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E-commerce: The Best Online Shopping Sites in Tunisia (2022 edition)

The best online shopping and sales sites I wish I had known about earlier?

E-commerce: The Best Online Shopping Sites in Tunisia
E-commerce: The Best Online Shopping Sites in Tunisia

Tunisia online shopping site: Online shopping sites are everywhere. A quick search will tell you more than you can count, but what are in fact the best online shopping sites?

Looking for a unique product or a special craft gift? Look no further than our top shopping spots for 2022. We've put together a list of places to visit based on their quality, value and variety (plus a few seconds in each category to avoid unpleasant surprises).

Whether you want to browse the latest beauty product launches or press the buttons on a new TV, you'll find everything you need in our Guide to the Best Online Shopping Sites in Tunisia.

E-commerce and Internet shopping in Tunisia

With the rapid growth of Internet services and in particular e-commerce sites, most buyers often go shopping online for several reasons (convenience, better prices, varied choice, etc.).

So starting by understanding E-commerce and buying on the internet.

What is online sales?

Online sales ou e-commerce means the process of buying or selling products or services over the internet. Online shopping is increasingly popular due to its speed and ease of use for customers.

E-commerce activities such as online sales may be addressed to consumers or other businesses. Trade between businesses and consumers (B2C) involves the online sale of goods, services and the provision of information directly to consumers. Business to business (B2B) refers to the online exchange of products, services or information between businesses.

In this guide, we are primarily interested in B2C retail sites.

E-commerce - What is electronic commerce?
E-commerce - What is electronic commerce?


Online commerce presents many benefits :

  • THE CONVENIENCE OF TIME: Compared to a store at fixed times, online shopping places are accessible at any time of the day and night. This is especially useful for parents of young children, anyone who works all day and when the weather is bad.
  • SHOPPING APPLICATIONS: Shopping from an app is a convenient luxury. Whether you are confined to your home or can walk into a store, shopping from your phone is a unique and awe-inspiring experience.
  • PRICE COMPARISONS: When you walk into a store, you are most likely happy with the price the seller has set for a particular item. Through online shopping, you can compare the prices of hundreds of different sellers. One example is grocery store price comparison apps.
  • DISCOUNTS AND OFFERS: Online stores want to keep you as a customer, which is why they can offer you big discounts, rewards and cash back if you sign up for their newsletters for example. This will keep you informed of upcoming bestsellers. Discount codes - like the ones you can get from discount code sites - are also very popular when shopping online.
  • AN INFINITE CHOICE: In a traditional store, storage space is limited, which means that the variety of products is limited. This is not the case with online stores where the choice is plentiful. If you don't see what you want in an online store, skip to the next one. As a consumer, you have the power to do this.
  • NO SIZE LIMITATION: Another advantage of shopping online is when the product you want to buy is too big to carry in your vehicle. Buying a boat from an auction site or ordering a cottage online are just two examples of when your car can't do the trick.
  • ZERO PARKING PROBLEMS: Finding a parking space can be an important reason not to stop in a store. Especially during the holidays, the absence of traffic jams is a major advantage for online shopping.
  • EASY ACCESS TO CONSUMER REVIEWS: It's easy to access consumer reviews for virtually any product you can imagine online, which allows you to make informed purchases. If you're not sure you're ready to buy something, do a little research by looking at customer reviews.

The inconvenients

here are some disadvantages of internet shopping that might deter you from making your next purchase online:

  • YOU CANNOT TRY: When you shop for clothes online, you can't smell the fabric, see how it fits your size, or notice how it is made. If you don't know your measurements and don't know the brand of clothing on offer, it can be a bad experience. This is why most online stores make it easy to return items. Apparel websites typically display detailed measurement and fabric information to minimize returns.
  • WAIT FOR DELIVERY: Need something later this afternoon? Few online shopping sites offer same-day delivery, and none of them offer the benefit of on-site and door-to-door delivery like a physical store does. Some online shopping sites take months to deliver your order (Mainly due to poor third-party delivery services like FeedEx, Aramex, DHL, etc.)
  • PRIVACY AND SECURITY : Privacy and security are legitimate concerns for any online shopper. Your payment information could be stolen from the site or someone who works there could copy your bank details and use them later for their own purchases. It is also difficult to immediately recognize if an online store is real or if it is just there to scam you.

