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1Fichier: The French cloud service that allows you to store all types of files

The Luxembourg cloud which attracts the attention of thousands of visitors, mainly French people.

1Fichier: The French cloud service that allows you to store all types of files
1Fichier: The French cloud service that allows you to store all types of files

You have certainly already faced a problem storing your files. Similarly, to share a file with other online users, you must already have a website where you can save your data. This type of site is commonly called a “hosting site”. That's why hosting sites post all kinds of files online in digital format that you want to share with others. Then share and download all kinds of documents, video, audio, images, etc. on the same website.

These coins each offer different types of offers that you can choose from. Some of these offers are free and others are paid. Of course, the more expensive plans you choose, the more features you will have access to. In this sense, these file storage services are of great interest. One of the common solutions to effectively solve these problems is the use of hosting sites like 1fichier. Here is some important information to know before choosing 1fichier as the platform on which you will host your files.

Discover 1File

1fichier is a hosting site developed by DStore about 10 years ago by the administrator of DStore. It is important to know that although the latter is a Luxembourg company, it is subject to French law and regulations.

1Fichier is one of the most used hosting sites in the world, thousands of downloads are made daily on this platform, whether uploaded or downloaded. Especially with this type of technology, there is no data sharing or geographic boundaries. You will be able to easily download and enjoy files shared by other online users.

Thus, 1Fichier is a cloud service which is used to store different types of files (videos, audios, photos and other documents). It has been around for almost 10 years and is constantly evolving and currently offers four different offers.

In addition, the platform is one of the best premium link generators. Cloud Storage Cloud Storage

How does 1Fichier work?

You can upload all kinds of files to the 1fichier hosting site. Moreover, you can save audio files, documents, images, videos and even applications. It is even possible to manage very large pieces of content uploaded by Internet users.

There is no problem with After downloading, you have to split all the different parts of this large amount of data. You should also know that there are thousands of direct downloads daily on this platform. You can use 1Fichier to save, send large files or download documents.

If you are using the free version, you can always opt for a premium account which offers more benefits and it will allow you not to be limited by the number of downloads and the download speed.

Otherwise, 1Fichier may allow free users to access certain services through a single file debrider to overcome the download limit and allow access to large amounts of content.

You can manage all file sharing services from the intuitive web management interface. If the service offers unlimited storage capacity in the first tier plan, the service is divided into cold storage and hot storage, as described in more detail later. Sufficient storage space is supplemented by an individual file size limit of 300 GB.

Additionally, unlike many of its peers, 1fichier not only supports but encourages the use of FTP to transfer files to your account. FTP also offers additional benefits such as resuming interrupted downloads. We also like that unlike many of its competitors, 1fichier also supports remote downloads.

The service also has remarkable security and privacy features. For starters, all transfers take place over SSL-encrypted channels. The download links it generates are private unless you post them. They are also unique and obscured enough that they cannot be accidentally discovered.

For added security, you can password protect files when transferring them through the web interface. You also have several access controls to your files. For example, you can restrict access to users from certain countries, or only to a specific IP address or a range of IP addresses, among others.

We also like that the service offers two-factor authentication (2FA). In fact, the service supports two types of 2FA. In addition to using the standard Google Authenticator, the service can also authenticate by sending a code via email, which is especially useful if you don't always have your phone with you.

1File in Video


1Fichier has several types of subscriptions. However, the costs vary depending on the duration of your subscriptions:

  • The Premium subscription: A Premium subscription on gives you access to 100 TB of storage space with an unlimited retention period.
    • 15 € for 1 year
    • € 3 for 1 months
    • €1 for 24 hours
  • Access mode: With this mode, you are entitled to 1 TB of cloud space.
    • Less than €1 for 24 hours
    • €1 for 30 days
    • € 6 for 6 months
    • 10 € for 1 year
  • Anonymous mode: Anonymous mode, on the other hand, offers a daily limit of 5 GB for downloaded files. In addition, the download speed is particularly slow because the request is processed after the Premium and Access user request. Anonymous mode allows you to save downloaded files for up to 15 days. At the end of this period, the data will be deleted automatically.
  • The free mode: Free mode unlike paid mode, has slower download speed. Either way, it's still faster than anonymous mode. It has 1TB of storage space. You can access your data as long as your account is not deleted.

