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StreamEast: 31 Best Sites to Watch Free Live Sports Streaming (NBA, UFC, NHL)

Here is the new StreamEast address and the best alternatives to watch free live streaming of NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC, MMA and more 🥊

StreamEast: 31 Best Sites to Watch Free Live Sports Streaming (NBA, UFC, NHL)
StreamEast: 31 Best Sites to Watch Free Live Sports Streaming (NBA, UFC, NHL)

StreamEast – Top live sports streaming site : Want to know how to watch sports matches tonight live stream for free? Whether you're a die-hard basketball fan or a UFC fan, there are sites like Stream East that allow you to watch your sports matches live on the internet without having to spend a fortune.

Stream East is a site that offers live and on-demand streaming of TV channels around the world. The service is available on a variety of devices, including computers, smartphones and tablets. Although it offers almost all popular sports disciplines, finding the new address of this streaming platform can be a difficult task, especially with the frequent change of url/name.

In this article, I will share with you the new reliable and accessible StreamEast address, and the complete list of best similar sites to watch NBA, UFC, NHL and other sports live streaming free.

StreamEast: 10 Best Sites to Watch Free Sports Live Streaming in 2022

StreamEast is one of the best free live sports streaming sites that you have surely heard about, from your friends or on Reddit, the site is growing in popularity. 

Offering excellent free sports coverage, clear and reliable live sports streaming, a feature-rich desktop and mobile experience, and a terrific premium upgrade option, Stream East is a free sports streaming site that I would recommend to anyone. world: from the casual sports viewer who wants to catch a game once in a while, to the die-hard sports fan looking to watch multiple games at once.

StreamEast — Top Best Sites to Watch Free Live Sports Streaming (NBA, UFC, NHL)
StreamEast — Top Best Sites to Watch Free Live Sports Streaming (NBA, UFC, NHL)

Stream East's live streams are some of the most reliable and high quality I've ever seen, with virtually no buffering or lag making the viewing experience smooth and enjoyable. And with a full suite of features including live scores, stats, match recaps, and more, Stream East has everything you need to complete your live sports streaming experience.

On the other hand, there are many free sports streaming sites, but few of them have the look and feel of a premium sports streaming site like Stream East.

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Live streams and features

StreamEast - NBA, NHL, UFC and more
StreamEast – NBA, NHL, UFC and more

Stream East offers a feature-rich experience, especially for a free sports streaming site. First of all, the range of sports coverage that can be found there is excellent. From hugely popular sports like football and basketball to rarer sports like handball and table tennis, Stream East offers a wide range of free sports to stream live. Here is a complete list of sports offered for free streaming on Stream East:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey 
  • American football/rugby 
  • Tennis
  • Formula 1
  • MMA
  • Boxing 
  • Volleyball 
  • Handball
  • Table tennis
  • Cricket
  • eSports

Whether you're a casual fan or need a reliable free sports streaming site to support your online sports betting, StreamEast has you covered.

This site also offers a few extra benefits, resulting in an overall user experience that goes beyond the average free sports streaming site. Each free live sports stream, for example, comes with its own live chat room. 

StreamEast Pro

Although anyone can head to Stream East and immediately start watching live sports for free (no registration or login required), Pro members can enjoy special features, such as Multi Stream, which allows you to watch multiple live streams at the same time. If you need to live stream multiple matches at the same time, a subscription to Stream East Pro is worth considering.

What is the new address?

You are probably wondering how to access Stream East, especially with frequent address changes and geoblocking in some countries. well I will share with you the real address with an update every week.

Previously, the site was accessible at the old address Today the new official address is the following :

Be aware that there are several clones and proxies that you can find while searching. However, this is the real working address. If the link does not work for you, then the site is blocked in your region, we suggest that you use a vpn to bypass this blocking, or choose an alternative from the following list. 

Yes, there are several sites similar to streameast which also offer almost all sports live streaming for free.

Top Best Alternatives to StreamEast

Many other free sports streaming sites are similar in design to premium sports streaming sites like BeIN Sport, MLB TV or NBC Sports than Stream East. But, generally speaking, free streaming sites, whatever they are, don't have a great design. That's why coming across a reliable site similar to StreamEast is always a pleasure.

