin or program.

So let's discover the list of the best sites to watch football matches in Free Streaming:

  1. foot live : Foot Live is one of the best replacements for Volkastream, this free French football streaming site offers a wide choice of live matches, all available in HD version, a real reference in the field.
  2. LiveTV : the classic Live TV is a real benchmark. You have the opportunity to follow major sporting events live, including all international matches, Ligue 2, etc., etc. What's more, Live TV SX, offers news, results and reruns!
  3. Direct red : Another best place to visit to watch live football streaming with the latest match updates. RojaDirecta always ensure the live broadcast of matches without update delay.
  4. streamonsport : Streamonsports is one of the best live streaming site similar to Volkastream that offers you to watch football matches as well as other sports and sports channels live streaming for free and without registration.
  5. SportLemon : it is a live streaming site that offers all new soccer games in real time streaming. You will find an easy to use search option, where you can type in the match you want to see. If it happens live you will find the option to watch live, if the match ends you will find a recap video to stream.
  6. VIPleague : an exceptionally popular site for seeing football matches as well as other sports. VIPLeague looks like most live streaming platforms like Volkastream foot and offers most sports live streams.
  7. 720pstream : The unique feature of this streaming site is you can read the latest news related to sports and football. Regardless of the live soccer matches, you will receive an automatic notification in the live section, which will help you remember which live matches are live now.
  8. stream2watch : Stream2watch is a free, no-registration live sports streaming site, it gives you the ability to watch sports online, premium coverage of all professional sports leagues around the world.
  9. sportrar : With Sportrar you don't have to complicate your life: just click on a match you want to watch and the live broadcast will start in a few moments. If you like to avoid all the lengthy registration processes and all the hassle that goes with it, Sportrar will be a smart choice.
  10. footybite : Footybite is an ideal streaming site for users who want to stream games on the go. Through the website or mobile app you can keep up to date with everything happening in the major football leagues.
  11. VIP Box
  12. HesGoal
  13. JokerStream
  14. 123sport
  16. ChannelStream
  17. VIProw
  18. CrackStream
  19. FromSport
  20. BuffStreams
  21. FreeStreams
  22. Sportstream

The list of the best football streaming sites like Volkastream is updated every week ⚽


Replays and follow-up of a live score without Streaming

Finally, when it comes to more legal ways to follow a match or view a summary of it, there are two fairly simple methods.

The first just uses Google. From your phone, it is possible to follow the teams in the sports that interest you. This is also possible by directly searching for the team you want to follow on Google.

Finally, to have the summaries of the matches, many championships offer summaries on YouTube a few hours after the end of the meeting. These methods, free and without risk, allow you to follow the score live and to benefit from a summary of the best moments of a meeting… Enough to put aside illegal streaming.

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Write us your thoughts on these sites in the comments section and don't forget to share the article on Facebook and Twitter!

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