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Ooviv: Watch Free Streaming Movies Without Ads (New Addresses)

Ooviv is a streaming site where you can watch the latest movies and series for free, without registration and without ads.

Ooviv: Watch Free Streaming Movies Without Ads (New Addresses)
Ooviv: Watch Free Streaming Movies Without Ads (New Addresses)

Ooviv - top free movie streaming sites: There are only a handful of cable networks that have managed to survive the upheaval in the media landscape that occurred at the dawn of the 30st century. The television industry as a whole has seemed to be almost stubbornly suspicious of the Internet over the past XNUMX years. However, the internet has continued to advance and online streaming services quickly dethroned televisions to become the new heart of the household.

Ooviv is more than just a free streaming site, however. Indeed the site also offers thousands of hours of movies and television shows to watch for free and without registration, which makes it a very viable alternative to Netflix or other expensive services.

Several users have asked us lhas real address of ooviv Streaming which is currently working, that's why in this article we are going to share all the information about ooviv and the new addresses to use to watch Free Streaming Movies without ads.

Ooviv: Top Sites to Watch Free Streaming Movies without Ads (New Addresses)

With the large number of streaming sites out there today, choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. Each of them offers a different list of films and series, a unique interface, preferred languages, streaming qualities video variables and, of course, its price, which can range from free to hundreds of euros per year.

When deciding which streaming platform is right for you, a little research can make all the difference.

As a viewer drawn to free streaming, it is essential that you understand the difference between quality streaming sites and phishing sites. If you do not have enough knowledge, I recommend you consult various streaming sites on Reviews, which will help you determine whether or not to trust a particular streaming site. Why ? Because we have tried and tested most of them.

Now that I have clarified the most important point, let's move on to our guide ooviv Streaming. In my opinion, the platform I'm going to review today is one of the most underrated streaming services around. The streaming site I'm talking about is called 'Ooviv'.

Ooviv - Ooviv Streaming
Ooviv - Ooviv Streaming

Accessible online since May 2017, this Streaming site is distinguished by a simple user interface and no ads. On the home page, you have a list of the latest movies available to stream, and you also have the option to choose your favorite movie from the list of available categories under the tab "Genres" available at the top of the page and which includes the following themes:

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Fantastic
  • Horror
  • Policeman
  • Science fiction
  • Thriller

Note that the site also offers animations, documentaries and shows in addition to films, and you can use ooviv streaming on your computer, smartphone and TV, of course the most optimal use remains on your computer and television.

Ooviv no longer works

The official ooviv website was accessible at, that said the Ooviv site has stopped working since October 2020 the site simply closed.

The other addresses that you can find them during your searches like,, etc. are indeed bogus sites that do not offer real free streaming content without registration. So be careful in your research.

Ooviv no longer works - new similar streaming addresses.
Ooviv no longer works - new similar streaming addresses.

So since its closure, Ooviv admins launched several other similar streaming sites with the same movie base and almost the same user interface, in the next section we will share a list with you to guide you.

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New addresses like ooviv Streaming

Looking for streaming sites to replace ooviv? If you can't attend theaters as much as you'd like or don't have the luxury of a small cast in your town, some free streaming sites might be a surprising and ooviv-like solution.

You just have to know where to look! The following list is for moviegoers looking for new addresses like ooviv reliable in 2021 and who wish to immerse themselves in courageous, experimental or author films, perhaps obscure and underestimated, directly from their sofa, we let you discover the list:

  1. Galtro : Galtro is a free no-registration streaming site created in March 2018 by the same administrators of, the site is inaccessible but there are other reliable alternatives to try.
  2. Tephorus : Teforo (becomes Waklov) is quite a popular site in France, it has the same interface as ooviv and allows you to watch Free Streaming Movies without ads.
  3. Radego : Radego streaming is a popular free and full streaming site which offers a large library of films and documentaries for unlimited viewing and in French.
  4. dadroz
  5. Vagdi
  6. cNotBetter
  7. Zavrol
  8. Coflix
  9. Moviestreaming1
  10. Voirfilms
  11. HDS
  12. Wiflix
  13. Dradab
  14. Zaniob
  15. Gratflix
  16. wavob
  17. Cinemay
  18. bovmi
  19. Cinezzz
  20. Mildip
  21. Free Movie
  22. Filmstoon
  23. Mflix
  24. Filmoflix
  25. Amazon Prime Video (30 days free)
  26. Series streaming
  27. 01 streaming
  28. Tirexo
  29. Kapmp
  30. Skstream
  31. Time2watch
  32. Filmoflix
  33. Mystream
  34. 4Kstreamz
  35. Botidou
  36. HDSS
  37. Download zone : Although this is a download site, ZTZA also offers movie and series streaming links, the links are available at the bottom of each title.

We hope that our list of streaming sites to replace ooviv will be useful to you, do not forget to save the page and to consult us for the new addresses as the list is updated every week.

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