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Oxtorrent: New Address, Alternatives & Information (2022 edition)

Oxtorrent is one of the biggest French peer-to-peer file sharing sites. The site has one of the largest databases of French torrents regardless of the torrent category sought: Music, Series, Movies, Software, Video games, Books and even console games ⭐

Oxtorrent: New Address, Alternatives & Information
Oxtorrent: New Address, Alternatives & Information - best French torrent download site: Torrent sites lost users in 2022, in a trend that has been repeated for several years, affecting file sharing networks peer-to-peer (P2P).

However, they are still used daily by millions of users for their ability to distribute large files and as an alternative to direct download sites (DDL).

In the same spirit, OxTorrent is one of the most popular torrent download sites in the French-speaking world which stands out for the quality of the torrent files offered and the ease of use.

In this article we share with you all information about Oxtorrent new address, Alternatives and similar sites to use if is inaccessible.

What is Oxtorrent?

OxTorrent is a free torrent download site which lists Torrent files available mainly in French. Posted in 2019 following the closure of Cpasbien, its official address has already changed ten times and clones aiming to extort the banking data of Internet users abound.

Originally is a free torrent tracker without registration with a large catalog of files: movies, series, music, software, books and games but also Adult content with direct access to more than 80 torrents without registration and without ratio.

OxTorrent com - Download with Official OxTorrent - Download with Official OxTorrent

In addition, despite the prohibitions of the High Authority for the Dissemination of Works and the Protection of Rights on the Internet (Hadopi) due to the presence in the directories of very many works to download for free while they are protected, OxTorrent has more than 30 millions of users.

Technically, this torrent download site works on the principle of P2P (peer-to-peer). Internet users download the torrent file that interests them and in turn share fractions of files with others. To have the file in its entirety, a Torrent client (like uTorrent) is essential.

Top torrents on Oxtorrent
Top torrents on Oxtorrent works like any other torrent download site. It is based on Peer-to-Peer principles for sharing content.

Thus, users download the files of interest to them and in turn share the file fragments with other Internet users. It is a very advanced technology based on human exchange and data transfer.

Another important point is the fact that everything is done for free. The principle of P2P is also based on open access. It is true that watching downloaded movies for free, even if they are illegal, is a practice that can tempt more than one person, especially if they are under VPN protection.

What is the new address for Oxtorrent?

For obvious legal reasons, the authorities regularly block access to the famous torrent site OxTorrent.

This is why many mirror sites regularly appear on the web, identical to the official OxTorrent site but watch out for fakes. Many bogus sites full of malware have flooded the search results so much that you can't tell what is the real new address of in 2022.

Oxtorrent's new address
Oxtorrent's new address

To help you access or its copies that offer real torrent content without an account and for free, we have drawn up the following table:

Find Us HereDESIGNATION TRUE - Works TRUE - Works TRUE - Works
www.oxtorrent.ioTRUE - Redirection TRUE - Redirection
www.oxtorrent.peTRUE - Redirection
www.oxtorrent.tvTRUE - Redirection
www.oxtorrent.ccTRUE - Redirection
www.oxtorrent.coWorks - proxy
www.oxtorrents.buzzCLONE - FALSE
www.oxtorrent.buzzCLONE - FALSE
new Oxtorrent address - Official addresses and real sites in 2022

So you have the possibility to distinguish the real oxtorrent that works in 2022, the address list is updated weekly to notify you of changes.

Torrent9 and Ox torrent: The succession

Many users confuse the two sites, because since the closure of torrent9 , Torrent9 has completely changed its name and is now called Oxtorrent.

Indeed very often, the download platforms prepare to change URL when their main URL is blocked by an ISP or a host. The new official address of Torrent9 becomes OxTorrent.

Torrent9 what is it? New address
Torrent9 what is it? New address

Having said that, there are still several clones and mirror sites accessible, but care should be taken when using these sites.

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Why does Oxtorrent no longer work?

Oxtorrent is inaccessible to you? In reality OxTorrent works perfectly well, as for other sites it is the French access providers who block DNS name resolution and prevent access to the site.

To get around this blocking and unblocking OxTorrent, you will have to change your IP address and geolocate yourself in a country where the site is not blocked. Once your IP address has been changed, it is safe to use the site.

If not you have the possibility to use another download site among the alternatives to Oxtorrent in the next section.

