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Top: 10 Best Cheap Lifetime Mobile Plans in 2022

What are the best cheap mobile plans for life in France 📱

Top: 10 Best cheap mobile plans for life
Top: 10 Best cheap mobile plans for life

Best cheap mobile plans for life — Petrol, gas, food… Everything increases. And telecoms are no exception. The major French operators are revising their prices upwards.

All mobile and internet operators operate in the same way during a new subscription. They offer offers whose price is promotional in the first year. Then once it is exceeded, the price is revised upwards. Thus, the price of a mobile subscription increases over the years. 

Which doesn't really help loyal customers. Faced with such a constraint, they will have to prepare for an increase in their bill. But, fortunately, there is a cheap mobile plan for life without commitment. Among other things, it solves a large part of this problem.

In this article, we share with you the best cheap mobile plans for life currently in France.

Top: 10 Best lifetime and cheap mobile plans (2022 edition)

Le cheap mobile plan for life refers to the fact that the operator offers its customers an offer at a lifetime rate. Well, until they decide to change their offer. The advantage is very simple. Regardless of their income, they will benefit from the same rate over the years. However, according to the applicable law, all operators have the right to modify the cheap mobile plan for life. It is therefore important to choose the offer that offers the best in terms of offer and price.

Initially, the idea came from SFR and its subsidiary RED. Subsequently, many operators such as Bouygues Telecom, Sosh and Orange adopted this concept in order to attract more users. Since they are all market giants, it will be difficult to make a good decision unless you avoid the offers. If you are looking for the best cheap lifetime mobile plan, follow this little comparative guide.

What are the best lifetime cheap mobile plans in France?
What are the best lifetime cheap mobile plans in France?

In fact, to face up to the competition, operators are offering new packages at low prices. As a mobile customer, you have no choice but to subscribe to an advantageous offer. In addition, for the most part, these subscriptions are non-binding, allowing you to change players for free when you find an offer with a better quality/price ratio on the market. When you subscribe to an offer for example less than €10 per month, you must pay particular attention to the terms of your subscription contract. Although an attractive price is offered, your mobile offer is often only valid for the first 12 months. Then, the price of your package generally increases by 5 to 10 euros the following year.

Today, mobile telephony packages valid for LIFE are appearing with many operators. These comprehensive offers are offered at attractive prices that do not depreciate after six months or a year and attract new subscribers. We have therefore selected for you the six best mobile plans of the moment from Bouygues Telecom, Reglo mobile, Syma Mobile, SOSH and La Poste Mobile. Promotions for the mobile plan, the price of which will not change, are available from 9,95 euros per month.

The best cheap mobile plans for life

Before choosing your lifetime mobile plan, the basic rule is obvious, but it's always good to remember: you have to choose a mobile plan according to your needs. While big discounts are always tempting, it would be a shame to pay for something you don't need. A 60 GB package at 15 euros is not expensive, but if you only use 20 GB per month, why not opt ​​for a 20 GB package at 10 euros instead?

The other important point to consider is the amount of data in Europe. If you travel regularly, it is better to opt for a comfortable envelope in the EU. The quality of the network is also a criterion of choice, we talk about it a little further down.

The size of the Internet is often the number one concern for consumers. Operators now offer several packages at reduced rates, including unlimited SMS/MMS calls and the difference in content is generally in the data envelope. Are you looking to get a low-cost mobile plan valid for the duration of your subscription? Here is the list of the top offers currently available.

La Poste Mobile 30 Go package: Best lifetime package right now

At La Poste Mobile you can already get a lifetime pass for less than €10 per month. This special offer is priced at €9,99 per month instead of €14,99 per month with 30GB of 4G and unlimited connections. This mobile subscription is offered at a promotional price without commitment and excluding taxes as part of a new subscription until March 21 inclusive. The cost of a public SIM, payable on demand, is 9,90 EUR.

