Scan Manga: What is Zinmanga's new address? Is it reliable?

So what is Zinmanga's new address? Is the site safe to read manga online for free? Here is the full guide.

What is Zinmanga's new address? Is it reliable?
What is Zinmanga's new address? Is it reliable?

Zinmanga address: There are still many free websites dedicated to manga and animated, but it is usually not easy to find them. In the same spirit, read manga online for free, it is possible thanks to Zinmanga which offers a large catalog of manga available to read online for free and without registration.

However, over the past few days, Zinmanga fans have been scrambling to find their beloved manga lists after the site sent them TopManhua, meaning their comic collections were gone.

So, what is Zinmanga's new address? Is the site safe to read manga online for free? Here is the full guide.

What is Zinmanga's new address in 2022?

Zinmanga is a site that flirts with illegality. Thus, he is regularly obliged to change his web address because of the measures that may be taken by publishers, legal authorities or even Internet service providers. To access Japscan directly, the easiest way is now to click on the following link:

How it works

Zinmanga is a site specially created to allow manga fans to read their favorite manga. With Zinmmanga, you can enjoy the best Japanese stories, each as captivating as the next. And the best thing is that you will be able to understand their language since the site offers manga in English version and not in Japanese version as usual. All of this will be offered to you free of charge. 

Indeed, access to the platform is completely free for all the content of the site. Additionally, if you are using a Smartphone, you can download the Zinmanga app.

Thus, you will have easier access to the sections of your taste by simply going to the libraries. It doesn't matter if your choice is for short stories or even for long series, you will always be satisfied. Especially since the updates of the latter are done regularly. 

ZINMANGA - Read manga free online and update daily
ZINMANGA – Read manga free online and update daily

Unlike all the answers available online, it is absolutely not illegal per se to read manga online. What is illegal is to download (including streaming and playing), uploading or hosting anything under active copyright without the permission of the copyright holder. Indeed, it is absolutely not the act itself (reading an anime online or a manga online) that is illegal, any more than the fact of watching movies in streaming.

Rather, it is only illegal to engage in streaming or downloading when the act involves material that is currently copyrighted and for which no legal permission has been obtained. If the copyright has expired, go ahead. If the copyright owner allows it, go for it. If the copyright has been lost in your jurisdiction or if the copyright is not recognized as valid in your jurisdiction, go ahead.

In the case of Zinmanga, however, there should be no illusions. The site clearly does not respect copyright law. When you browse Zinmanga in 2022, you must therefore be aware that you are illegally accessing content normally reserved for a paying audience.

Is Zinmanga safe to read manga online for free?

Zinmanga is a website where you can read free manga online. Zinmanga is a reliable and secure site where you can read manga for free.

You have to pay attention to do not click on pop-ups or advertisements, because they can expose your personal information or infect your computer with a virus.

Zinmanga is a secure site, according to Google Safe Browsing, Google Safe Search and Symantec security software. 

According to the site, all manga published are with the consent of their authors. Additionally, Zinmanga is the sole commercial operator of the facility.

As the site receives a lot of traffic, we can deduce that this is already a very positive opinion. Indeed, only reliable sites obtain constant and above all high flows. Moreover, this is also proven by user reviews on Reddit who constantly praise the reliability of the site. According to them, Zinmanga is a very reliable site and hasn't changed over the years.

Zinmanga alternatives to read manga online

The Best Zinmanga Alternatives below make it easy to find popular manga or discover lesser-known series that might interest you. The manga on these sites are uploaded through high-quality scans, allowing everyone to have access to them. It's a great way to keep up to date with your favorite manga.

  1. Crunchyroll
  2. manga park
  3. manga kakalot
  4. manga owl
  5. Japanscan
  6. Manga Reborn
  7. Kiss Manga
  8. MangaFox
  9. 11Anim
  10. MangaDex
  11. Battoto
  12. Lelscan

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Best sites like Zinmanga to read manga online
Best sites like Zinmanga to read manga online


Zinmanga frequently changes address to circumvent blockages, you can find in the previous section the new address updated regularly. 

Zinmanga enjoys a positive and reliable online reputation. This site is secure and free of malware and viruses. Don't worry too much. However, there are some annoying pop-up ads while streaming. 

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Anyway, the majority of browsers have security features that prevent automatic downloading. You will be safe if you never download anything from the website and click on anything.

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