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Top: +41 Best Free Online Manga Scan Reading Sites

Here we have listed +41 of the best free manga scanner sites for you to read manga online. Are you a manga fan? Check the list of free manga reading websites. ??

Top Best Free Online Manga Scan Reading Sites
Top Best Free Online Manga Scan Reading Sites

Top Free Manga Scan Sites: Where to read free manga scans? This is one of the most popular questions among fans of manga and anime these days.

Indeed, there are several free manga scanning sites on the internet, but the problem is that most of these sites change their address and name frequently and each scanning site offers a unique set of languages ​​and dubbing, which makes the task of researching and find the best free manga scan sites quite difficult.

Fortunately, in this article I have put together for you the complete list of the top 40 best free Manga scan online reading sites to read manga scans in French for free and without subscription.

Top: 10 Best Free Scan Manga Online Reading Sites (2021 Edition)

The world of Japanese animation, called anime, has seen its popularity increase over the years, as has its graphic novel counterpart, the manga. Almost all anime usually start with a manga before getting their own series.

So, if you are a fan of it but are strapped for cash to buy new books, there are some great manga reading sites online to read your favorite manga digitally.

Indeed the best sites to read online Scan Manga sites listed below make it easy to find popular manga or discover lesser-known series that might interest you.

Best Free Manga Scan Online Reading Sites - Read Manga in English and Other Languages
Best Free Manga Scan Online Reading Sites - Read Manga in English and Other Languages

A scanlation, sometimes also referred to as scanslation, scantrad, or mangascan, refers to a manga that has been digitized (scanned) and translated by fans from its original language (usually Japanese, Korean, or Chinese) to another.

Besides, using these free manga scanning sites is simple and similar for the most part. Each manga has a detailed file: author, status, user rating and story summary. You will have the possibility to open the manga file, to put it in favorites or to download it, in order to consult it later, offline.

Although most of the sites on our list have VF (French) manga scans, scan readers on their platforms generally have multiple languages, namely:

  • Japanese with dubbing
  • French - French
  • Japanese
  • English
  • Arab

Indeed, learning a language is never an easy task when it is not our mother tongue and without receiving beginner lessons. Learning the Japanese language is not the easiest thing: unlike English or Spanish, Japanese is one of those foreign languages ​​that is difficult to master. But reading the Scan manga in French and Japanese for example (dubbing), can serve as an intermediary for foreigners to understand the Japanese language!

In addition, each manga scan is categorized; action, comedy, fantasy, shounen, sci-fi, school life, ecchi, supernatural, drama, etc. and you will be able to choose thanks to the search function, according to your personal preferences.

The manga on these sites are uploaded through high quality scans, allowing anyone to access them. It's a great way to keep up to date with your favorite shows on the day of release.

Finally, you can install a AdBlock on your browser before visiting these sites, we know very well that the advertisements present on most of the Anime Streaming Sites et direct download sites are troublesome.

We must admit, however, that we have mainly taken into consideration the most reliable and reputable sites.

Top Best Manga Scan Sites of the Year

Any avid reader of Japanese manga comics knows that it is not easy to tell the difference between official translations and translations made by fans. This explains why most of us look for the latest information and addresses of best sites to read manga online for free.

If you are reading this article, you must be a manga lover looking for the best places to read manga scans in VF or other languages. The sites below are classified according to the following criteria:

The sites below are classified according to the following criteria:

  • User interface
  • Monthly visitors
  • Content available
  • Available languages
  • Reliability

We let you discover the complete list of the Best Scan Manga Sites in 2021:

  1. Lelscan : Lelscan is the best site to read manga online scans for free. You do not have to register or log in to read the scans. It offers a basic interface without any fancy to waste time for the user and offers a wide variety of manga series. The site does run a few ads, but it's not at all frustrating.
  2. JapanRead : Japanread or Japan scans is also one of the top manga scanning sites on our list. To follow the trend, it has a "Top Manga" tab which shows the most popular Manga scans.
  3. Scan-Manga : This site has a totally different interface from the others, because it is a little more sophisticated and attractive. It provides a wide range of free Manga scan, which projects drama, romance, action, sports, sci-fi, and other genres. The site mainly offers manga scans in French.
  4. scantrad : Scantrad is one of the oldest sites for reading free manga scans, this site specializes in the translation of manga into several languages, namely French. The scantrad is the equivalent of the fansub but only concerns comics. What's more enjoyable than reading comics, and especially being able to understand them.
  5. Manga IO : is a new platform for reading manga scans. The reader of this site was designed by manga fans for manga fans. No more poor quality scans, finally enjoy your manga in HD with the official translation. Read without annoying ads and customize your player to your liking. offers a free membership for those under 18.
  6. Japanscan : Japscan is one of the best sites to read and download manga scans for free. Moreover, you don't need to sign up or register to access the site, just visit this site and you will be able to read your VF Mangas online for free.
  7. mangakakalot : another reference address that gives you free access to various series and Manga scan in English. Unlike other third party sites, Mangakakalot does not feature ad series, and that is why millions of people have made it their primary source for reading Manga scan. It offers a wide variety of comics that cover almost all genres of Manga.
  8. Scan vf : As its name suggests, this site only offers VF manga scans, quite similar to JapanRead or the old site, this site well deserves its place in our ranking.
  9. Manga Scantrad : As its name suggests, Manga Scantrad has a wide variety of manga scans in French in its database. It has categorized scans according to their genre and has over 20 relevant categories. This site allows you to read manga online for free and without subscription.
  10. BATO : BATO is another site to consider if you want to read scans in English or Japanese. It provides a wide range of Manga comics. is a popular site, and like other third-party manga sites, it doesn't experience sudden outages. This is an open source website that allows you to download / upload manga and enhance the collection.
  11. Crunchyroll : Crunchyroll is a streaming site that shows manga separately, which is a fantastic thing for anime and manga lovers. It also has an iOS and Android app, which is developed to improve your viewing and reading experience and take you to the next level.
  12. Kadokawa is one of the most popular manga publishers in Japan. And ComicWalker has most of Kadokawa's popular titles. You can use it for free. Its premium version includes more cool and amazing features. This site also offers Manga Reader applications for Android and iOS.
  13. zinmanga
  46. LittleXgarden
  47. Scan-en cc
  48. 11anim
  49. Vostfree
  50. View Anime
  51. manganelo
  52. adkami
  53. Anirena
  54. KissAnimes

The list of best free manga scan sites is updated every month, save the page to your favorites?


Note that we have already published an article which is devoted only to best One Piece scan readers, then if you like the OP manga we invite you to consult the ranking.

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Manga vs. Anime and Playback Formats

Strictly following Japanese tradition, manga scans are read from right to left. Texts and descriptions are also designed to be read in the same way. This format is quite the opposite of that found in Native American comics.

When published, manga are normally put together in small volumes or larger volumes if they are popular, which exhibit great diversity across different genres. For example :

  • Action and adventure
  • Sports
  • Science fiction
  • Games
  • Comedy
  • Romance
  • Sexuality
  • Horror
  • Mystery and suspense, among others.

Unlike American comics which target a young audience, the manga is a comic book for everyone, regardless of age, gender, and preferences.

It should be noted that a lot of effort has gone into making the manga look and feel American just like the American comics, but manga artists have opposed it as they seek to preserve their rich culture and unique, both at home and abroad.

In this regard, the public and manga fans have ensured that manga produced elsewhere, such as in the United States, is in the traditional Japanese style.

The rise of Japanese comics and manga

The manga has its origins in emaki, first illustrated narrative scrolls dating from the time of Nara to 8e century and Ehon, ukyo-e print books from the Edo period.

In 1955, editions multiplied and comic bookstores developed in Japan. Yes the manga market is booming, it is criticized for being a little childish.

Two years later, a new style reflecting darker realities and aimed at young adults was born. This is the gekiga manga invented by Tatsumi Yoshihiro.

The manga universe is diversifying and the phenomenon reaches its peak at the end of the 20e century through massive distribution. The subjects and styles are particularly varied and the prices always very modest.

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Finally, manga are commonly adapted into cartoons, the most famous of which are AkiraDragon Ball and the animated films of famous Hayao Myazaki such as Princess mononoke ou My neighbor Totoro.

Since the 2000s, the manga market has represented a major part of the publishing industry and contributes significantly to the economy of Japan. 

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