E-commerce trends in Tunisia

In 2017, online transactions in Tunisia reached 166 million dinars (48 million euros), making the country the fourth nation in Africa and the 79th globally in 2018, according to the UN. A volume that could be much higher, to believe some players who are calling for the lifting of many obstacles.

Nowadays in Tunisia, it seems that a lot of products (for example, books, electronics and office supplies) are purchased online more often than in stores, primarily because of their convenience.

There is however a sector where traditional shopping is still king : that of clothes. This is because when people want to go to the mall, they usually go there for one reason only, and that is to check out the sales at all those trendy designer stores.

So here is a question for you: why don't people buy more clothes through online shopping? Is it because they need to try them on before buying anything? because they are afraid of the delivery process or because they are unfamiliar with some of the coolest sites that have an amazing selection of popular clothes? It is indeed a mixture of the three.

Geographic trends: Over 98% of e-commerce transactions are carried out respectively in Tunis, Sfax, Sousse and Gabès. Popular products: clothing and shoes, high-tech products, watches, perfumes, beauty and makeup.

E-commerce trends in Tunisia
E-commerce trends in Tunisia

But not only, because e-merchants navigate between constraints. Of the consumer protection at the Central Bank, through delivery, advertising and mass distribution: undertaking in this area is, for some, an obstacle course.

Restriction of foreign currency payments due to low foreign exchange reserves. Traders can benefit from a Business Travel Allowance (AVA), the amount of which is proportional to their turnover, intended a priori to cover the costs of stay abroad.

Tunisian companies can also benefit from “technological cards” allowing them to make specific online purchases for the equivalent of 10 dinars per year. Restrictive, when we know that some operators can spend such a sum in a few weeks.

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Popular e-commerce categories in Tunisia

As in almost all countries, online sales in Tunisia are more in demand in some sectors than others. Attached is our non-exhaustive list of the most popular sectors when it comes to e-commerce in Tunisia:

  • Fashion & Clothing
  • IT technology and hardware
  • Beauty and cosmetics
  • Marketplace
  • Group and Deal buying sites
  • Paramedical sector

What are the most popular e-commerce sites in Tunisia? carried out an analysis of Top 15 B2C Retail in Tunisia, excluding travel, financial services and insurance. Here is our ranking of the most popular e-commerce sites in Tunisia (according to the number of visits)

  6. &

This analysis makes it possible, among other things, to identify new online consumption trends and identify new growth markets.

E-commerce alternative: Social Shopping

Rather than just showing you random product recommendations and reviews, social shopping sites aim to get to know you better through your purchasing habits and connect you with other like-minded buyers to show you what they bought and rated.

In short, it is a form of personalized shopping which thrives through community participation.

Social Shopping: The concept centers on communities of people who share similar interests and who rely on the opinions of their colleagues to influence purchasing decisions.

Social shopping combines product sales and consumer recommendations in a social network environment.

That said, in Tunisia and in French-speaking countries, there are a few social shopping sites that have a community of active buyers and we will show you the social shopping site and application. which in particular makes it possible to buy unique products online while relying on recommendations from members of the community.

Have you ever wished you had a style partner and they could go shopping in their wardrobe? Now you can. connects you with people whose style you love, making it easy for you to shop in wardrobes and boutiques.

Famuse is an application of social shopping where the new generation comes to discover unique objects, exclusive catalogs and trends of the season. With a global community that buys, sells and connects to make the shopping experience more inclusive, diverse and easier.

Browse the catalogs around you or discover trends from the entire Famuse catalog. When you click the buy I button, you get in touch with the seller directly, without any middleman.

Regarding the delivery of products, the site offers a delivery service that allows you to benefit from free and fast delivery on all products and purchases made on our platform. In partner countries, delivery is made on the day the order is finalized.

The best online sales and e-commerce sites in Tunisia

Computer equipment, cosmetics, shoes, clothes, accessories, when you shop on the internet, a wide choice of trendy pieces are available to you. Shop from the comfort of your sofa using our selection of the best online shopping sites, for a successful shopping!

best online sales and e-commerce sites in Tunisia
best online sales and e-commerce sites in Tunisia

Article updated in June 2022


Below is our selection of best online shopping sites by category. You can find all kinds of things between these sites, from computer equipment and clothing to movies, handmade items, jewelry, technology, and more.

