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Top: 15 Best Putlockers Streaming Sites to Watch Movies & Series in Original Version (2022 Edition)

Putlocker new addresses – Watch the latest trending movies and series for free. Watch any movie, series on Putlockers??

Best Putlockers Streaming Sites to Watch Movies and Series in Original Version
Best Putlockers Streaming Sites to Watch Movies and Series in Original Version

Best New Putlockers Streaming Locations: God knows there are more than enough streaming sites for us to choose from. In fact, when it comes to figuring out which streaming site or app to choose to find the latest VO streams high quality of the best movies and series, it can sometimes be difficult to choose from an impressive list (which keeps growing).

If you've ever searched for free movies or series online and in their original version, you've most likely come across the Putlocker free streaming site.

So let's find out in this article Putlockers, one of the most popular free streaming sites on the web. That's right, today we're going to take a look at the infamous Put Locker and check out the list of Best Putlockers Streaming Addresses most reliable in 2021.

Top: 10 Best Putlockers Streaming Sites to Watch Movies & Series in Original Version (2022 Edition)

There are of course many high quality streaming sites that allow you to stream HD content online and without registration, without asking questions and without limits.

Of course, there are not many of them, but I hope I can help you find the perfect streaming site for exactly what you are looking for. That's why I created these long lists of streaming site reviews.

That said over the past year, Put lockers has grown into one of the most trusted free movie and TV streaming sites, worrying rivals like Netflix and Amazon.

Best Putlockers Streaming Sites - Watch Movies & Series in Original Version
Best Putlockers Streaming Sites - Watching Movies & Series in Original Version

Indeed, finding new Putlocker movies and new free Putlockers addresses that are genuine and safe is a difficult task, because most of its clones, alternatives and similar sites continue to be blocked and taken down by ISPs. But don't worry, I've put together a list of the best reliable addresses for you!

What is put lockers?

Putlocker also called Put Lockers is one of the main online streaming sites used to stream entertainment media for free, especially movies and TV series. The initial site was launched in the UK in 2011, and has grown to receive millions of daily visitors after the closure of Megaupload.

Putlockers - Watch Full Movies & TV-Series Online For Free
Putlockers - Watch Full Movies & TV-Series Online For Free

Aside from its name, Put Locker is hands down one of the most famous free streaming sites out there. And it is also one of the oldest. PutLockers launched in the UK in January 2012, originally under the relatively simple URL of The site initially received around 800 visitors per day, which marked its meteoric rise to success.

The original site of streaming Putlocker closed in 2016. In addition, in recent times several clones of Putlocker and putlockers2 have been closed or blocked in most countries, including the US, UK, Australia, India and Canada.

So if you are looking for putlockers alternatives or a new proxy, mirror, clone site to watch free streaming VO movies online then you have come to the right place.

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Top Best Putlockers Streaming Sites in 2021

The once popular free streaming site Putlockers is long gone. It was closed due to threats of legal action and direct targeting from the Motion Picture Association of America. The site is dead, but there are several new addresses and alternatives.

The best new places and Putlockers alternatives are: putlockers plus, putlocker today, putlcokers2, putlockers2 tv, putlocker movies, putlockernew among others.

To help you find reliable addresses, here is the Complete list of the best Putlockers Streaming Sites in 2022 :

  1. PutlockerNew : The best new Put Lockers address on our list is Putlocker New. This site offers a visually impressive user interface and the movies on this site are well organized into different genres.
  2. : This site is one of the most used new Putlockers places to watch free streaming movies. It features amazing design and useful features. The site offers the user different models for sorting content. It offers the user a beautiful theme and comes with a lot of cool features and functionality.
  3. Putlockert : Another Putlockers alternative to consider, besides movies, on this Putlockers site you can also enjoy famous TV series like Stranger Things on this website in high quality and at fast speed.
  4. 123Movies : 123Movies is the best Putlockers alternatives, the site offers the same interface as Putlocker, it also has a large catalog of original films and series available for free and without an account.
  5. : On Putlockers2 you can easily find the most recent movies in high quality and in original version. With the massive list of movies and TV shows on this site, you'll never be short of great content to watch.
  6. : 123MoviesHub lets you watch movies online in high quality and for free. No registration is required. Content is updated daily with fast streaming servers, multi-language subtitles supported.
  7. : One of the new Putlockers addresses to consider, the only problem that this site has a lot of advertising before you can start the movie.
  8. SolarMovie
  11. putlocker-website
  12. 1-2-3 movies
  13. putlockertv
  14. FilmstoonTop: 27 Best Torrent Sites Without Registration
  15. Time2watch
  16. Europix
  18. Movies2watch

The list is updated weekly to add new Putlockers addresses, follow us?


Watch movies and series in their original version

One thing that hasn't changed much about Put Lockers and the new locations, however, is its design. The site has retained its iconic green and gray theme from day one.

What hasn't changed in the site's design either is its intuitive and easy-to-use layout. Just navigate through a few simple sections: Featured Movies, Latest Movies, and Latest TV Series. It is arguably one of the simplest and cleanest free streaming sites out there.

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As I just mentioned when describing the site, Put Lockers contains a huge library of full-length movies and series.

If you know of any other addresses, drop us a line in the comments section and don't forget to share the article on Facebook and Twitter!

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