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Uptobox: The Most Reliable File Storage Platform for Everyone

Uptobox: The Most Reliable File Storage Platform for Everyone
Uptobox: The Most Reliable File Storage Platform for Everyone

Hosting files in a cloud on the Internet has the role of protecting your data and documents so that you can have them safely anytime, anywhere. Internet file hosting is useful when you want to keep all your available files and documents safe on your online storage space. Uptobox is the best file hosting service if you need a lot of storage space for your files.

If you've ever tried to find a solution to store your files online, you've probably come across Uptobox. It is the software considered to be the best file host in 2021. Like, Uptobox allows you to upload files for free without registration.

However, the platform offers up to 1 GB of files per day, while adopting a frequency of at least 45 minutes between the different downloads.

Discover Uptobox

You can't talk about online file hosts without talking about Uptobox. Uptobox is a platform that allows storing files online and downloading several other files.

Uptobox is a real file hoster or online file storage provider. It is an Internet hosting service specially designed for all types of users. This allows users to download your files which are still accessible on your account. With Uptobox, you can easily open files so you don't have to worry about forgetting folders or USB drives.

You can easily open the file with just one click. By subscribing to this file host, it also provides you file sharing service with Uptobox. So you can do two things in one action:

  • Share files – This is the ability to send files from one device to another via the Internet or other networks.
  • File hosting – This is to provide online file storage which is an internet hosting service specially designed to hold your files. Additionally, users can access data and files when they upload them to the Internet.

UpToBox is a French host created in 2011 at the address: If it ranks among the 100 most visited platforms today, these starts have not always been easy. Indeed, it is struggling to find a place on the web, especially for Mega, which offers the best download speeds, and Uploaded, which offers bonuses to its most active members.

The most reliable file storage for everyone - Uptobox
The most reliable file storage for everyone – Uptobox

Uptobox features

The mechanism of Uptobox is simple. Le Uptobox site allows its users to retrieve or store data their data. It provides space to securely store large amounts of data. The platform offers its users different types of use including: the free version; the paid version and the anonymous mode.

Users who are registered on the site and have become premium members can benefit from 4 TB of storage space. Standard members have 1TB of storage space available to store their data.

Uptobox paid mode users can host their files and restore them at any time if they are lost. In addition, all users registered on the Uptobox site with the free version receive a daily download of 5 GB, regardless of the type of subscription. For those who use it, a premium account grants 2GB of content in a day. If you want to recover lost files via Uptobox, just log in to the website and proceed to download.

Therefore, users need to find the location of the content they want to recover. You can find the automatic redirect link by typing the file name in the search bar. By clicking on it, each user will be redirected to the home page which displays the content. Then press the blue button that appears to proceed with the download. The data transfer is saved as soon as you save the download process.


Thus, as software in SaaS mode, Uptobox is accessible from a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and is compatible with most business information systems and most operating systems (OS) such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc.

This software package is also accessible remotely (in the office, at home, on the go, etc.) from many mobile devices such as iPhone (iOS platform), Android tablets, smartphones, and probably contains applications mobiles in the Play Store. Check-in is available in the app. Thus, you need a decent internet connection and a modern browser to use it.

Accounts and Downloads

An account is not required to be able to access downloads via UpToBox. However, subscribers, especially those in the premium model, still have an advantage.

Download in anonymous mode

If you don't have an UpToBox account, you can download 2 GB of files per day, but it's very slow. Also, you have to wait about 45 minutes between downloads. You will also be entitled to countless pages of advertisements.

Download as a free member

In this case, you can download about 200 GB per day, but the speed is improved, but the speed is still limited. The waiting time to download another file is also reduced to half an hour. However, the ads are still there.

Download as a Premium Member

A premium member pays the subscription for the period that suits him. It can download any number of files for free at any time with the fastest speed. You can even do several at once.

However, it is important to note that the quality of your internet connection can also affect download speeds.

Upload to Uptobox

Downloading Uptobox content is not done all at once. You have to go there in stages.

Content research

Before uploading content to Uptobox, you must first search for it. This is actually the first step leading to downloading content. You must therefore enter the exact name of the file you wish to upload to your search engine.

Find download link

It is thanks to the link that you can start the download on Uptobox. To find the download link, you have several options. One of them consists in entering the name of the file by following it along with the code " index.of? ». You then just have to browse the results displayed to find your link.

