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Limetorrents: Top 10 Best Trusted Proxies and Mirrors in 2022

LimeTorrents is not a newcomer to the market, and has been around since 2009, but it has remained mostly dormant. Not only are LimeTorrents movie files of good quality, but you'll find verified high-quality torrent files in other categories as well. ?

Limetorrents: Top 10 Best Trusted Proxies and Mirrors in 2021
Limetorrents: Top 10 Best Trusted Proxies and Mirrors in 2021

Top Proxy Limetorrents and Mirrors: Limetorrents is a reliable, quality torrent site that is popular with most online users. One of the safest torrent sites, it offers less malware and virus threats than others.

While the interface may seem dated, it remains one of the go-to places for torrent enthusiasts to download premium content without paying a dime. The only problem is the fact that access to limetorrent is blocked in several countries.

But don't worry, because we list the best Limetorrents proxy and mirror sites to allow you to access the torrent site and download your files for free.

Limetorrents: Top 10 Trusted Proxies and Mirrors in 2022

Most beginners when it comes to torrents and free downloads have one thing in common. As with any task or profession, newcomers tend to only know about reliable torrenting tools and sites.

Long-time users know for a fact that there are tons of torrent sites that you can search and find. download torrent files for free and without an account.

On the other hand, newbies often rely on big popular names from the get-go. They make veterans like The Pirate Bay and RARBG their go-to sources for free content. However, there comes a time when a lesser-known name may grab your attention. LimeTorrents is one of those.

Operating under the radar for a decade now, he has been unable to avoid unsavory treatment from the authorities. Its access is blocked in several countries, but fortunately there are several reliable limetorrents mirror and proxy sites in 2021/2022.

Limetorrents: Download verified torrents quickly

As stated on their website, LimeTorrents is a torrent search engine. The does not host the torrent files themselves. Instead, the torrent indexer provides a directory that links you to content hosted on other torrent sites. Furthermore, LimeTorrents is not related to LimeWire. The latter is peer-to-peer file sharing software discontinued in the early 2000s.

Limetorrents- Download verified torrents fast (limetorrents Asia proxy capture)
Limetorrents- Download verified torrents fast (limetorrents Asia proxy capture)

In particular, unlike other torrent sites, Limetorrents does not allow the addition of adult content to its index.

It might not have the same traffic as more popular torrent search engines like The Pirate Bay or YIFY. However, it has gained a reputation as one of the top torrent sites. This is due to its large directory of torrent files.

Limetorrents is home to all the entertainment content one could possibly need. From the latest mainstream movies to obscure e-books, this torrent site most likely contains them. In addition, Limetorrents offers regular updates of the content it provides. They also constantly check the quality of the content of their site.

Unfortunately, due to its nature as a host of links to copyrighted content, Limetorrents is no stranger to copyright infringements and claims. In fact, some countries like Australia, France and the United Kingdom have gone so far as to ban the site.

Legal Copyright Disclaimer: does not verify that websites are properly licensed for the content served on their site. Reviews does not endorse or promote any illegal activity related to streaming or downloading of copyrighted works. The end user is solely responsible for the media accessible through any service or application referenced on this site.


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However, Limetorrents has several proxy and alternative mirror sites that we will share them in the next section.

Top 10 Best and Most Trusted Limetorrents Mirrors and Proxy

Le Current main domain of Limetorrents is However, if you can't access it, don't worry. There are several methods of Unblocking Limetorrents which you can use in order to access the site.

One of the best and easiest is to use limetorrent proxy domains and mirror sites. So, we share with you the list of the most reliable proxy and mirror addresses in 2022:

  1. (Official)
  2. (Official proxy)
  3. (Official proxy)
  4. (Official proxy)
  5. (Official proxy)
  6. (Mirror)
  7. (Mirror)
  8. (Unofficial mirror of Limetorrents)
  9. (Unofficial mirror)
  10. (Official Mirror)
  11. OxTorrent (Alternative)
  12. RARBG (Alternative)
  13. torrent9 (Alternative)
  14. Cpasbien (Alternative)
  15. Torrentz2 (Alternative)
  16. Fitgirl Repacks (Alternative)
  17. YggTorrent (Alternative)
  18. wawacity (Alternative)
  19. KickAss (Alternative)
  20. The Pirate Bay (Alternative)
  21. iDope (Alternative)
  22. Download zone (Alternative)

The list is updated weekly to add new addresses?

