Lebonstream: 21 Best sites to watch movies and series in streaming for free

Watch Free Film Streaming And Series Streaming on Lebonstream 😎

Lebonstream - Best sites to watch free movies and series
Lebonstream - Best sites to watch free movies and series

Lebonstream – watch movies and series in free streaming : Nowadays, there are a very large number of free streaming sites, sometimes it is difficult to navigate. There are sites dedicated to streaming movies, others for series, Japanese anime but also for documentaries and TV shows.

Among them, Lebonstream stands out with a large French streaming catalog and vostfr. This is an excellent free streaming platform that brings together movies and series in one place. Cool isn't it? The only problem with the site is the fact that it is no longer accessible following a blockage. 

But don't worry, in this article we share with you the new reliable address Lebonstream as well as the complete list of the best similar sites to watch movies and series in streaming for free.

Lebonstream: 10 Best sites to watch movies and series in streaming for free (2022 edition)

If you are a staunch follower of French streaming, you probably know the famous streaming sites Lebonstream or LeBonStreaming. It may also happen that you are confused about their name because they are similar.

But if you did not know it in the next section, I will introduce you to this famous streaming site which offers thousands of films and series in VF and Vostfr for free viewing and without a credit card.

What is Lebonstream?

The name of Lebonstream undoubtedly already means something to you. Indeed Lebonstream is one of the best French streaming site, it represents series and films in VF and VOSTFR. The site is without subscription or paid registration to view your favorite series and films. All you have to do is search the site to find your desired series or film in full streaming, for free in VF and VOSTFR.

The site provides you with several tools that will help you with your experience on the application. All Series, Seasons, Episodes and Movies are well organized in an easy way according to several criteria: Country, Box Office, New Releases, Categories, Years, Recommended, Popular, etc.

The advantage of this free streaming platform is characterized by the daily update that we do every day with the other legal streaming platforms like NETFLIX, DISNEY+ and IMDB, which allow you to find both the movies and the series ( seasons and episodes) 2021-2022 to see in streaming Complete.

Lebonstream is also a French-speaking streaming site. It has a remarkably modern design that easily grabs the internet user's attention. This site mainly offers the most popular movies and the most searched seasons or episodes of certain series.

LEBONSTREAM is a completely free movie streaming site that will allow you to watch your favorite content unlimited.
LEBONSTREAM is a completely free movie streaming site that will allow you to watch your favorite content unlimited.

Address change

The site is obliged to change its address regularly in order to avoid hunting by the authorities. Be careful, however, there are also many fake sites. If you're being asked to pay or register, it's not the real site.

Currently the site has just changed its address to become AlloFlix, if you want to go to the home page of the Lebonstream site, then click on the following link:

This official URL works perfectly, but sometimes leads to redirections in case of a new name change.

AlloFlix new address Lebonstream - Film Streaming à Voir Gratuitment & Streaming Serie Complet
AlloFlix new address Lebonstream – Film Streaming à Voir Gratuitment & Streaming Serie Complet

Indeed, when you browse the Internet to consult download or streaming sites like Lebonstream, it is always more prudent to use a VPN. This allows you to hide your identity on the Internet and thus browse in a more protected way.

It is therefore important to exercise caution. Likewise, pay close attention to certain advertisements which can sometimes prove to be much too intrusive.

So if you're like me, you prefer sites that don't limit the choice to a single player to watch your movie or series, don't worry. In the next section I will share the new alternative addresses to Lebonstream to watch movies and series in free streaming without an account.

Best sites to watch movies and series for free

Can't find the movie you're interested in on Lebonstream? The site is temporarily unavailable? Fortunately, many reliable alternatives exist. We will make a small selection below to help you see more clearly.

The following list includes sites like Lebonstream, ranked according to the following criteria:

  • Available content (Quality and quantity)
  • Safety
  • Ease of use (No registration)
  • Design and User Interface
  • Catalog and titles available

Just like the best sites of streaming without an account, And sports streaming sites streaming sites equivalent to Lebonstream are continually shut down and removed. At the time of writing this article, all the websites listed below are working and can be used, on the other hand, I will update the list every week in order to always find updated addresses.

So let’s discover the complete list of top sites like Lebonstream to watch movies and series in streaming for free:

  1. StreamComplete — Streamcomplet is a free streaming site without registration. It is intended for French people who are used to watching movies, online TV series and manga. There is something for everyone, for young and old.
  2. Wiflix — Allowing you to stream your favorite series and films, the content offered is immense. Also, the videos are in high definition which is a plus for this kind of free site similar to Lebonstream.
  3. CoFlix — Free and without registration, this streaming site without an account allows you to watch movies and series in HD streaming. They are categorized by genre and year. So you will have no trouble finding the content you want to watch.
  4. Empire Streaming — Empire Streaming is a streaming platform through which you can consume almost all movies and series in free streaming without registration.
  5. DP streaming — Easy to use, Dpstream allows you to watch quality movies and series for free.
  6. French Stream — One of the best free movie and series streaming sites nowadays. On this site you can find your films and your series in different versions: VF, VO, VOSTFR as well as a wide choice in terms of genres of films and series.
  7. SeeSeries
  8. VoirFilms
  9. Moviestreaming1
  10. Papadustream
  11. CoCo Stream
  12. SeriesStreaming
  13. 01Streaming
  14. Tirexo
  15. Cpassmieux
  16. Galtro
  17. Cinezzz
  18. HDSS
  19. Filmstoon
  20. HDS
  21. Stream for you
  22. Cinemay
  23. Streamiz
  24. bovmi
  25. Kstreaming

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You probably suspect that. Unlike sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney plus, Lebonstream is not a legal alternative for those who want to see very good quality content in streaming. This is an illegal site that does not respect copyright and is therefore regularly attacked by rights holders, authorities or justice and the Hadopi law. In short, if you connect to the platform on the right stream, you are not complying with the legislation in force.

So it's something you also do with risk. We cannot encourage you to consult this type of site.

Finally it is possible that if you try to connect to it, you are given a warning message. Indeed, in France, sites are often blocked by the national gaming authority due to a court decision. To access it, you will therefore need to use a proxy or VPN.

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