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Bookys: Top 10 Best Sites to Download Ebooks for Free

Download e-books for free and legally to fill your reader before going on vacation.

Bookys: Top 10 Best Sites to Download Ebooks for Free
Bookys: Top 10 Best Sites to Download Ebooks for Free

You want to download free Ebooks from all scientific fields, books in PDF, free and recent paid eBooks, novels and magazines, discover Bookys, one of the best sites to download ebooks for free.

Bookys is a French digital library. It offers a whole range of books, novels and magazines in very good quality and for free. bookies, you can read everywhere and everything you want, because it is not a book, but a library. Whatever your tastes, you will certainly find what suits you on this site.

If you want to read a lot more, you will have to turn to digital reading. Today, it is possible to use sites to download free ebooks, comics but also audio books. In short you can read everywhere and everything you want. Because it's not a book but a library that you have in your pocket.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and learn new things to start off on the right foot, armed with knowledge. Digital books, or ebooks, are a good way to enrich ourselves intellectually, to be able to build the projects of our dreams.

Top 10 Best Sites Like Bookys to Download Ebooks for Free

If you are a book lover, it is of course to read them at any time and anywhere: Comfortably installed in a sofa, by the pool, at the beach, in public transport, in the hall or in the queue. 

In addition, eBooks have become the preferred companions of many readers in recent years. These sites provide their users with digital books for free download using download links. The passion for reading is facilitated by e-readers.

If you are passionate about reading, here is where to find free eBooks thanks to Bookys, one of the best sites to download your digital books without paying!

Bookys what is it?

bookies, French books is one of the best sites for free downloading novels, Ebooks, Magazines, Newspapers. Whatever your tastes, you will certainly find what suits you on bookys. The site offers thousands of titles for each category.

 With bookies, you can read everywhere and everything you want, because it is not a book, but a library.

bookies, called again French Bookys, offers a multitude of books in its reserve that you can download for free from their site. The books are sorted by category ranging from Mangas, Magazines, Newspapers, Comics, Books, Self-study, …

Simply because you have the choice between novels, magazines, books, comics, etc. It is not dozens or hundreds of copies that the site offers for each category, but thousands of titles. So if you like to read and you have a library like Bookys, you know where to go so you never run out. In fact, the only flaw with the site is that it does not offer audiobooks.

Books, how does it work? 

His site is really well done. This site is very functional. It allows you to access all the information at a glance and it is easy to use. 

The platform is quite simple. The different categories that the site offers are available on the left. And at the top is a search bar where you can search for your book by title. Also, the site offers a list of top downloads and latest files added to the site.

The site seems very efficient, you just have to click on your work to be able to download it afterwards. You will indeed be redirected to a host and will then choose the free version.

Is Bookys a reliable site?

Sites like Bookys flirt with legality. Sometimes the books are made available without any permission from the rights holders. This risks the closure of the site by the authorities. So you are breaking the law by connecting to this site to download content often protected by copyright.

Indeed, by using a site like Bookys which does not have these rights, the Internet user who benefits from its services finds himself exposed. Also sites like Bookys are regularly monitored by the authorities. Because of this, they are sometimes blocked by Internet providers in some countries.

So, if you cannot access the site, it is advisable to use a VPN or even a Proxy. This way your IP address is hidden. Allowing you to visit the site and view the books freely.

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The best alternatives to Bookys

  1. B-ok (Z-library): Part of the Z-Library project, the largest electronic library worldwide. This site also has the largest number of EPUB files to download for free and without registration.
  2. This site offers the largest collection of scientific articles worldwide. 70,000,000+ free articles, it is our selection of the best site for downloading free science books.
  3. Project Gutenberg: Project Gutenberg offers over 57 free public domain eBooks with several books in French. It is free to read and redistribute them. There is no charge, and no custom application is required.
  4. Fourtoutici : As its name suggests, on fourtoutici, there is really everything, and especially everything. Indeed, whatever type of reader you are, you should find what you are looking for. Free books of all kinds, more or less well-known newspapers, magazines, comic strips, etc.
  5. : PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. You can download eBooks for free. No annoying ads, no download limits.
  6. ManyBooks: This site allows you to download and read +50,000 books in most digital formats. You can also select the language while searching for your books.
  7. PDF-ebooks: A free PDF book download site with multiple categories and year classification and a simple interface. The download is done through several direct links to file hosts.
  8. ebook-zone : Books, newspapers, magazines, audio books, and comics, you can really find everything on Zone-ebook, and the choice is vast. Registration (free) is practically obligatory, in order to be able to carry out searches.
  9. : Site to download free digital book, ideal for finding magazines and newspapers daily.
  10. : This site offers compilations and collections of books for free download by batch.
  11. : A free book download site that offers a large collection of PDFs and Epubs in French.
  12. pit book : this platform allows you to download the electronic book of your choice for free. You will find there in particular books on well-being and health
  13. Open & Free Ebooks : a large selection of ebooks is accessible via this site. In addition, you can find some from partners, especially on Torrent
  14. Feedbooks : Many free e-books are available. Other references, on the other hand, are chargeable
  15. Biblebook : in this virtual bookstore, you will also find public domain ebooks. No registration is required
  16. Bookboon EN : more than 50 million titles in PDF are available in this virtual library. There are more than 1000 ebooks to download for free
  17. Internet Archive : this virtual library gathers rare books. In total, there are more than 15 million titles to download for free
  18. openlibrary : This is an open source project. Each user can create pages dedicated to books there. There are millions of free ebooks to download
  19. free ebooks : You must register to benefit from this service. You will have access to thousands of free references

You therefore have a maximum of choice now thanks to bookys and the other alternatives that we have presented to you. As you have seen again, it is not very difficult to access all these works and there is really something for everyone.

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Finally, do not hesitate to leave a comment if you know of other sites to download ebooks for free and share them with the readers of the site. It only remains for us to wish you a good read!

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