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Watch anime: 10 best sites to watch your anime for free in HD streaming

Are you a big fan of anime and manga? Let's discover VoirAnime one of the best streaming sites to watch and download your animes in streaming VF and Vostfr

Watch anime: 10 best sites to watch your anime for free in HD streaming
Watch anime: 10 best sites to watch your anime for free in HD streaming

Voiranime - Best site to Watch and download your animes for free: Animes are gaining more and more importance in our societies. However, the majority of these animes are available online. It is therefore necessary that you choose the best websites, capable of broadcasting your favorite animes.

In the same vein, Voiranime is positioned as one of the best free anime streaming sites which offers hundreds of anime, movies and manga streaming in VF and VOSTFR.

In this article, I will share with you the Voiranime full test, the new address, how to watch anime on this site and the best alternatives to watch anime for watch your animes for free in Free Streaming.

Watch anime: Watch and download your animes for free in VF and Vostfr

The word Anime refers to Japanese animated productions that may feature hand-drawn or computer-generated characters. Japanese anime has established itself around the world for its compelling storylines, fabulous designs, imaginative character, and more.

The thriving anime industry has spawned many animated works that can be viewed online, most of which are associated with manga in the comics, while the rest are originally licensed by the producers. anime. Besides, there are many anime streaming websites where you can find your anime episodes, videos and movies and enjoy them online.

Watch anime - Top site to watch and download your anime for free in VF and Vostfr
Watch anime - Top site to watch and download your anime for free in VF and Vostfr

In this article, we are interested in View Anime which one of the best anime sites worth trying on PC, Android and iOS mobile devices.

This French Streaming site offers the possibility to watch and download the anime of your choice in French version VF or in original version (Japanese) subtitled in French VOSTFR.

We invite you to start by finding out what it is, how to watch a movie on Voiranime as well as the list of the best reliable alternatives.

What is Voiranime?

ViewAnime is a free anime streaming site. It is relatively new with an upload date around April 2019. Some cool additions they have made to the website since the start date are the action of promoting specific anime like my hero academia, One piece and SNK, the addition of a search bar, and other improvements.

Streaming links are collected by staff members and site users. There is a Discord community that makes suggestions on which titles should be added. Voiranimes also has a “New” section which groups together the latest updates and animes published.

What is Voiranime - Anime List
What is Voiranime - Anime List

The main content available on Watch Anime is anime. There is an impressive number of films available. I made a rough count and found more than 5000 streamable animes in their database.

Some of the links were labeled "Coming Soon", but most were full sets. Much of the programming was also available in several languages. French, English and Japanese are all languages ​​accessible to watch.

The anime streaming site also offers anime with French subtitles. In addition, it offers animes dubbed in English as well. This makes the content available on Voiranimes more accessible to people who may have difficulty reading the captions and following the action on the screen simultaneously.

What is his official address? (True)

Technically speaking, Voiranimes is safe to use. Until you click on one of the online ads that cover most of your screen. That said, you must always verify that you are using the official and updated address to access VoirAnimes.

VoirAnime's new address is:

The site offers its users an extensive library of anime. However, unlike other streaming services like Jetanime, Voiranimes only hosts links and embedded videos from other file sharing sites.

Thus, it allows people to watch and download anime shows and movies without paying a dime.

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How to watch anime streaming in HD and FHD?

VoirAnime is a streaming site that really stands out. The most interesting thing about this platform is above all the very well thought out design (perfect color scheme, beautiful background image, etc.) and the way the content is organized.

Viewing the content available on the platform is accessible to everyone, without registration. So for watch an anime in HD and FHD streaming is simple, you just need to select the anime from the homepage or through search.

Once you choose the anime from the navigation bar, you have a two-part manga list. The first part allows you to watch manga streaming in VF and the second offers manga subtitled in French.

You will therefore have to choose between "display only animes in VF" which lists only the content available in French and "display only animes in VOSTFR" to then access the player where you have the possibility to select the quality of streaming via the list. drop down.