Ease of use is one of the best perks of shopping online, and that's exactly what you'll find at these popular sites. So, sit back and click on these sites to find what you want to buy:

1. Best Clothing & Fashion Online Shopping Sites

Is there anything better than curling up on the sofa on a rainy day and shopping online for the latest styles? This urge to buy a new dress with a single click is almost too good, isn't it?

Just read on, as we'll take you on best shopping sites online for buy clothes and stay connected with the fashion trends of the season.


The Outlet - Sale of branded clothing and ready to wear Women, Men
The Outlet - Sale of branded clothing and ready to wear Women, Men

TheOutlet is the first site of luxury destokage in Tunisia. You will find your favorite luxury brands for all your purchases: Burberry, Alexander Wang, Max Mara, Max & Co, Paul & Shark, Prada, Tod's, Vicini, Trussardi, Dolce & cabbana, Diesel, Eden Park, Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss , Hogan, Jean Paul Gautier ...

Created in 2015, is the leading online luxury goods website with more than 50 brands to its credit. This distribution channel is based on a simple principle: excessively attractive discounts, which can reach 80%, to sell unsold items from previous seasons in record time.

  •  Your package will be delivered to your home at your request, you will only have to confirm the recipient, your full address and your postal code. You can also have it delivered to your work address.
  • Home deliveries are made by our service provider ARAMEX.
  • Shipping costs are billed only once per order, regardless of the amount and the number of items ordered.
  • If you do not have an electronic payment card, you can choose the option "payment on receipt".
  • Delivery costs are 7,900 DT except in the case of promotional offers. They are offered in the event of promotional offers or orders exceeding the amount of 250 DT.

Strangely, the site does not have a security certificate https, the reason is unknown, but let's hope TheOutlet team fixes the problem as soon as possible. Online Fashion Store in Tunisia, Online Store Online Fashion Store in Tunisia, Online Store is one of the pioneers of fashion e-commerce in Tunisia. A leader in the Fashion sector and especially in Footwear, also establishing itself in the worlds: household appliances, decoration, garden, pharmacy and cosmetics, high-tech and many others ...

In order to expand its offer, is creating its Marketplace and developing strategic partnerships with well-known brands as well as exclusive brands. The site now offers a catalog of thousands of products! takes the greatest care in the selection of its partners, thus ensuring optimal quality of its offer and its personalized services.

With a visionary and dedicated team attentive to all the needs of its customers, deploys the necessary efforts and resources to support the customer throughout their purchase journey, improve their experience and guarantee their satisfaction!


Best clothing & fashion online sales sites: Modéco
Best clothing & fashion online sales sites: Modéco

Product Clothes and accessories to satisfy the needs and desires of the whole family and all desires at reduced prices: that's the concept Modeco !

The site offers a selection of clothing for men, women and children allowing you to enjoy good quality at the right price! Promotions all year round and free in-store delivery.

So, whether you are classic in style, whether you are looking for comfortable clothes, or whether you like the trends of the moment, the Modeco site will know how to seduce you. You benefit from free delivery of your orders made on the site.

Modéco offers the online sale of clothes for different styles, men, women, etc., the choice is not wide enough like the other sites, but it remains a good destination if you are more classic.

Personally I have never seen an e-commerce site without "https" certificates and I intend soon to test the purchase and payment online using their services to test the operation.


Online clothing sales: Best fashion online shopping sites - Zen
Online clothing sales: Best fashion online shopping sites - Zen

Zen is a 100% Tunisian brand which has been operating in Tunisia since 2003, it continues to innovate and develop its network of stores to be the undisputed leader in the ready-to-wear sector.

Delivery time and shipping costs will vary depending on the type of shipment. You can choose between home delivery or collection in a large number of ZEN stores of your choice 

Zen price and delivery time
Zen price and delivery time

2. Computer hardware e-commerce sites


Online sales sites: MyTek - Online sale of Pc portable, Smartphone, TV LED Tunisia
Online sales sites: MyTek - Online sale of Pc portable, Smartphone, TV LED Tunisia

MyTek provides the consumer with the best High-tech products at the best prices, You can order online your laptop PC, Smartphone, Touchscreen tablet, Printer, Photocopier, Led TV, household appliances, Office Suppliers in Tunisia.

