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Cpasbien: 21 Best Sites to Download French Torrents (2023 Edition)

Free torrent: Top +20 best sites to download like Cpasbien!

Cpasbien: 21 Best Sites to Download French Torrents
Cpasbien: 21 Best Sites to Download French Torrents

Cpasbien - Top torrent download sites : One of the most popular websites in the world. Hundreds of thousands of people searched it every day, Cpasbien is the place to be if you want to download unlimited torrents online for free.

For a few months the site remained completely inaccessible, and let's be honest, today find a good torrent download site similar to Cpasbien has become difficult, which is why we have tested the best performing ones so that you can benefit from them.

In this article, we share with you the new Cpasbien address which works and the list of best sites like Cpasbien to download unlimited Torrents.

What is Cpasbien?

cpasbien has established itself in the world of downloading through a very specific channel: the torrent. While Cpasbien provided direct links to films, series, etc., the torrent allows Internet users to download a file in segments, distributed among other users of the same network. CPASBIEN - Download your movies, series and music for free.

Indeed, Cpasbien, this pioneer of online sharing, is a French torrent site that no longer needs presentation. This large active community offers a phenomenal amount of files of all kinds. The principle is very simple, you are asked to respect an exchange ratio, then you send a file and you can download one of the same size.

Unlike the streaming, which allows you to continuously watch audio or video files online, films et TV series, Cpasbien gives the possibility of downloading them for free on a computer support (Tablet, PC, USB key, Smartphone).

Indeed, this site is one of the reference torrent platforms for downloading in France and in French-speaking countries. It has continued to develop and expand over the past ten years.

cpasbien - French torrent download site
cpasbien - French torrent download site

The new Cpasbien address

Oddly, and as with many download sites, it is not enough to type your name in a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Qwant To see it appear the official address of Cpasbien.

Thus, at the start of 2020, the site has changed its name to be called oxtorrent. This site lists a whole library of media, video and audio content available for free download to as many people as possible.

Since the end of 2019, Cpasbien has transformed into Oxtorrent (which is also the new name of Torrent9). Therefore, although there is currently an address that can appear to be official (, the real address of Cpasbien is actually

Cpasbien does not work - The new 2021 address
Cpasbien does not work - The new 2021 address

There is also a clone which is accessible at the following address and which offers torrents downloads only after registration. You can still download Magnets links for free and without creating an account.

2023 update

Since January 2023, the torrent download site is accessible in France with the new address:, et Currently you can use these addresses without the need for a VPN.

It becomes Although the site was able to keep its content, redirecting to the new page seems impossible for users of the platform. They are forced to go directly to the new address.

In addition, this address changes in a short period of time due to several reasons. Even if the address changes regularly, the operation of the site does not change, it remains the same.

Torrent to download on Cpasbien - new Cpasbien Official address
Torrent to download on Cpasbien - new Cpasbien Official address

For this year 2023, the official address of cpasbien is

For those who don't know him, cpasbien is a bit the equivalent of Download zone, but to download torrents (Download Zone offered direct download links). Like its counterpart, Cpasbien has a name that is evocative to say the least, which does not lie about its intentions, to say the least. 

In addition, if you cannot find your files on the site, we invite you to discover the following list which includes the best sites like Cpasbien to download Torrents for free.

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Alternatives: 10 Best Sites to Download French Torrents

As for popular torrent sites or football streaming sitesToday, the most popular and trusted torrent sites are either disappearing or becoming more difficult to access. Unfortunately, governments, ISPs, and various other organizations continue to block them, and Cpasbien is no exception.

The following list includes French torrent sites, analyzed and classified according to the following criteria:

  • Seeder / Leecher ratios: Before torrenting from a website, it is advisable to check the “seeder / leecher” ratios for each file. A higher ratio means that a file has been shared more often.
  • Variety : I do sample research to check out what each site has to offer.
  • Monthly visitors: This is an important metric to consider when comparing torrent sites.