In order to help you understand, here is an illustration for how to watch HD and FHD Streaming Anime:

How to watch anime streaming in HD and FHD - players and qualities
How to watch anime streaming in HD and FHD - players and qualities

Finally, the site is one of the few to offer several viewing languages. You can then see many French films online. On the other hand, it offers you VF and VOSTFR animes to better work on your English!

See animated in French: How the platform works

Access to the new VoirAnime address is completely free and does not require registration from you to access the content. If you are asked, it is therefore that it is a copy, a fake site. On the home page you have access to an alphabetical list of content, news and latest additions. Thus, you have the possibility to sort the content by genre and category: Action, Adventure, Drama, Comedy, Chinese, etc.

In the bar on the right you can easily search in the fields Search in VF for anime in French and Search in VOSTFR for anime in the original version with subtitles.

For the curious, here is the list of interesting pages to discover on See animated:

These are some of the popular anime available on WatchAnime streaming. You can search for other titles from the site.

Why is voiranime not working?

Despite its popularity in the animator community, VoirAnime is not without controversy. As it hosts links to copyrighted anime, it basically encourages the act of piracy.

It is therefore not uncommon for the site experiences unexpected downtime. In addition, the streaming site is not accessible in several countries due to the illegal distribution of copyrighted content.

Are you in an area where these sites are blocked? Try to install and use a high quality virtual private network (VPN) to resolve the issue. In addition to allowing users to surf the web more privately and more securely, a VPN also lifts restrictions on geo-blocked websites.

Most of the best VPNs for streaming come at a price, though. You can, however, try a free VPN before committing to a paid VPN.

What is the best alternative to voiranime to watch anime?

You wonder what are the best anime sites similar to SeeAnime to watch movies and movies for free on computer and mobile? In fact, animes are gaining more and more importance in our societies. However, the majority of these animes are available online.

So you have to choose the best anime streaming sites alternatives to Voiranime, able to stream your favorite animes. You need sites with a varied and up-to-date collection on the latest releases.

To watch anime streaming fear-free and ad-free, you can check out these top 10 alternatives to AnimeWatch services that we have carefully selected for your enjoyment:

  1. Vostfree : Vostfree is a streaming site which offers high quality streaming streams classified according to the available languages ​​(French and Vostfr) and which also allows you to download your favorite animes for free, similar to Voiranime.
  2. adkami : Adkami is a very large website allowing you to see many anime in VF or VOSTFR in streaming on the Internet. The site has a large community (more than 100.000 members), more than 4.500 different anime and nearly 300.000 videos listed.
  3. Jet Anime : Jetanime is another alternative to Voiranime, this completely free anime streaming site offers you to watch your favorite anime and manga shows anywhere in the world.
  4. 11anim : 11anim is a free anime streaming site that allows you to watch all episodes of One Piece and Dragon Ball Super on one platform.
  5. MavAnime : Mavanime which is a free anime streaming website that allows you to watch anime online in VOSTFR and VF which is distinguished by a massive catalog of anime and OAV movies accessible for free.
  6. : It's a very well organized site, which is available all over the world. Also, it offers several collections ranging from manga series to animated films.
  7. : It's a site that streams content for free, with some of the best anime shows dubbed in English.
  8. : This site is accessible in almost all countries of the world. Crunchyroll can help you stream and watch your favorite anime shows.
  9. Gum Gum Streaming : Find all the episodes and films of your favorite characters in streaming VF and VOSTFR, as well as lots of bonuses on Gum Gum Streaming
  10. : Animedao offers you a perfect interface with a long list of anime series to watch without ads.
  11. : When it comes to the best anime streaming sites, masterani is beyond reproach. It is a popular site when it comes to streaming anime shows on the internet.
  12. : Univers Anime is a streaming site in French VF for free and without registration, it offers more than 5000 quality animes.
  13. : This site also provides you with the latest anime series as it is updated daily.
  14. : A Free Streaming Anime site, you can watch and download high quality anime episodes for free, without registration. There is a wide variety of anime episodes of different resolutions for all fans.
  15. : 9Anime is a streaming site that offers high quality anime. The site has a huge library of titles.
  16. : Animeheaven is an online streaming site where you can watch the best anime content for free.
  17. : AnimeWatcher is an anime streaming site that allows users to watch a wide variety of anime series at no cost.
  18. : A free anime streaming site that broadcasts classics in French. You can find great classics like Dragon Quest or Cobra. It is also one of the few anime sites that offers to watch anime streaming on Netflix.
  19. : Toutvostfr is a free streaming site allowing you to watch your movies and anime in their entirety without registration (without creating an account), without credit card and without subscription. The streams are available in French and in Vostfr.
  20. Animes
  22. Neko sama
  26. Otakufr

