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Top: 10 Best Free Mahjong Games No Download (Online)

Want to know where to play the best Mahjong online for free? Here is the list of the best sites to play without installation 🀄

Top Best Free Mahjong Games No Download (Online)
Top Best Free Mahjong Games No Download (Online)

Top Free Mahjong No Download: Mahjong is an ancient game that has many followers around the world. The rules of this game are complex and varied, which makes it very interesting to play. If you want to play Mahjong for free, there are many websites that allow you to do so from your browser and without downloading.

In this article, we are going to discover the Mahjong game and our list of best free mahjong games no download online.

Mahjong, what is it?

Mahjong is an ancient game originating from China. It is played with tiles stacked in a pyramid shape, and the goal is to remove tiles by identifying similar ones. There is a version for 2-4 players, but the solo version is more common. Mahjong is a game of chance, calculation and psychology, and it is free to play on the internet.

In addition to the original Chinese version, one can find many other variations from other neighboring countries like Japan, Korea, USA and other versions of the game like Mahjong solitaire,

Mahjong, what is it?
Mahjong, what is it?

Online Mahjong is very similar to traditional Mahjong, but there are some differences. The first difference is that online Mahjong is played with numbered tiles and not with tiles representing symbols. This makes the game much easier to understand for Western players. The second difference is that online Mahjong is played on a virtual board and not on a physical board. This allows players to play virtual Mahjong tables with other players around the world. 

Online Mahjong is a great way to relax and have a good time. It is also very instructive because it helps develop logic and thinking. If you want to play Mahjong games for free and without downloading, there are many websites that offer this game which we have grouped together in the next section.

Top: 10 Best Free Mahjong Games No Download (2022 Edition)

Mahjong is a very popular board game in China and other Asian countries. It is usually played with four players, but there is an online version that can be played by an unlimited number of players. 

Mahjong free online is very popular because it allows players from all over the world to play. The most popular Mahjong sites offer millions of game tables and numerous tournaments with cash prizes. Some sites also offer progressive jackpots that can reach several thousand euros.

Best Free Mahjong Games No Download - Where to Play Mahjong Online?
Best Free Mahjong Games No Download – Where to Play Mahjong Online?

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There are many variations of Mahjong, but the basic principle is always the same: you must remove all the tiles from the board by combining them in pairs. Mahjong is a puzzle and strategy game that can be played at several levels of difficulty.

To play mahjong online no download, you must first choose a website that offers this game for free. Once the site is selected, you must follow the instructions of the site to learn the rules of the game. It is important to read the instructions before you start playing, because Mahjong rules can be very complex and sometimes vary from one site to another. Once you understand the rules of the game, you can start playing. Mahjong is a very fun and addictive game. You will love it, promise.

We have tested and listed the most popular sites with the best online gaming experience according to the following criteria:

  • Free.
  • No download or installation.
  • Availability of full-screen mode.
  • Variety of trays available.
  • No time limit.

Here is the complete list of the best Mahjong games free without download and playable in full screen:

  1. — is the best free Mahjong site without downloading and the number one in France. It includes many variations of this game, as well as à la carte designs. So you can easily find the variant that suits you and get started in a few clicks.
  2. Games123 — Jeux123 is an online platform that offers a large collection of free Mahjong games. The site offers a unique and entertaining gaming experience, ideal for having a good time alone or with friends. The interesting version of the game, War Mahjong (War Mahjong), is especially popular with players. The rules of the game are simple: just select the identical tiles to make them disappear and earn points.
  3. Mahjong — 1001Jeux Mahjong is the best place to play the best Mahjong games online. This site brings together for you the best variants of Mahjong games with the possibility of full screen mode, so what are you waiting for?
  4. Arcadium — Looking for a fun and free way to play mahjong? Look no further than Arkadium Mahjong! This online version of the game is designed by experts and is perfect for players of all skill levels. To play, simply click and touch mahjong tiles to match and remove pairs. Start playing now, for free!
  5. — Play free mahjong game for free without downloading and full screen mode support and no time limit.
  6. Mahjong Connect — The Mahjong Connect game is one of the best known online puzzle games on where many of you love free mahjong games! Mahjong games are great fun and put your thinking to the test.
  7. — Play the best free online mahjong games, including variations like Mahjongg, Mahjong Fortuna, Majong, Connect, 3D, Mahjong Dimensions and Towers.
  8. Mahjong Solitaire Lemonde — Mahjong Solitaire is a unique twist on the classic Mahjong game. If you like Mahjong and enjoy playing Solitaire, then this online game is for you.
  9. — Play new free and interesting Mahjong games online without registration: Connect, Butterfly, Shanghai Dynasty, Gardens, Titans, Chinese and others.
  10. Mahjong Games

Online applications are very convenient, but sometimes you don't have an internet connection. Fortunately, it is possible to play Mahjong for free in offline mode by downloading an application on your pc. Microsoft has for example its version which works very well and integrates with its offline game set Microsoft Solitaire collection. 

To download Mahjong offline, go to the Microsoft Mahjong page in the Microsoft Store, select Get Game (online) or Install (in the Microsoft Store app). The game is downloaded and installed automatically. To start the game, select Play.


The best free Mahjong games without downloading are those available on this list. There are many sites that offer Mahjong games online, and they are all easy to find. Most sites offer free Mahjong games, but some sites may charge a fee for the games or require mandatory registration to play, so we've selected the crème de la crème. Mahjong games online without downloading are fun and can be played by anyone of any skill level.

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