This cheap lifetime package from SFR includes:

  • 30GB of Internet in 4G/4G+ per month (included then rechargeable) usable in metropolitan France
  • Unlimited calls to fixed and mobile numbers in mainland France and the overseas departments,
  • Unlimited SMS and MMS to mobile numbers in mainland France from Franceµ
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, as well as 10GB of Internet from Europe and the DOM/COM
  • Unlimited access to the “Music” service 

Réglo Mobile lifetime plan at €10

Réglo Mobile offers an attractive long-term offer with its package at €9,95 per month. The operator offers you a non-binding subscription with unlimited calls and SMS/MMS to mainland France. In Europe and overseas, the flat rate includes one hour's call, 100 SMS and 10 MMS. On the data side, you have an envelope of 60 GB in metropolitan France as well as 5 GB in Europe and the overseas departments, which makes it an offer with a very good quality/price ratio on the market. In case of specific need, Réglo Mobile provides you with “Internet 200 Mo” and “Internet 10 Go” extensions for 2 or 5 euros.

B&You offer from Bouygues Telecom without conditions Duration: 60 GB at €11,99 per month

Bouygues Telecom is also offering an unconditional promotion valid for 60 GB of 4G and 10 GB of roaming at €11,99 per month without commitment and without any duration. This B&You promotion is valid until March 8 inclusive as part of the opening of a new line. When ordering, 10 € must be paid for a new universal SIM card.

For 11,99 euros per month, the operator offers:

  • 60 GB in 4G in France and 10 GB from Europe and the overseas departments (internet use from these destinations is deducted from the base case)
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS also from France and these same destinations

Cheap RED by SFR plan with 100GB of data

The default operator RED by SFR, a 100% online low-cost subsidiary of the box rouge operator, offers you a promotion on its mobile plan without obligation. The particularity of this operator? It only offers one mobile plan, which you can customize up or down.

In addition, this cheap mobile plan is non-binding, which means that you can change plan or change operator without any duration condition. Whatever the options chosen, the rule is always the same, namely: unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from and to metropolitan France.

The promotional rate of €13 instead of €17 on the 80GB basis is valid for new customers.

Finally, whatever package you choose, you have the option of choosing an international option for an additional €5 per month on your bill. This allows you to enjoy 15 GB of data from the EU, DOM, USA, Andorra, Switzerland and Canada. This option is non-binding and can be revoked at any time with a simple click.

SYMA: A cheap package for life on the Orange network

Syma is known to be a web operator that offers a multitude of options for calling abroad. Note that it is also an operator that offers all its mobile plans without commitment on the Orange network. Indeed, if you want to benefit from the number one network in France, you can take advantage of it via Syma and one of these unlimited mobile plans.

At exactly €9,90, the SYMA mobile plan is excellent value for money on the market. For less than €10, the operator offers a very generous data envelope of 100GB. Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS everywhere in Europe. The good surprise does not stop there since the package includes 7 GB in the Europe and overseas sections, in addition to international calls to 100 destinations.

Lifetime plan at SOSH

Sosh Mobile has also launched a cheap lifetime mobile plan to give you access to maximum data. At this very moment, the operator is offering the 100 GB Limited Series package without commitment at a price of 15,99 euros per month even after one year. You will have access to many advantages including:

  • Limited Edition 100 GB from France.
  • 15 GB usable from Europe.
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from France and Europe.

To take advantage of this non-binding offer, everything happens in the online store. If you are already a Sosh customer, you can simply modify your offer and follow the same usual steps.

Sosh mobile also markets other non-binding, data-free offers. In general, sosh offers 60 GB at 13,99 euros per month or 70 GB at 14,99 euros. These prices may change very soon.

Mobile plan unlimited for life FREE for 10 €

The Free operator is, as often, the champion of low prices with an offer with an unbeatable price/quality ratio. Please note that you can only subscribe to this offer if you are a Freebox customer. Without the subscription, the price is 19,99 euros per month and offers a data envelope of 210 GB of internet in France and 25 GB in Europe as well as unlimited connections from several foreign countries. 

It is still wise to highlight this low-cost package, the Freebox Pop can be an excellent option if you are also looking for an internet offer. Like its mobile plan, the subscription of the box to Free at a pricing that defies all competitors. Then, the combination of the two offers is very interesting.

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What are the best unlimited mobile plans

Are you looking for a mobile plan to call and send unlimited SMS and MMS? Here are all the subscriptions including unlimited calls in France and sometimes from abroad!

