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Neko Sama: The new address to watch Anime streaming Vostfr (2023 edition)

Are you a big anime fan but don't know where to watch your episodes online? Neko Sama is a completely free website that offers you to watch a variety of anime online. How it works ? What is the new trusted address? Here is our complete guide ?‍??

Neko Sama: The new address to watch Anime streaming Vostfr
Neko Sama: The new address to watch Anime streaming Vostfr

Neko Sama streaming 2023: The Internet is an ever-changing space where new sites and services appear every day. Streaming platforms are no exception to this trend, with thousands of different types created each month by creators around the world. In the batch, Neko Sama stands out, it is a streaming site dedicated to anime vostfr. Here is everything you need to know about this one-of-a-kind site.

For anime lovers, Neko Sama is an essential address for streaming all kinds of anime productions. The platform offers hundreds of works to see for free and unlimited. And lately, this platform officially has a new website. It is responsive and allows smooth navigation on smartphones and tablets.

Enough to fully satisfy anime and manga fans! Head over for a complete guide to the new Neko Sama 2023 address to watch your favorite anime streaming VOSTFR for free.

What is Neko Sama?

The popularity of Japanese culture in recent years has resulted in thousands of sites offering scans or copies of well-known anime such as Naruto, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist or One Punch man.

Neko Sama is a completely free French streaming site that offers a very large catalog of anime in French or in the original version with subtitles (vost). The list of content is updated regularly and users appreciate being able to watch recent content but also in full HD quality without any advertising. The interface is also very simple and easy to use. 

The main drawback of this site in the past was that it was not responsive, only offering a mobile version with a classic design for smartphones. And recently, Neko Sama decided to renew its image with the creation of a new web address.

Neko-sama - Anime streaming Vostfr gratuit
Neko-sama – Anime streaming Vostfr gratuit

Watch anime streaming vostfr on Neko Sama

Neko Sama 2023 is a website that allows you to watch anime streaming Vostfr for free. The site has a huge collection of anime titles and offers vostfr and vf streaming options. You can search by genre, by rating, by alphabetical order or by broadcast date. There is also a handy feature that lets you choose a series and view all available episodes.

For manga fans, it will be their possible to download around 800 titles directly on their smartphone or tablet without any subscription required! If you're impatient, you can even watch short previews before you start an anime episode. For those curious about the latest episodes related to their favorite characters, they are available here for full streaming.

Moreover, Neko Sama is the ideal site for watch new anime content. This site can also replace KissAnime, iAnime et Vostfree from where it is possible to download anime as well as Crunchyroll from where new anime can be found. Indeed, this platform offers a large collection of anime and you can easily find your favorite series through an accurate search engine. In addition, the site is free and without advertising.

How does Neko Sama work? Watch anime streaming vostfr
How does Neko Sama work? Watch anime streaming vostfr

There are thousands of hours to choose from on this platform. As for watching new anime, the streaming player works perfectly ! The content available includes classic anime that all fans have heard of namely Naruto, Boruto or One Piece.

There is also a comment section to give your opinion and see what others think of a particular series. If you activate the "dark mode" option, a dark mode is available on the platform. The design is clean and simple. Basic features are present.

Finally, if you want to watch an ad-free episode on this platform, you will however have to activate the ad blocker from time to time when you browse their site. That doesn't mean there are too many ads, but rather that it's reasonable considering how free the service is.

What is the new Neko Sama address?

The site being illegal in most countries where copyright laws exist, Neko-Sama is often forced to change the address of its site. It is therefore necessary to keep up to date in order to regularly follow new updates and new domain names chosen by the creator of the site.

Today, the famous streaming site Neko Sama has a new working URL, which you can find by going to: As mentioned, the site may change, so be careful and only go to the new address if you are sure it is the official Neko Sama address.

That said, Neko Sama seems to go more or less unnoticed by the authorities. Unlike movie and series streaming sites, the anime streamer garnered less attention from the authorities. This is good news, because the site does not change addresses very often. That said, it is advisable to have a good VPN for peace of mind.

Why does Neko Sama not work for me?

As the home page of the site indicates, it is sometimes inaccessible due to hunting by the authorities. If so, its creators suggest you change your DNS. This will allow you to view the content again quickly and safely. Caution is also advised when browsing the site due to the large number of advertisements.

You can also login to Neko Sama using a VPN or proxy. Indeed, this can allow you to make the authorities believe that you are in another country where the site is not blocked. There are many alternatives if you really want to connect to the new Neko Sama address to watch or download anime streaming vostfr or vf.

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Is it legal to stream anime for free?

This is, of course, the big question that many Internet users are asking themselves. Is this content accessible for free and legally? Unsurprisingly, if it's free, it probably isn't. Some of the content is available on other paid streaming platforms, such as Netflix. Obviously, on Neko Sama, you are illegal in terms of copyright.

However, for some Internet users, it is simply essential. In fact, some of the content on the Neko Sama Streaming website is simply not available elsewhere in France. However, it is important to keep in mind that this is a site that does not respect the law. You use it at your own risk and we can only advise you not to use it.

As you can find so many anime streaming sites on the internet. Some of them are legal and some are illegal. However, watching anime is completely safe. And if you want to stream the anime legally, you can use sites like Crunchyroll, Funimation, DAISUKI, etc.

The most popular Anime on Neko Sama 

Some of the most popular and trending Japanese anime are available on Neko Sama including the following list. For each of them, you can watch their streaming for free from the official Neko Sama address.

  • Yofukashi no Uta
  • Shuumatsu no Harem NC
  • K
  • 86: Eighty Six
  • EAST
  • ao ashi
  • Kawaii Dake janai Shikimori-san
  • jormungand

Our Opinion on this site

Neko Sama is a free French website that offers to watch a variety of anime online. HD streaming therefore offers free anime and series without an account. All the series offered are downloadable with French subtitles. 

Neko Sama is a excellent site if you want to watch anime in French or if you prefer VOST. The site has a very large library of anime and movies, which is very convenient. 

The website is very well organized and it is easy to find what you are looking for. The video quality is excellent and there is a huge variety of content available. The French subtitles are well translated and easy to follow.

In addition, the quality of the videos is very good and the subtitles are well synchronized. I highly recommend this website to all anime fans!

What are the alternatives to Neko Sama to watch anime in VOSTFR?

If these methods still don't work for you, or if you can't stand ads, there is other equivalent sites that also offer downloading or streaming of anime in VOSTFR and VF

You can turn to the many sites offering legal streaming offers that exist today. We could cite Wakanim, Crunchyroll, DNA or Netflix. We can clearly see that the French anime offer has become more and more interesting over the years. The good news is that not all of these sites are paid. Some offer a free discovery service, others only require advertising.

There are also many illegal sites that offer quality content. One such site is VoirAnime, which can be accessed at This is a site that offers thousands of content for streaming or download. 

Vostfree, available at, is the most famous site of the moment, a real reference for those who want to watch anime in France, for free and in streaming vostfr. The home page is of very high quality and the navigation is particularly fluid. The catalog is updated very frequently.

Mavanimes, accessible at the address, also offers a very large catalog in VOSTFR and VF. The system is very sophisticated, but we can't help but regret the very large presence of advertising. Also, the HTTPS protocol is not enabled, which creates security issues.

JetAnimes (which can be found at stands out for its very complete and high-quality catalog of animations that you can watch streaming in VF or VOSTFR.

>> Anime Sama: Discover the new essential address to watch unlimited Anime

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