Most cable and satellite TV operators offer access to live sports streaming. Cable streaming services like fuboTV and Sling TV also offer a host of live sports, including college football. Yet the live stream sites like StreamEast that stream live sports for free without having to create an account are increasingly rare these days.

Without further ado, let's dive into the world of free sports live streaming, and discover the complete list of the best sites to watch NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC, MMA live streams for free:

  1. VIP League — Do not be afraid of its VIP name, because VIPleague is 100% free and it is one of the best sports live streaming sites.
  2. Crackstream — People prefer a fast and free way to watch live sports, with Crackstream you have the opportunity to watch all sports live streaming for free and without subscription.
  3. RedStream — Redsream's eye-catching red design commands attention, but the site's main claim to fame is its content. Redstream offers everything from American football, basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis and other sports.
  4. 6Streams — 6streams has a lot more to manage than a traditional streaming site. Although it was beyond average sites, 6streams made a list due to the applicability of its peculiarities.
  5. markkystreams — Markkystreams provides links to various free streaming sports and games. It is a site similar to Crackstream which offers to watch NBA, NFL, MLB, MMA, UFC matches in Live Streaming Free.
  6. bosscast — just as famous as Streameast live with millions of sports fans coming to the platform every day to access their favorite sporting events.
  7. HesGoal — Hesgoal is a live sports site that offers live football streams for free and broadcasts other major sporting events around the world.
  8. CricFree — one of the best alternatives to Streameast for free sports streaming. 
  9. Channel Stream — Channel Stream is one of the best sites to watch a free streaming game. This is a very comprehensive site that shares live matches daily on the internet.
  10. NFLBite — The site offers a variety of NFL live streams that cover a wide range of sports leagues, teams, and games. This alternative to Streameast has a dynamic user interface.
  11. stream2watch — Stream2watch is a free live sports streaming site without registration, it gives you the ability to watch sports online, premium coverage of all professional sports leagues around the world.
  12. VIPBoxTV — Offers new free features and services, with more than 33 sports classifications all in high quality live streaming. 
  13. LiveTV — Integrates sports channels through third-party streaming providers and hosts, 100% free and without registration.
  14. batmanstream — Batmanstream is one of the best StreamEast alternatives for free sports streaming. It is a sports streaming platform where you can watch live football, hockey, softball, volleyball, golf, NFL and other games.
  15. Strike Out — like Stream east, offers a wide selection of free sports programming that you can watch on any platform, including your phone, iPad, laptop, or other media player. Also, unless you already have Flash Player installed, you can update it to the latest version.
  16. Streamwoop — Streamwoop is another site where you can watch sports online. The platform is simple, with an easy to use interface and a large index of links.
  17. goATD — goATD is also one of the best alternatives to Streameast live for free sports streaming.
  18. NBAStreams — If you are an NBA fan, this site is the reference, it allows you to watch all basketball matches in live streams for free.
  19. Direct red — For football fans.
  20. MyP2P — allows you to access sports content for free, including football, cricket, volleyball and hockey, motorcycling and boxing, to name a few.
  21. Sport365 — Sport365 is a discreet online streaming site that lets you watch all of tonight's games for free.
  22. FirstRowSports — FirstRowSports doesn't exactly replicate the experience of sitting in the front row and watching your favorite team win a big game, but it comes close.
  23. WiziWig — WiZiWiG offers more than live sports streams. It also has an online radio, which allows you to listen to your favorite sports team while coming home from work or running errands.
  24. BuffStreams
  25. sportrar
  26. StreamHunter
  27. Fox Sports Live
  28. streamflow
  29. Atthe
  30. sportlemon
  31. 123Sports
  32. JBlivestream
  33. mamahd

Online live streaming

The internet is full of free options for live sports streaming. With apps and sites available for all your devices, you can watch the match, tournament, or fixture wherever you are! But there's a catch: Sports broadcasting rights restrict live streaming to specific locations. This means that depending on where you are, you may be blocked from watching your favorite sports teams.

Know that the best way to bypass blocks and watch live sports is to use a VPN. 
Watching live sports and matches is always fun. Keeping your best interests in mind, we've compiled a list of the best free mobile phone apps. sports streaming for iOS and Android.

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