Here is the list of the best alternatives to cpasbien currently active. Let's discover the best sites to download French Torrents:

  1. oxtorrent : Oxtorrent is one of the largest French peer-to-peer file sharing sites. The site has one of the largest databases of French torrents regardless of the torrent category sought: Music, Series, Movies, Software, Video games,
  2. ThePirateBay : Passed by 1000 different names, including PirateProxy for a while, ThePirateBay is still afloat! The big size of the free torrent remains widely used because of its huge catalog, always up to date with the latest Marvel, Star Wars or Netflix series. Always free and without registration like Cpasbien.
  3. YggTorrent : The first French-speaking torrent platform is reborn from its ashes, thanks to the community which takes up the torch. The new team took the opportunity to make some rather interesting transformations to download torrents : optimized ergonomics, removal of the ratio, removal of intrusive advertisements, etc.
  4. torrent9 : Similar to Cpasbien, Torrent9 took users on the wrong foot by offering a public tracker. With more than 50 free torrents, Torrent000 joins its colleague CPASBIEN thanks to its files entirely in French.
  5. gktorrent : Gk Torrent is a fairly new free torrent site. It offers thousands of files in French and many new features to download. If the design remains rather basic, the content is very similar to Cpasbien.
  6. Limetorrents : With nearly 10 million torrents, LimeTorrents is one of the largest torrent sites on the internet. It contains movies, TV programs, music, games, etc.
  7. TorLock : Torlock is a vast platform that brings together more than 500.000 quality links. Oh yeah, you read it well. This is one of the most popular sites to offer you all kinds of content as you crave.
  8. RARBG : RARBG is also another excellent alternative where you can easily download a large selection of files. Founded in 2008, this peer-to-peer file sharing website deserves its place in this list.
  9. YTS : YTS only offers HDlight files (thus HD movies, but weighing around 2GB). Not only does it offer the latest blockbusters, but also more rare and sought-after films such as some Marvel masterpieces or zombie films from the 70s. A very good site that is off the beaten track and does not require registration . For most files, you can even choose the quality. Ideal if you are looking for films, there you will have plenty of them, of good quality and with a very light file as a bonus.
  10. : 1337x is the third most popular torrent site in the world and one of the oldest still in operation. It is a reliable solution that offers a lot of great quality torrents in all categories.
  11. : Kickass Torrents, also known as KATCR, has a huge library of torrents and an equally large community.
  12. : Demonoid is an ancestor of torrent sites, as it was launched in 2003, a year after the creation of the BitTorrent protocol. The particularity of Demonoid is that it is available by invitation, but above all, that it combines a site, an IRC channel and a forum.
  13. Ze Torrents : This French torrent site offers you a platform that is both very easy to use and full of files of all kinds. This warez site offers you files that are often difficult to find and therefore makes it a site of choice.
  14. Libertyvf
  18. wawacity
  22. Tirexo
  26. Fitgirl Repacks
  27. Download zone
  30. TorrentDownloads
  31. GKtorrents
  32. torrentseeker
  33. omgtorrent
  35. IPTorrents

The list of sites like Cpasbien is updated every month ✨


Torrent download sites

Torrents are very popular in France, even governments are trying to fight some big websites for sharing copyright information. A simple visitor to a site is also not protected against the authorities, as downloading illegal content can cause problems with local law.

Besides, most French torrent sites are well established and have a lot of high quality French language content. The popularity of these sites is stable and not drastically decreasing.

Direct streaming has taken a major place in French households, whether it is the legal offer (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc.) or the illegal offer. Even in 2023, paying to discover the latest blockbusters or indie is not always welcome. So here are the 10 best sites for finding torrents!

While it is a workhorse for governments and professionals, torrent downloading is still widely used to download movies, series, software and video games. The sites in question offer content protected by copyright and are therefore prohibited by law..

We have shared with you in the list at the top the list of top best torrent download sites alternatives to Cpasbien, at your own risk.

For the uninitiated, the term "P2P" (peer-to-peer) refers to torrents since in fact, the .torrent file connects several people together ( peers) and these exchange the file. To be part of this equation, you therefore need torrent downloading software: uTorrent, BitTorrent ...

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