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Test: 39 Best Forebet Alternatives to Find Soccer Predictions in 2022

Forebet has been collecting this data for 15 years. But how does the football prediction system work?

39 Best Forebet Alternatives to Find Football Predictions in
39 Best Forebet Alternatives to Find Football Predictions in

Best Alternatives to Fortebet: Forebet, also called Fortbet is one of the biggest sites that help punters plan football matches. It uses historical statistics, among other factors like weather, to predict matches around the world.

The website offers predictions for all the major leagues around the world. Before posting advice on the site, it generates the data using mathematical algorithms to ensure its accuracy.

Following several requests on our Facebook page, in this article, we present the list of the best sites like Forebet in 2022.

Forebet: How does it work?

One thing is sure: forecast does not make assumptions when it comes to predict football matches. The website has an extensive database that contains football data from over two hundred leagues.

Forebet has been collecting this data for 15 years. But how does the soccer prediction system work, and is it accurate or reliable in providing the best advice?

Before displaying the Forebet football forecast for any market, the system first calculates the probability for each possible outcome. After getting the highest probability as a percentage, the number will be the prediction for the outcome of the given match or event.

To calculate the probabilities, the site uses advanced mathematical algorithms. These algorithms are a combination of data collected by the site over the past 15 years.

Forebet: How does it work?
forecast : How it works ?

How Calculates Predictions

The process of calculating probabilities before viewing the possible outcomes of events is extensive. Forebet uses several data mining methods to arrive at the final forecast. It then moves on to another process called predictive analytics. In predictive analytics, the system uses different combinations and techniques to make predictions.

Some of the techniques used that go well with football are data mining, statistical modeling, predictive modeling, and analytics. Through data mining, Forebet examines its huge database and analyzes historical and current data to generate new information.

This new information is the expected outcome of a football event. It is also by analyzing large data sets that the system can arrive at predictions for many markets, including:

  • 1X2 predictions
  • Asian handicap
  • Both teams score
  • half time - full time
  • Correct the score
  • Double Chance Scorers
  • In-game predictions More

Forebet also takes into consideration the weather conditions of the match venue. This is to make sure that they are predicting football matches correctly.

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How accurate is Forebet?

Forebet uses many mathematical models to calculate the probabilities of specific outcomes. This is an advantage for the bettors because the system calculates everything for them. But like any other sports betting system, it is not 100% accurate.

There are only a few occasions when the site's prediction algorithm has hit 100%. Forebet is not 100% accurate because of many factors can influence the outcome of football matches.

While there is nothing wrong with using math to predict football games, the calculations do not take into account things like:

  • Red cards during the game
  • Injuries of a key player during a match
  • Referee or assistant error
  • Psychological factors and player motivation

In fact, statistics used by Forebet only give players insight into the temporary state of a team. They also show the historical performances of a team and its ambitions.

For example, a team may have performed better in previous years. But lately the team has been performing poorly due to injuries, suspensions and lack of motivation. These are the factors that statistical betting models do not take into account when predicting football matches.

How accurate is
How accurate is

A typical example is when a football club fires its manager for a series of bad results. The team is likely to perform better after the dismissal and the arrival of a new manager. In the 2018-19 English Premier League season, Manchester United sacked José Mourinho after his 3-1 loss to Liverpool.

Manchester United then appointed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as interim manager. The Red Devils then won eight straight games. Statistics could not capture the level of motivation of the team. Before that, the team had only managed to win one game out of the previous six.

List: Best Forebet Alternatives in 2021

In the following list you will find our list of best sites like, the list is compiled following a test carried out by our editorial team to name just the Best Alternatives to Find Quality Predictions:

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Conclusion: How can I correctly predict football matches?

There is no such thing as a 100% perfect prediction for a football game. Experts make predictions based on the following points.

  • The current form of the team.
  • Player form
  • Playing conditions (home or away match)
  • Injuries and antecedents against the opponent.
  • Ground records (if the field has a low rate of goals scored, you cannot predict who will be the goalscorer).
  • Previous records against the rival club.
  • Another important element: clubs like Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Bayern, Man Utd, Juventus, PSG, Chelsea, etc. are so strong all over the world that if you see the loss ratio is much lower than that of other clubs.

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After all, football is the game of miracles. He won 4-0 at home and humbled himself by losing 6-1 away. You know what I mean.

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