Don't get confused between streaming and downloading

You have to pay attention to do not confuse streaming et downloading. Streaming allows you to view or listen to your content directly on the platforms. You therefore cannot keep the content on your computer or mobile device. This is where it differs from downloading.

By uploading your content, you have the option of storing it on a computer or mobile device or on Uptobox for later use.

Check that the file is the one chosen

You should take the time to check if you have chosen the correct file. Surely you would not like to find after downloading that you have taken a wrong file.

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Uptobox in Video


Most IT vendors have a free trial with all features enabled but for a limited time (15-30 days on average), or a limited freemium version to incentivize purchase (some features are non-existent) is offered.

Professional software vendors often offer promotional codes and price discounts based on the number of licenses purchased. Annual subscriptions are usually 10% to 30% cheaper, so you can save money compared to monthly subscriptions.

Uptobox pricing is available on request, but this price is due to the fact that the publisher of this SaaS software offers a variety of options to meet user needs, such as number of licenses, additional features and add-ons .

For the free version of Uptobox, the user gets a storage space of 1 GB. Those who opt for the paid modes get a storage space of 000 GB.

Uptobox offers its users different types of usage. These are the following subscriptions:

Uptobox is available on …

Uptobox is accessible from a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and is compatible with most operating systems (OS) such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux…

Users' review

In view of some negative comments, for my part I have no problem with Uptobox which is doing its job. Am satisfied with my monthly subscription for a few years via Paypal which, unfortunately, is currently unavailable but will be back soon. Also, when I contact the team, they answer me quite quickly. Uptobox like others, has been fighting for years against an unjust oligarchy so that we can download in the best possible conditions.

Without these sites, we would have nothing at all so let's be satisfied with what we have.

thymo jkd

Won over by the download speed and convinced by the unlimited storage space, I took out a 5-year subscription. Indeed having several terra files stored on my nas I then found the solution of unlimited storage less expensive and more practical.

After having emptied my nas and having sold it, I receive an email telling me that finally the storage is not so unlimited as that and that I have a week to recover my 12 TB of stored file otherwise they will be deleted!! the time to order and receive a 16 tb hdd urgently, I only had 3 days left to recover everything, which is mission impossible. I therefore lost 70% of my files simply erased and unrecoverable. I don't have the words to express my sadness and disappointment at this act of erasing collectables, unique family photos and loss of money...

To flee!!!


Customer for ten years I am very surprised by some comments. No problems to report, very competitive price if you renew during promotions. Random download speed but in general more than correct knowing that I am fiber.

Today's best download and storage solution.

Vincent Do

The best web host today.
Lots of links available.
Very good transfer speed.
It is closely followed by “1Fichier” which is not really cheap at all, but has been losing popularity lately (therefore less links available).
Very competitive prices compared to most traditional ones like RapidGator which, meanwhile, is sometimes complicated to access in Europe (impossible to pay online securely, having to go through PlayStore with additional cost, etc.).
In Summary So: UpToBox has become a standard like MegaUpload was in its day, and at a fair price.
And so a 100% as far as I'm concerned
and the first that I would recommend


It's been several years now that I have a ct subscription precisely to be able to save my files on the cloud site, moreover it is noted on the site to host your life .... but here I have just received an email informing me that my files don't have enough download type movement and it's expensive…a good!! you should have told me first!!
I would never have subscribed!! and in 7 days my files will be deleted.. the big mega joke !!
So I save!!
With such an email goodbye finished!



The main Uptobox alternatives are:

  1. Uploaded
  2. dropbox
  3. Mega
  4. Box
  5. 1 file
  6. OneDrive


What is uptobox?

Uptobox is a file hosting provider. We offer online storage/remote backup capability, sophisticated upload and download tools. With Uptobox Test you can host files, images, videos, audio and flash in one place.

Why should I use Uptobox?

If you need to send a file that is too large for email, Uptobox can help. If you need secure remote storage capacity for offsite backups, Uptobox has solutions for you. If you want to access personal data from multiple computers and don't want to bother with a USB drive, Uptobox is the perfect way.

Can I search for files that other people have uploaded?

No, because not everyone wants to share the files they download with everyone. This way, Uptobox can be used to share files with whoever you want, as well as keep them for yourself as a backup or download them from anywhere in the world.

What types of files can be uploaded?

All types: from your party photos to an important document. The only restrictions are on pornography, nudity, sexual images and other offensive material, and, of course, copyrighted material. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information on Uptobox's terms of service.

How do I delete a file I uploaded?

In the file manager, you can select and delete files.

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