Top Best Alternatives to Oxtorrent

As for the sites of direct download or the sites of Sports streaming, it happens that Oxtorrent no longer works.

Although OxTorrent is still in service, it regularly happens that it is inaccessible for various reasons (blocking of an internet address by internet service providers for example).

This is why we invite you to discover our exclusive list of best reliable Oxtorrent alternatives in 2022 to download torrent files for free and without an account:

  1. torrent9: Although Torrent9 becomes Oxtorrent, this site keeps several mirror sites online and has many similarities to Oxtorrent. Its interface is easy to use and its search engine is efficient. Its search bar then provides access to many torrents.
  2. The Pirate Bay: The “pirate ship” is still afloat after 17 years and the biggest legal harassment of a modern P2P site in living memory. Despite a month of inactivity in early 2020. It retains its first place in 2022 among the best alternative torrents sites to Oxtorrent.
  3. YggTorrent : It is an essential torrent directory. On this one you can find most of the torrents you are looking for. Whether it is Movies, Series, E-books, Training, Cartoons, Video games or software, the choice is great.
  4. Cpasbien: Cpasbien, this pioneer of online sharing, is a French torrent site which ranks among the best alternatives to Oxtorrent.
  5. Montorrent: Formerly OMGtorrent, Montorrent is a great site that offers a wide variety of torrent files to choose from. This site is actually a torrent search engine, which is plugged into the databases of several other very large torrent directories. This makes Montorrent one of the alternatives to OxTorrent arguably the most complete in terms of the database of torrents offered.
  6. TorLock : Torlock is a vast platform that brings together more than 500.000 quality links. Oh yeah, you read it well. This is one of the most popular sites to offer you all kinds of content as you crave.
  7. 1337x: Maintains its place in the top three. Unlike other more specialized search sites, it has a group of loyal users who provide new content on a daily basis.
  8. RARBG: Created in 2008, this site specializes in high quality torrent content.
  9. The popular anime torrent site's Resurrection continues to rank high and gain a spot over other Oxtorrent alternatives.
  10. This is the unofficial successor of the YTS / YIFY group which closed a few years ago and which specializes in films. He signed a settlement for damages after several hacking allegations, but remains online.
  11. LimeTorrents: He's been online for over ten years. Like many of the other alternatives on this list, it's blocked by ISPs halfway around the world and vanished from multiple search engine rankings, reducing its overall traffic.
  12. Fitgirl Repacks: Specializing in game repacks, this is not a traditional torrent site and its content is published in other mediums, although it also has its own links, which is why it is added to the list.
  13. The original television torrent distribution group EZTV shut down after a hostile operation in 2015, with new owners claiming ownership of the brand.
  14. Zooqle: It has over five million verified torrents and is one of the best alternatives to oxtorrent.
  15. TorrentGalaxy: A relatively new torrent site, launched a little over two years ago, has been added to this list. The site has a group of dedicated uploaders and an active community. In addition to BitTorrent links, it offers streaming content.
  16. Fitgirl Repacks : one of the best repackaged video game download sites.
  17. ZT-ZA : Although this is a direct download site, Directory Zone sometimes offers torrent links.
  18. limetorrent

The list is updated weekly to add new addresses. ?

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Downloading torrents online

The streaming services and industry pressure have reduced the use of torrent download sites. Although their use is as legal as any other and they are, for example, widely used to distribute free software such as GNU / Linux distributions or in other types of applications such as VoIP communications, these networks have been criminalized and made synonymous with piracy since the emergence of pioneers such as Napster.

Following repeated complaints from copyright holders, Google, the world's largest search engine, has lowered the rankings of Torrent sites that receive take-down requests. In 2020, two sharp drops in traffic were detected on the web portals that provide links for these networks and coincided with two updates to Google's search algorithm. The second, in May, resulted in a 20% reduction in traffic.

Moreover, and as always, when we speak of these download sites, we must make the corresponding legal warnings. Using P2P networks to distribute content is absolutely legal, but unauthorized sharing of copyrighted files on these networks is just as illegal and punishable by law as it is by others to do so. means.

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We leave you with another selection of torrent sites “More legal” than the previous ones and you might be surprised at how much free and royalty-free content there is. And if you want to keep up to date with these File Sharing sites and Free Streaming sites, you have all the information in our sections " Download " and " Streaming" page (in French).

If you have any questions or requests please write to us in the comments section and don't forget to share the article!

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