Writing Reviews

A mirror site is a replica of a website hosted on a different server. Typically, it has the same Uniform Resource Locator (URL) as the main website. However, the subdomain and the domain will be different. These types of sites are useful when the server of a certain domain cannot handle the traffic load it receives.

In addition, mirror and proxy sites are particularly useful for people living in countries where the main domain of a website is not accessible. If you want to unblock Limetorrents, try one of these links from our list.

Use and interface of the LimeTorrents and Limetor site

Various blocking measures prompted LimeTorrents to change its domain name and update its home page. He had to deal with other domain issues. Eventually, the site moved and settled on in August 2018.

Opening The LimeTorrents landing page greets visitors with a simple but eye-pleasing design. True to its name, it uses a lime green color scheme. The large search bar resides right in the middle of the page. Seven logos representing the different categories of content follow below.

limetorrents and limetor - Top 100 torrents page
limetorrents and limetor - Top 100 torrents page

These categories are: Movies, TV Shows, Music, Games, Apps, Anime, and Others. LimeTorrents also strives to remain family friendly. It is one of the few torrent sites that filters adult content. A notice board is also located at the bottom of the page. It keeps users informed of the latest news from the site.

Visitors can also access torrents without needing to create an account. However, registration is required to download torrents, provide feedback, tag results, and exchange comments with other users.

Categories and sections download on Limetor and limetorrents proxy
Categories and sections download on Limetor and limetorrents proxy

Accessing the full home page will take you to the top results lists by category. The torrent search engine also offers separate web pages. These offer updated lists of the most popular torrents, as well as the latest downloaded torrents.

In search results, verified torrents are marked with a star. A health bar on the far right of the list indicates the effectiveness of the file. This feature provides an easy visual reference to help users choose a file. Finally, the search results can be filtered by date added and file size.

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Launch and copyright issues

LimeTorrents was founded in 2009, the site immediately made rapid progress despite being a newcomer to the torrent ecosystem. It became the best new torrent site of 2010 based on traffic.

The torrent directory also became the 10th largest torrent site in the world by the end of that year. As usual, this success has caught the attention of government agencies. Above all, they saw the site as a privileged source of pirated content.

In 2011, the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) seized LimeTorrents hard drives from its host. As a result, the site was taken completely offline. The owners did not receive any warning nor were they given the opportunity to make a backup. So they were forced to restore the website only with a two month old backup and a new ISP. After that, the site continued to regain lost ground.

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LimeTorrents then appeared in the news in the summer of 2014. Entertainment company Lionsgate sued the site operator over a leaked copy of The Expendables 3. Muhammad Javed Ashraf , along with two other defendants, allegedly failed to remove the infringing files. While they were not responsible for the initial leak, they did not respond to requests for removal.

As a result, a federal court ordered the defendants to pay the maximum damages of $ 150 each for this offense. Ashraf refused to pay this sum. LimeTorrents remained operational, but changed domains in the process.

The shutdown of Kickass Torrents and its host has become an opportunity for LimeTorrents. Shortly after the trial ended, Ashraf launched the iTorrents torrent cache in 2016. Other torrent search engines started using it as a storage platform. LimeTorrents returned to the top 10 of TorrentFreak's annual list of most popular torrent sites in 2017, and has been a staple ever since.

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Incidentally, limetorrents has its own run-ins with CloudFlare. For those who don't know, CloudFlare is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. It is a content delivery network (CDN), known to handle ten percent of global Internet traffic.

In addition, through the use of their hundreds of data centers around the world, they help improve the speed and performance of a website. Several notable websites, including government agencies, use CloudFlare CDNs. This also includes torrent sites such as Limetorrents.

Having said that, it can be difficult to find the main domain of Limetorrents. Searching for "Limetorrents" or "limetor" on a search engine can lead you to several fooled sites. Filled with spam and malicious links, these bogus domains lure you in with the hope of tricking you into downloading malware and viruses.

Please do not hesitate to let us know what you think of this torrent download site in the comments section and don't forget to share the article!

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