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Uploaded: A very popular file storage platform with very impeccable service

Uploaded, one of the popular file storage platform with very dubious service🤔. We talk about it in this article

Uploaded: A very popular file storage platform with very impeccable service
Uploaded: A very popular file storage platform with very impeccable service

The world is advancing very rapidly in technology. We also live in a digital age where everything revolves around science and technology. However, cloud computing is currently one of the most practical developments. Thanks to this invention, important files and documents can be stored on a remote server and can be accessed later, when and where needed.

You can also easily share your files with your friends and colleagues. This means that you no longer have to worry about physical storage devices such as USB drives and external hard drives.
Even more amazing is the ability to store all kinds of files such as audio or video files, photos, documents, etc. in cloud storage. In addition, cloud storage is very secure.
The biggest remaining challenge is choosing the ideal cloud storage platform.

Uploaded is a file storage platform be a cloud worth joining. It contains everything you need to securely transfer, store and access your files, wherever you are. Moreover, Uploaded Premium provides excellent tools for the perfect cloud computing experience.

Discover Uploaded

Uploaded is an online platform that offers a free premium file hosting service. Basically, the storage platform provides a variety of tools to comfortably backup, access and share files at home or in the office.

Founded over 14 years ago, it's the brainchild of a Swiss company called Cyando AG. It is one of the oldest and most powerful cloud storage platforms still active. Initially, the company was a web host but later rebranded it to become a file hosting platform. Surprisingly, Uploaded allows people to upload and download files without signing up. However, it is recommended to become a registered user to be able to use what this platform offers.

Still, the free membership comes with several restrictions, such as slower speeds and limited storage space. Also, you cannot download multiple files at the same time or use download managers if you are a free member. To get unlimited access, upgrading to an premium account is highly recommended.

Uploaded - the easiest way to backup and share your files with everyone.
Uploaded – the easiest way to backup and share your files with everyone.

The features of Uploaded

The reason why upload is very popular with internet users than other platforms is that Uploaded offers many great features. Moreover, becoming the owner of a downloaded premium account offers even more incredible benefits.

First of all, the user interface is simple and very easy to use. Apparently, this browsable and user-friendly theme allows you to quickly upload, download and access all your important data seamlessly.

Additionally, Uploaded allows members to sync files to the cloud using special software called UDrive. You can also use the UDrive client account to synchronize desktops and facilitate file transfers between the host computer and the virtual server.

Another advantage of Uploaded is that it supports multiple languages. You can easily transfer files to this platform even if English is not your native language. There are other supported languages ​​including German, French, Turkish and Spanish.

Features of an uploaded premium account

Other benefits for premium members are:

Simultaneous downloads:

The most important thing when joining a cloud storage platform like is backing up and quickly accessing your files. Unfortunately, if you are a free member, you cannot upload multiple files at the same time. To enjoy simultaneous downloads, you need to upgrade to the premium version of Uploaded.

Ad-free downloads:

Free members have to deal with dozens of ads and pop-ups when downloading files. You can avoid these annoying ads by upgrading your account to Uploaded Premium.

Unlimited storage space:

If you sign up for Uploaded as a free user, you can only access 2GB of storage. This is not very useful especially if you want to store unlimited number of video, movie and music files larger than 2GB.

Fast, no-wait downloads:

The free subscription slows down downloads every time you transfer or share files. Also, you have to wait about 30 seconds to start the initialized download. Fortunately, this is not the case with the premium subscription.

Compatibility with download manager

Uploaded Premium lets you upload files and documents using your favorite upload manager. The platform supports programs such as Internet Download Manager and Download Accelerator. With these programs, you can easily transfer files without worrying about broken links or incomplete downloads.

Priority support

Uploaded provides 24/24 support to all members. However, premium members seem to take priority over regular members.

How to register on the storage platform?

Signing up for Uploaded is completely free. You don't have to pay a penny to become a member. The free membership allows you to test the platform and discover how it works, without having to upgrade to the Premium version of Uploaded.

Registration on Uploaded

Uploaded in Video


The storage platform has two types of offers, namely the free version and the premium version.

The premium version in turn is characterized by:

  • Great download speed
  • The possibility of simultaneous downloads
  • Free downloads (no ads or delays)
  • Unlimited file hosting time
  • A file management tool
Uploaded pricing

The storage platform is available on …

It is available through search engines, on any device.

Users' review

A real disaster, I have subscribed to their services for several years, I want to renew my subscription, they are unable to help me. Robotic support I imagine unable to solve subscription problems with always the same answers that do not solve anything else. In the same way, the points reward not usable, but this is not the most important.


Given the very low download speed in free, I don't see why paying a subscription. 1fichier does things very well by offering a fairly good speed for free, which guarantees confidence. Why Uploaded doesn't offer more throughput. In any case, it does not make me want to pay a subscription and I wonder how this host is still standing after all these years of fiascos in terms of free speed. In addition, the subscription is more expensive than its competitor. Decidedly, Uploaded is not flirtatious. A piece of advice, pay the hosts who offer more speed for free so that they stop taking people for cash cows.


I'm giving 2 stars because I couldn't be more disappointed!!!! the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and XXXXth time I took a premium account for 2 years at 99euros and no problems…. there I just resume for 1 month at 9.99 euros and that bug ..
Lost connection and doesn't even download at my max speed when it works! infact plan a few days if you have several files to download because it will mark you "temporarily unavailable"! for me a lie but hey, we don't spend enough so we get bribed!!…. I will move on once my last month is over!

It's in the mail

I have been with for 8 years. I've never had and issues, but last month dead servers issues started cropping up. Getting email support is very difficult, they rarely respond and never tell you things are fixed.
Now things got worse I get You used too many different IPs, downloads were blocked for today. This is rubbish, I only use one computer and one IP. Emailing the help desk is a losing battle. They promise to fix the issues but never do and don't tell you if or when they're fixed. The 800 helpline number is dead, but they didn't list it on the website.
I wouldn't sign up with them if my life depended on it.
Avoid them at all costs.
All you get from support is that we're sorry for your frustration. I've been in IT for over 40 years and I've really seen people who don't care, but this is beyond everything.



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Is safe?

Haploids is 100% secure. The company has spent a lot of money to fight against hacking and fraud on the platform.

How can I contact the support team?

The Uploaded support team is available 24 hours a day, 24 days a week. You can contact your support department by calling the hotline number or using the email ticketing system available on website.

Can I pause or resume the download process?

Downloads can only be paused and resumed if you are an Uploaded Premium member. Free members do not have this option.

What payment options are available?

Uploaded accepts more than 10 different payment methods, of which we can list:
* Credit card
* PayAlert
* Bank transfer
* SMS2Pay
* EPSPayment

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