Thanks to five points of sale based in Charguia, Tunis, Ariana, Nabeul and Sousse MyTek ensures availability of all products and an Express home delivery service for all products purchased on the site to the entire Tunisian territory.


Tunisianet: Sale of laptops Tunisia, office computers
Tunisianet: Sale of laptops Tunisia, office computers

Tunisianet and the specialist in online sales in Tunisia. Tunisianet offers the largest choice and the best prices in Tunisia. The site works with the biggest brands who trust it completely.

In addition, Tunisianet has an HP Retailer contract in the same way as large-scale distribution (Carrefour, Geant) as well as a contract with Dell: Partner Registred Dell, Asus: Gold Partner, Lenovo: Gold Partner. Tunisianet has always been committed to serving its customers at best and giving the best advice.

Finally and it is far from being negligible, Tunisianet relies on an optimized logistics chain, in order to offer unbeatable prices on many references for deliveries throughout Tunisian territory. Delivery is free from 300 DT of purchases.

Computer hardware e-commerce sites:
Computer hardware e-commerce sites: is specialized is the marketing of High-Tech products in Tunisia with major brand partnerships such as Acer Tunisia, Asus Tunisia, Dell Tunisia, HP Tunisia, Lenovo Tunisia.

Also discover a wide choice of the cheapest smartphone in Tunisia from Samsung, Apple, Evertek, Versus, Huawei, Asus. Find all the ranges of laptops and desktops in one of the 16 stores selling computer equipment in Tunisia. Wiki.

The Computer Hardware e-commerce site offers to purchase the products on their site and collect it at the nearest Wiki store.

That said, Wiki is on our list due to the diversity of choice, the site does not offer the option of delivering products purchased online, it is rather the reservation of product.

Tunisianet is one of best rated choices value for money if you are going to buy online on their site, if not, come to their premises, you should have enough free time given the long wait.


Online Sale of Laptop PC, Gaming PC, Smartphone At SpaceNet
Online Sale of Laptop PC, Gaming PC, Smartphone At SpaceNet

SpaceNet Tunisia started in 2004, is a benchmark company in the field of High-Tech: IT and Telecommunications, via its 4 points of sale in Greater Tunis and our e-commerce site, selling in line a variety of product line. Also, SpaceNet Tunisia promotes large and small household and office appliances, office and domestic furniture.

Thus SpaceNet Tunisia makes available to the customer and guarantees the authenticity of articles from major world-renowned brands, namely in terms of:

  • IT, Telecom and Smartphone: HP, Dell, MSI, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Espon, Canon, Brother, Kyocera, Samsung, Huawei, Xiomi, Nokia, Oppo, Infinix, D-Link, etc.       
  • Appliances: Samsung, LG, Telefunken, Brandt, Moulinex, kenwood, Benq, Philips, Bomman, Moulinex, TCL, Saba, Montblanc, Luminarc, etc. - Online telephone sales site in Tunisia - Online telephone sales site in Tunisia

Founded at the dawn of the year 2005, tunisiatech is the leading specialist in Internet distribution of IT, High-tech and multimedia products (PC components, Smartphones, Laptops, Gaming PCs, Tablets, Phablets, TV, household appliances, various gift and household items…).

Every day new or innovative products emerge, the objective of which is to meet the expectations and needs of its customers.

Tunisiatech is operated by professionals from the world of E-Commerce who since 2005 has one main mission: To build a solid and lasting relationship not only with these customers but also with international and high quality brands and they have succeeded in making partnerships with Samsung, Tefal, Kenwood, Oppo, Redragon.

Thanks to its service before and after sales, an express home delivery, official guarantees and the focus of the customer relationship Tunisiatech has been able to find in the first positions compared to these competitors.

3. Used classifieds sites

Selling or buying on the internet becomes quick and easy as long as we are on the right site.

It is important to choose one or two classifieds sites but no more and preferences with a good reputation as well as several thousand active visitors every day, otherwise your classified ad will go unsuccessful.