Personally, I used Crunchyroll for long hours, on my smartphone and on my PS4. The applications are really well done, there are no bugs, it's easy to use and having the ability to watch an animated movie through your console is really cool!

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Also if you want to see the most popular works very soon after their release in Japan, Adn is probably the best platform.

Streaming is a technology for broadcasting audiovisual content on the Internet. Of course it is legal! The streaming process begins with the hosting of files from an external server, and ends with an audio or video stream, which can be consumed by everyone. Normally, streaming sites pay copyright fees.

However, is not legal.

Why is it illegal? On the real site, or rather the new addresses, you will find tens of thousands of files: films, animes or even manga. Either way, downloading and sharing them wouldn't hurt IF they were copyright free. If the animes present on the platform were only royalty-free videos, there would be no problem.

Obviously, on voiranime, the vast majority of the videos available are not free of rights. This means that the copyrights are not held by the one who offers the files in open access.

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As you probably know, streaming is illegal in most countries. However, you should know that the site has never been the subject of any warning from anti-piracy establishments.

In the end, Seeing Anime is therefore really illegal. Its basic principle is not, but its content cannot be approved. We therefore invite you to opt instead for streaming or downloading LEGAL contents.

Opinion and final verdict

The structure of the Watch Animes site is very simple. There are not many sections and most of the content overlaps. It's not unsightly, but I think there are better ways for the website to divide its headlines so that it looks more aesthetically pleasing.

In the main menu, there is a Calendar function: “NEW” and “COMING SOON”. It works the same way as a TV guide. There are categories for Today, Tomorrow, and then the following days of the week. The sections contain a list of anime titles that are releasing new episodes on these days.

Voiranimes - Opinion and final verdict
Animes en Streaming Gratuit Voiranimes - Opinion and final verdict

That said, there is a Discord community that is owned by Voiranimes. I joined the waiter to see what he had to offer. My first impression is that the server is well maintained. There are channels for comments, anime recommendations to watch, and a place to report any technical issues.

On the usage side, the desktop browser is a perfectly suited way to access the website. The layout is correct. There are a few sections that are confusing. It took a while to find the sidebar menu. After finding it, some of the buttons attached to it also don't work. As for watching videos, the desktop is okay.

There is no app available, so I tried the mobile version of The mobile version is actually better than the desktop version. At first glance, it looks like there are more features. After watching a bit more, I think he's just better disposed. Navigation is a little smoother than on the desktop. I suggest checking out the site on mobile when it's available.

There are a lot of positives about A2zAnime. It's refreshing for such a young website to get so many features right off the bat. The site has only been active since September 2019, but it has grown rapidly.

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Finally, a good starting point for the positives is the vast library hosted by Voir animes. It's hard to distinguish exactly how many titles are available, but there are over 5000 titles that are clickable. The majority of the animes are captioned, but I was impressed with the voice acting and the multiple languages ​​available.

The site lacks an "About" section somewhat, but it makes up for it with the accessible scratchy community.

One frustrating issue I encountered with the Voiranime site was the amount of ads. They were almost unbearable everywhere. I'm not sure the reason for the slow loading, but hope it will be resolved soon.

Honestly, this site is very well done. The only suggestion I have for administrators: Less ads!

Write us your opinions and questions in the comments section and don't forget to share the article!

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