All subscriptions with or without commitment offered on this page offer unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to landlines and mobiles in France. So if your search is limited to these services, you can choose from the best subscriptions of the moment that you will find at the top of this page or even the cheapest from the operator you want.

For mobile Internet connections, the envelopes included vary depending on the specific subscription, with the smallest integration, for example from 20 MB to 50 MB per month and up to unlimited data for superconnect uses. Your choice will therefore depend on your web consumption. For occasional use, around 20 to 2000 web pages referenced per month, you can choose a mobile plan that includes a mobile internet volume of between 10MB and 1GB. For more regular online consumption, sizes range from 1GB to 10GB at best. And for intensive use, data sizes of at least 10 GB are required.

However, if you are offered a promotion, we advise you to choose from these non-binding plans up to a maximum of gigabytes at a promotional price even if you do not need a lot of mobile data every month, and of course if all other required criteria are met (e.g. unlimited SMS/MMS).

At the top of our ranking of the best cheap unlimited mobile plan offers, we find the 210 GB package of Free. For €19,99 per month, the latter gives you the benefit of a 210 GB internet envelope that can be used in mainland France, in addition to unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

A balanced proposal and the guarantee of having a package tailored for 5G, when the latter will be deployed more widely on the territory. In detail, this mobile plan includes:

  • Unlimited landline / mobile calls in France, overseas departments (excluding Mayotte) and Europe (3 hours maximum / call and 129 different recipients maximum / month)
  • Unlimited SMS / MMS in France and from the overseas departments and Europe
  • 90 GB of data, in 4G / 4G +, for Metropolitan France
  • Of which 8 GB of data to be used in Europe and in the overseas departments
  • Network 4G and 4G + of Free Mobile then 5G after a year
  • 4G coverage Population: 97%
  • 4G Territory coverage: 86 %
  • COVER 5G Population: 72%
  • SIM card: 10 €
  • Price: 8,99 euros for 12 months then 19,99
  • Commitment: without

RED by SFR brings out its BIG RED package at 13€ which has the arguments to seduce lovers of good deals. For this price, the operator displays a lasting offer with Go 100 of data for metropolitan France, Go 14 for Europe and the overseas departments, and the traditional unlimited calls in France, in the overseas departments and in Europe. Impossible to find better if you have these requirements. 

In detail, this mobile plan includes:

  • Unlimited landline / mobile calls in France, overseas departments (excluding Mayotte) and Europe (3 hours maximum / call and 129 different recipients maximum / month)
  • Unlimited SMS and MMS in France and from overseas departments and Europe
  • 100 GB of data, in 4G, for mainland France
  • 14 GB of additional data for use in Europe and the French overseas departments
  • Network 4G and 4G + by SFR
  • 4G coverage Population: 99%
  • 4G Territory coverage: 93 %
  • COVER 5G Population: 52%
  • SIM card: 10 €
  • Price: 13 € / month
  • Commitment: without

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What should you know before choosing a no-commitment mobile plan?

Choosing a no-commitment mobile plan is not that simple. Price, network coverage, amount of 4G/5G data, use in Europe… here is our comparison of mobile offers to help you choose the best mobile plan without obligation.

according to ARCEP, in the 1st quarter of 2019, two-thirds of mobile plans were contracted without commitment. An impressive success for this ultimately fairly recent model. The main ones have only existed since 2011. The three incumbent operators decided to launch them in response to the arrival of Free Mobile the same year. A profitable strategy for Bouygues, Orange and SFR who have thus succeeded in limiting the impact of the fourth operator on their finances.

Non-binding mobile plans have won over their audience with two main arguments: the possibility of breaking their contract at any time and very attractive monthly rates. Today, operators are waging a price war on this ground, by multiplying promotions… which the customer can take advantage of at any time by switching to the operator offering the best price.

Discover more offers and promotions on Reviews Deals !

Know that you are free to change plans at any time, without providing proof and without incurring any costs. All you have to do is inform your operator. On the other hand, if you want to keep the same telephone number, you will have to ask for the RIO code, the operator identity statement.

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