Tayara tn - Sale and purchase online anywhere in Tunisia
Tayara tn - Sale and purchase online anywhere in Tunisia

Created in 2012, is an online classifieds site for selling and buying second-hand goods. Like its French equivalent, Le Bon Coin, its economic system is based on advertising and the visibility of advertisements.

On this topic : 5 scams to avoid on & Tunisia News: 10 Best and Most Trusted News Sites in Tunisia

When you identify a product or service you like, contact the seller, either by phone or through CHAT TAYARA.

Tunisia announces

Tunisia Ad - free classifieds
Tunisia Ad - free classifieds

Tunisia announces is one of the oldest classifieds sites in Tunisia. Find real estate listings for the rental of houses, apartments, apartments in Tunis, Nabeul, Monastir, Manouba, Gabes, Kram, Carthage, Menzah, Manar, Soukra, Carrefour and all of Tunisia.

You can find several categories: bargains, laptops, printers, dell, compaq, hp, digital cameras.


Mitula - Search engine for real estate, cars and jobs
Mitula – Search engine for real estate, cars and jobs

mitula is a search engine for apartments, cars and jobs in Tunisia. The site encourages you to "dive into one site" for relevant search results that are categorized and organized in a logical and intelligent way. In this way, you will save a lot of time in your search for real estate, car and job offers that best meet your needs.

4. Best sites for the sale and purchase of cosmetic products

There is a wide variety of online makeup stores to suit all tastes and budgets.

Depending on whether you are looking for branded products (such as Dior or Lancôme) or products at low prices, you will find on the Internet a very wide range of varnishes, mascaras, boxes or palettes.


Point M Tunisie - Perfumery Tunisia, online sale of cosmetic product Tunisia
Point M Tunisie - Perfumery Tunisia, online sale of cosmetic product Tunisia

M-spot is one of the largest selective distribution chains of cosmetic products in Tunisia. Its perfume network is booming and currently includes 13 points of sale in the greater Tunis, Sousse, Sfax, Djerba, Gabes.

Point M offers online sales of cosmetic products on their sites, if you are looking for a site that offers the latest beauty trends with unique offers and sales, then Point M is your go-to destination.

Beauty Store

Beautystore - Cosmetics sales site in Tunisia
Beautystore - Cosmetics sales site in Tunisia

beauty store aims to allow all beauties everywhere in Tunisia to afford the latest novelties in cosmetics, without sacrificing quality and at a low budget.

Give its customers access to the possibility of having trendy products, of high quality, everything related to make-up and beauty at reasonable prices. offers its customers for the first time in Tunisia a wide range of products of international brands recognized by professionals and individuals and this is just a click away.

  • delivers everywhere in Tunisia to your door.
  • Delivery will be made within 24 to 48 working hours from the date of validation of the order and throughout Tunisia.
  • Delivery costs: Between 0 DT and 100 DT: 4,900 dinars of delivery costs, for more than 100 DT: Delivery is free


La Reine is recognized by the excellence of its service and the quality of its products, over the years, transforming the world of perfumery.
La Reine is recognized by the excellence of its service and the quality of its products, over the years, transforming the world of perfumery.

La Reine is one of the oldest perfume brands in Sfax. Over the years, it has known how to attract clients wishing to enter the magical world of beauty and refinement and retain them through irreproachable service and support.

Always on the lookout for new perfumes, beauty products and skin care products, the Queen offers a wide choice of products from major international brands. You will also find a rich range of luxury leather goods (SONIA RYKIEL, LANCEL, ARMANI DJEANS, VERSACE, LA BAGAGERIE, LITTLE MARCEL…).

  • Packages are generally shipped within 2 days of receipt of payment. They are shipped via UPS with a tracking number and delivered without a signature.
  • Shipping costs include preparation and packaging costs as well as postage. The preparation costs are fixed, while the transport costs vary according to the total weight of the package.

5. The top marketplaces in Tunisia

Marketplaces have the wind in their sails! These multi-seller platforms are occupying a growing place in the e-commerce landscape. Let's find out who is in our top market places in Tunisia:


Jumia Tunisia - Phones, TV, Supermarket, Health & Hygiene
Jumia Tunisia - Phones, TV, Supermarket, Health & Hygiene

The Jumia marketplace was established in May 2012 with the goal and vision to become the one stop shop for retail in Africa with the implementation of best practices online and offline.