1File is available on …

1Fichier is available from a browser for all types of devices and operating systems.

Users' review

Run by an angry little scammer and the positive reviews on this site are most likely written by the person who owns and or runs this site. Don't buy membership, just use bypasser and download manager.

I bought a membership, after downloading a few files I was told that another IP was using my account and I couldn't download, which is impossible because I'm running from a static IP and which I only download using a manager on my NAS. Basically a fake bandwidth wall to keep you from downloading too much.

When I whitelisted my IP address so I could continue downloading files. I was blocked from being able to connect again, even though I had put my IP address. I contacted the help desk, which was completely ignored. It was a waste of a 12 month subscription.

Unhappy Chappy

I've been a premium customer for 4 years and while it's not perfect, I can't complain. I mainly use my account to access my video files, either through the kodi vstream addon or by mounting them directly to my desktop like an external drive. That said, the few times I needed to download something, the speed was usually 25-40MB/s. Where they lose points is in the download speed, sometimes it takes several tries during the day to exceed 1MB/s, but other times I get 20MB/s. I buy vouchers during the Christmas and New Year sales, which allows me to get the service much cheaper. All in all, I recommend with caution.

T. Perkins

First of all the best website and fastest downloads ever in my life tbh. I'm really surprised that people give low stars? The subscription only costs 2 euros for the whole month? My download speeds reach around 70~100mb/sec! Surely it depends on your connection and your downloading PC, but in the end, it's the fastest speed you can find downloading something around 10GB for example. The site is really safe and I really give these developers behind it a 5 star experience, don't let the bad reviews drag you down. I have no idea but I feel these reviews are fake or bots ~ this site deserves the best simple/light/fast!

Omran Al Shaiba

I have used 1ficher for several years and have told many friends about it. This year, when I tried to extend my subscription by bank transfer, it didn't work. I wired them 15 euros, they claimed I hadn't paid all the charges, which I did, but if there's any additional charges I have to pay, I wouldn't know . I asked them if I could pay the difference by Paypal or something, they didn't offer me anything. They happily took my $18 (15 euros) and told me the exact same thing as a previous reviewer: "we don't provide any sort of reading assistance" when I mentioned that no additional charges were made. was mentioned on their secondary page.

Feng Chen

Amazing website. I see people writing bad reviews and stuff, but let's be real. Name me a site that does none of that, but gives users access to download speeds as fast as this site. I achieve download speeds close to what I get on steam at ~50mb/s. All this without paying a single penny. With the ad blocker I don't see a single ad either and it only takes 2 clicks to go straight to my download.

Every other site I've been on except MEGA (which is still significantly slower) cuts your download speed like crazy (less than 500kb/s) unless you pay for their subscription . Look, they must be making money somehow, if you're really bothered by ads, get an ad blocker. No other site offers what 1fichier does and believe me, I've tried MANY.

I made donations for them for the sole reason that I like to support what they do. There's no reason to limit people's downloads to non-existent speeds. I wish them continued success for years to come while I use their site.

Hunter Medhurst


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What is 1fichier? is a storage solution that offers online backup. It allows you to store your important data, such as photographs, documents, movies and others, through a third-party service.

How to download for free on 1fichier?

1-When you consult the link , click the orange Download Access box. This button may be below the price list. 2-The second page opens and you must click on the orange frame "Click here to download the file".

How to Unbrick 1 file?

It is possible to download the file from 1Fichier in free mode, so go directly to the “Debrideur” section. Then type the link in the appropriate box (circled in red in the plan) and click on Unblock the link.

Is there a limit to file size?

File size is limited to 100 GB, but storage capacity is unlimited.

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