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RARBG: Best Website to download Movies and Series in Free Torrent (Address and Proxy)

RARBG not working for you? So here are some RARBG mirrors and RARBG proxy options to help you access all your favorite torrent files?️

RARBG: Best Website to download Movies and Series in Free Torrent (Address and Proxy)
RARBG: Best Website to download Movies and Series in Free Torrent (Address and Proxy)

RARBG Torrent - Top site of torrent download: Regarding torrent sites, RARBG is essential. It has a massive library of torrents that offer a multitude of formats, ranging from latest movies, music, books, TV series and several other files.

Since its inception in 2008, this free torrent download site has grown rapidly to become the preferred torrent source for many users. However, many users have difficulty finding the real RARBG address or working proxy sites.

In this article, I will share with you the new RARBG address as well as the RARBG proxies which are operational in 2021 and the list of the best alternatives.

RARBG: Best Website to download Movies and Series in Free Torrent (Address and Proxy)

To get a good understanding of things, we'll start by explaining the different types of downloads that are used the most.

  • Direct download (direct download in French) this is when you go to a site such as ccleaner and click on the download link. The software download is then done directly in your browser. The transfer takes place between a single server and your computer.
  • Downloading a torrent uses peer to peer (understand computer to computer). You will need to use specific software to download the file. The file will then be downloaded from as many sources (computer) as available.

Thus, RARBG is a torrent download site and not a DL site. Having said that, and above all else, the editorial staff of Reviews cannot be held responsible for the use of the information which follows. We strongly recommend that you only use this information in a legal context!

What is RARBG?

For the uninitiated, RARBG Torrent is a website that offers a large library of torrents and magnet links for peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol.

RARBG Torrents, Movies, Series, Documentaries, Software and Music.
RARBG Torrents, Movies, Series, Documentaries, Software and Music.

RARBG torrents offer a variety of file formats, from movies to your favorite TV series, games, music and even software. The site was launched in 2008 and has since climbed the ranks of torrent sites despite successive blockages.

The "rarbg to" site is still accessible, although it remains blocked in some countries. The good news is that with a virtual private network (VPN) or the RARBG proxy sites, you can still access RARBG even if you currently reside in a country where it is prohibited.

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Why is RARBG blocked?

First, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) around the world, especially in Europe, claim that RARBG contributes to copyright infringement. When artists, movie stars, writers and other creative people work hard and spend a lot of money to produce content, the government wants them to enjoy the return on their investment.

Why is RARBG blocked?
Why is RARBG blocked?

It therefore grants them copyright on their content, which means that they are the only ones able to market it. But, if this content is freely distributed on the torrent sites, what happens to the revenue from that content? Incomes will go down, of course.

That said, several entertainment organizations such as Fox, Universal, Paramount Pictures among others, are supporting the fight against torrent sites such as RARBG. Governments are also against piracy, which is why they often crack down on torrent sites.

In fact, in 2020 RARBG was even listed as a target for Bulgarian law enforcement.

Where is RARBG blocked?

RARBG, although still accessible through mirror sites, proxy sites and other RARBG alternative sites, is indeed blocked in a number of countries. These include the following countries:

  • Saudi Arabia (blocked since April 2014)
  • United Kingdom (blocked since November 2014)
  • Denmark (blocked since March 2015)
  • Turkey (blocked since August 2015)
  • Portugal (blocked since October 2015)
  • Italy (blocked since March 2017)
  • Australia (blocked since August 2017)
  • Indonesia (blocked since October 2017)
  • Finland (blocked since June 2018)
  • United Arab Emirates (blocked since June 2018)
  • Ireland (blocked since January 2018)
  • Belgium (blocked from January 2019)
  • India (blocked from April 2019)
  • Greece (blocked from May 2019)

So, in the next section we will share with you the list of reliable RARBG proxies and mirror sites that work all over the world.

Top Proxies, mirror sites and Alternatives

Now that we understand what RARBG is, we can move on to accessing a RARBG proxy or to a RARBG mirror.

Think of a mirror site and RARBG proxy as a RARBG alternative, essentially. Although this is a replica, that does not mean that a mirror site does not have the functionality of its original counterpart.

In the same way that your mirror gives a complete reflection of yourself, a mirror site offers a complete reflection of the main domain. This is an exact copy of the real thing.

We let you discover the list of reliable RARBG Torrent mirror sites and Proxy in 2021:

  1. (Official site)
  2. (Proxies)
  3. (Proxies)
  4. (Proxies)
  5. (Mirror)
  6. (Proxies)
  7. (Proxies)
  8. (Proxies)
  9. (Mirror)
  10. (Proxies)
  11. (Clone)
  12. (Clone)
  13. OxTorrent (Alternative)
  14. Download zone (Alternative)
  15. torrent9 (Alternative)
  16. Cpasbien (Alternative)
  17. YggTorrent (Alternative)
  18. Torrentz2 (Alternative)
  19. KickAss (Alternative)
  20. The Pirate Bay (Alternative)
  21. iDope (Alternative)
  22. LimeTorrent (Alternative)
  23. Tirexo (Alternative)
  24. YTS (Alternative)
  25. Fitgirl Repacks (Alternative)

Like many others torrent sites, downloading RARBG is easy. Think of the website as an online library for many different forms of media.

All you need to do is browse the RARBG index page and choose the type of file or document you want. The RARBG index has different categories depending on the type of media you are looking for. It is, of course, imperative that you have a torrent client like uTorrent to extract the torrent files you are downloading.

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Once you find the desired file on RARBG or equivalent sites, click on it. You will then be redirected to the file summary page on the main torrent website. Here you can see the individual files instead of the torrent, as well as its size and format.

In addition, some torrent sites also have a comment section. This feature is useful so that other people can verify the legitimacy of the torrent they are about to download.

From there, you can either manually download the .torrent file itself and upload it to your torrent client. You can also click on the magnet link found on the page and this will automatically launch your torrent client.

Is RARBG illegal?

Technically speaking, torrenting is not per se illegal. To clarify, torrenting is the act of sharing and downloading content through the BitTorrents file transfer protocol network. Torrents use P2P file sharing technology to upload data to the internet. Unlike direct downloads, P2P sharing does not rely on a single centralized server.

Instead, it allows users to upload and download content in a decentralized fashion. This is possible thanks to a number of distribution servers. By decentralizing the process, it allows users to download files faster and consume less bandwidth.

However, torrenting has long been associated with piracy. This is because the majority of content shared through torrenting is copyrighted content. These include movies, TV shows, music, and even software. In addition, video games and e-books can also be downloaded for free from torrent sites.

With this in mind, people often place the torrent in a morally gray spectrum. It is not necessarily illegal, but it is still a tool used to commit acts of hacking.

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It may not host any torrent files or magnet links, but RARBG provides links to websites that do. That said, many copyright owners have criticized the site for promoting illegal downloads of their works. Many companies have even taken legal action against the site.

Torrenting and free downloading

We cannot deny the benefits and convenience of torrenting. In addition, torrent download sites like RARBG Torrent and the many proxy and mirror sites make it easier for us to track down all the media content we are looking for. However, the number of controversies surrounding torrent sites is hard to ignore.

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Downloading content for free is certainly an attractive idea. However, this is an act of piracy and it is undoubtedly illegal. Additionally, consuming content without paying the necessary fees will unintentionally affect the industry and the people involved in its creation.

Nevertheless, it is undeniable that the main and proxy sites of RARBG offer a wide variety of resources for all your favorite digital content.

Don't forget to write us your opinions and suggestions in the comments section, and feel free to share the article!

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