Jumia operates in 23 countries, but it also ousted the e-commerce players that came before it, namely Kilimall (kenya) and Konga (Nigeria). Currently Jumia Group is no longer a simple marketplace and is responsible for launching projects such as: Jumia Food (foodpanda), Jumia House (Lamudi), Jumia Car (Carmudi), Jumia Jobs, Jumia Deals, etc.


The platform of Jumia is a marketplace or marketplace, which connects sellers and buyers, by providing them with a logistics service, allowing the shipment and delivery of packages in addition to a payment service.

Read also : List of the best reliable and cheap Chinese e-commerce sites Tunisia Online Marketplace at Low Prices Tunisia Online Marketplace at Low Prices is one of the first online sales Marketplace in Tunisia, specializing in electronic commerce and digital marketing supervised by engineers and specialized salespeople in the field. Indeed, the site offers its users large selections of clothing, footwear for women, men, babies and children.

  • The delivery costs are 7 dt for each seller
  • Delivery times are from 2 working days to 5 working days
  • The delivery time starts from the day you confirm your order.
  • Working days: Monday to Friday (Weekends and holidays are not included).

6. The best group buying and deal sites

To make real good deals, nothing like buying the same product in bulk or in groups! For this, online sales sites have specialized in group purchase or Deals.

Some offer a wide range of products, while others have concentrated on one and the same range. Discover the best group buying sites immediately!

1CrazyDealLaunched in May 2015, in May 2015, CrazyDeal was born with the aim of offering you quality service at a lower price.
2TunisiaDealTunisiaDeal is a private club inviting its members to take advantage of exceptional offers at privileged rates.
3BabyDealBabyDeal is the first website offering products and services, for sale on the web, specialized for babies, children and mothers and this at promotional and attractive prices.
4FirstDealFounded in 2014, First Deal is one of the first companies specializing in group purchasing on the net, it is an active player in the distribution of products of different categories, cures, stays and trips.
List of the best online group buying and deal sites in Tunisia


best group buying and deal sites -
best group buying and deal sites -

Launched in January 2012, is the Tunisian pioneer of group purchasing. The site offers good deals to offer or to offer: sport, beauty, well-being, restaurants, leisure, shopping, outings, trips ... Only good deals negotiated at the best price at merchants in your city. anchors its identity at the border of three trends: the development of e-commerce, the need to buy cheaper and the aspiration to consume better and close to home. Faced with a wide choice of products or services for sale on the web, group purchasing allows you to:

  • Buy quickly and easily online
  • Discover or rediscover the good addresses in Tunisia
  • Offer you unique experiences that you would never have tried at the "initial" price
  • Test services before making a longer-term commitment (why not) (slimming treatment, dance lessons, wellness package, etc.).

The only downside to BigDeal is the lack of diversity in the offerings. Indeed as you can see the site offers group purchasing offers, but not enough diversity compared to the competitors. However, in my personal experience with BigDeal, the site prioritizes quality over quantity, and this allows you to buy only quality online deals.


TrueDeal Tunisia
TrueDeal Tunisia is a group buying site that offers offers up to -90% reduction: hotels, Spa, hairdressing, beauty, restaurants ...

Rather, this site specializes in beauty group purchasing offers, you will find a wide choice of offers and discounts for treatments, massages, hairdressing salons, etc.

Conclusion: Delivery and method of payment in Tunisia

The ordered package has not arrived, the item you received does not work, the merchant refuses to refund you? Don't panic, online shopping is still having problems in Tunisia, basically difficulties in terms of payment and Shipping.

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If the delivery deadline is exceeded, check the progress of the delivery through the online customer area or by calling the after-sales service (a non-surcharged number must be made available to you).

If the package continues to be delayed, write to the merchant to send it to you within a reasonable time (indicate a date).

This new deadline is not respected? You can cancel the order by registered mail or by email (see box below). The professional will have to reimburse you for all the sums withdrawn within 14 days.

In any case we hope that with our guide to the best online shopping sites in Tunisia you go make good purchases et don't forget to share the item and write us your favorite online shopping address in the comments section

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